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Saturday, November 20, 2021

10 Clever Ways to Tell a Man Is Really In Love With You(Secret Signs)

How Can You Tell if a Man is Truly in Love With You?

Some men can be so real, you hardly can fathom their true intentions. Can you tell if a man is really in love with you no matter how genuine he appears? Let's find out.

Here is  Emily's experience:

 On this very day, seated very close to this roaring seashore listening to my favourite music, suddenly, I felt this soft touch on my shoulders. When I turned to enquire who, it was this handsome man; Jack.  

Jack asked, " what are you doing seated all alone just listening to music? I could be your beach date if you want." I gave an admitting smile and we got talking. He appeared so responsible and God-fearing.

 Jack seems nice and very consistent with his cares and calls ever since the beach date. He did many things a man would do if he really loved you.  Any woman could feel safe and secure with him. Beyond doubts, I was convinced he was the perfect match. And after a few months, we got married.

 Unfortunately, all those lovely attributes were him putting on an act. He not only betrayed my trust too soon, but he also did it with impunity. I could never have thought that he had a penchant for such horrible attitudes.  

 Have you been faced with a similar relationship crisis as Emily? Her story clearly depicts that cares, gifts and attentions do not necessarily equal true love. How then can a lady tell if a love is true regardless of how sweet and nice a man appears? How can you know if a man's acts of love are borne out of genuine intention?

   Now, let me show you a few tweaks and tricks that will reveal that hidden monster behind that deceptive care and love. No matter how appealing a man is, if he is fake, he won't be willing to do these 10 things. Even if he does, it won't be for long.  

Before we continue, it is pertinent we find out if guys actually feel love. This will reveal some vital clues about the masculine love life. 

how to know a man is in love with you


Do Guys Actually Feel Love

Do men have the capacity to love and feel loved? 

To tell if a man really loves you, it is imperative to know whether men feel love or not.

As opposed to what many heartbroken girls believe, men are as lovely and lovable as women. 

 Due to the cognitive nature of men, many women think men are heartless and incapable of feeling, giving and receiving love. For this reason, many young girls fear investing their emotions in any type of long-term relationship with any man.   

 In short, guys feel as much love as ladies. They only express theirs in totally different ways, mostly in logically, unromantic ways. For example, to a man,  buying cars, building big houses and giving a woman a lot of money, are all there is to love. This does not mean he doesn't feel anything. Most men feel these are the things that make women happy.  

 It is because men are as affectionate as women, that you can see some signs that a man is slowly falling for a woman.   

How To Tell If a Man Is Really in Love With You

We have already established that men are Affectionate just like women. The only difference is, they are not as spontaneous as women. 

In general, men take time to fall genuinely in love. But when they do, they love truly, unlike women who are always open to feeling and giving love almost without restraint.   

 Having known that men are not some stones out there with no feelings, how then can a woman tell if a man truly loves or lust her? These 10 true love recipes got you covered.  

  1. He Seeks Improvement/ Change
One profound way to tell if a man really loves you is if he's making all efforts to improve himself when his attitudes displease you. 

   "A Change," especially a positive one is one of life's virtue that is very hard to cultivate. Someone says, " negative attitudes are easy to form but difficult to live with. While positive ones are difficult to form but easy to live with."   

With this in mind, it is logical to reason that anyone who is trying to change for the best is going through some mental and emotional strain just to make you happy.
  1. He Doesn't Take time To Come Around
Many years ago, I had a friend who always came to me lamenting about how hard it was for his girlfriend to show mercy. Most time, I would intervene before the girl would be willing to forgive him for even the slightest offence. I observed this behaviour for a while and then concluded the girl was not genuinely in love with him. She was using him and her unforgiveness was a sign she wants out. I finally opened up to my friend but he disbelieved. To validate my perception, after a while, the girl left him and got married to someone else.   

 Though the example above was a case of the girl faking her love for my friend, even more women are victims.   

 When a man is deeply in love with you, to make him happy whenever he gets upset shouldn't be tedious. His anger should only last for a while. This is another smart way to tell if a man really loves you. 
  1. You Are His Priority
How do you know if a guy has strong feelings for you? This is straightforward. If he has deep feelings for you, that is, if he loves you sincerely, he will fix you somewhere on his priority list. 

Generally, it is what we value that we protect and care for the most.   How do you know you are at the top of a man's priority list? It is not in the cars he buys you, houses he builds for you or monies he gives to you. It is in his genuine interest to see you achieve all-round success.   For example, a man who deeply cares for you will detest the idea of premarital sex because he knows unwanted pregnancy could ruin you. He would cancel all his appointment to attend to you especially in serious matters or send someone to provide aids when he's not around. He would care about your life's dreams more than he cares about sex.

  1. He Respects You
When a man is truly in love, another sign to tell is that he respects you. He respects you because he doesn't want to hurt you. He doesn't want to hurt you because he doesn't want to lose you.  

 How do you know a man respects you?   First, he values your opinion and yields to your advice when necessary. Second, he communicates his displeasure in a more mature and respectful manner instead of yelling and controlling. Third, he introduces you to some important people in his life such as parents, siblings, friends and so on. And finally, he will never hit you if he respects you. He will never be ashamed of you.
  1. He Tries To Fix a Relationship
Another apparent way to tell if a man really loves you is if he assumes his leadership role as the head of the relationship.   

 Leaders are problem solvers, meaning that if he relaxes whenever there is a challenge that is threatening the health of the relationship, he doesn't love you. Any man who loves a woman would do everything to protect the institution of relationship that bonds them together. This means, for instance when effective communication is lacking, a man who truly loves a woman should devise a means to solve the problem.  

  1. He Not Only Has Sexual Interests In You
You can easily tell if a man deeply loves you by his behaviour towards sex. Men are primarily sexual creatures. This is why it is reasonable for a man to push to have sex and this should not be mistaken that he doesn't love you. However, a man who truly loves a woman considers the danger of having sex with her and wouldn't want to risk her life on the altar of temporal sexual gratification. This thinking alone should cause him to restrain and expedite plans to marry her instead. 

On the other hand, if for example, the girl is the one pushing and disturbing for sex, beyond having sex with her, a genuine man would always let her know that he cares more about a  love-driven relationship and not that based on sexual fantasies. 
  1. He Lets You Know His Weaknesses/ Strengths
It is one thing to know if a man loves you. It's another thing to know if he loves you unconditionally. One way to know this is that he lets you into the reality of his strength and weaknesses. 

   It is easier for people to communicate their strength as it resonates well with people. After all, everyone likes to reveal his or her charms and positive tendencies. But to reveal that aspect of ourselves that even we don't like about ourselves has to be done on the platform of sincere affection.   If a man can tell you his weaknesses especially when you didn't ask, it in a way suggests his honesty and genuineness.
  1. He Introduces You To Special People In His Life
One way to secure a healthy, lasting relationship is when people that matter are in the know of such a relationship.  This means that if a man loves you, he will introduce you to his pastors, parents, friends and siblings. When these people are involved, there is accountability.   

   But if he lusts you, he will never introduce you to special people in his life. Whenever you demand to see these people, he'll make up some flimsy excuses. His inability to introduce you is another way to tell a man is not in love with you.  

  1. He Shows Interest In The Future With You
Many play men are not futuristic in terms of marriage. Their main tools are money and charm to attract women. Sadly, these are the things most girls crave for.  

 To tell if a man really loves you or not, recall when last he communicates about your life's ambition. How motivational is he and what kind of advice does he proffer? Is he changing you for good?  Has he ever told you never to live him that he wants to marry you? If not, it's time to turn off that switch and turn it on to something else that really matters. That relationship won't get you anywhere.  

  1. He's Not Misleading
Another psychological sign of a man's genuine love is in his frankness. If a man supports you when it is clear you are in the wrong, he doesn't love you. Love is not backing one's evil deeds. This is in fact, hate, not love.

   For example, If you get into a fight with another woman over an issue that is apparently your fault, a man who loves you may not yell at you in public. He will instead, take you home, and let you know you are in the wrong. Unfortunately, a blind woman will think he's taking sides and he doesn't love her. No! He loves you, but you don't love yourself.  

 True Love is always pure, genuine, unadulterated, giving, and enduring. It is actions backed by genuine intentions. True Love is equality. It is pointing out and encouraging strengths. It is also, not being judgmental about one's weaknesses.

Signs To Tell a Man Is In Love With You But Scared

  How do you know someone is secretly in love with you? What are the signs a man loves you secretly?

how to tell if a man loves you or lust you

When a man is in love with a woman but scared, he won't be able to summon enough courage to accost her. Instead, there are weird signs he'll flag off to show he's in love with her without necessarily saying it. This means he is a secret lover or an admirer.

   It is not only women that are known to hide their feelings and act like they don't feel a thing. Most men who have not grown enough guts also do.  

 Even though society perceives it as ignoble for a woman to approach a man, a smart woman can notice a man's affection for her and make herself approachable until he spills his heart out. 

   How then do you know if a guy loves you but is hiding it?  

  1. He'll want to befriend your siblings or friends just to get close to you
  2. Sometimes he gets shy when your eyes cross paths and quickly winks off.
  3. If he is your friend, he'll begin to show unusual care. He'll always call, text, buy gifts or give unusual attention.
  4. He will always be jealous of other guys around you. When you talk about or admire another guy, his mood will change.

Signs To Tell An Older Man Is Falling In Love With You

  Who says old men can't love young girls? Sometimes, it can be the most peaceful and perfect combination.  

 Old men are sweethearts. You stand to gain a lot in your relationship with an old man, but only if your intentions are genuine.   

 If dating an old man is your thing, here are a few signals to tell that an old man is helplessly in love with you.  
  1.  First, when he's around you, does he ack like a youth who has got swags? 
  2. Does he always want a date with you? 
  3. Does he care about your emotional, physical and material well-being? 
  4. Does he act jealously when he sees you with younger guys? 

These are sure signs he likes you and wants to be the man in your life.  

How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss

Can you tell a guy loves you by kissing? Of course.   Kissing can reveal so much that the eyes can't see in a lifetime. You can tell a guy truly loves you by kissing but you have to be the sensitive one in the process. 

   A love-driven kiss is one with loads of gentility, eye contact and occasional disconnection. On the other hand, a man who solely has an interest in sex will just want to quickly hop into sex with you. He will have absolutely no regard for your body.   

 The pitfall of using kissing to decide a man's love for you is that it may not be very effective. Moreover, it can lead to premarital sex.   Generally, a man who truly loves you will abhor anything sexual including kissing. It's a mistake to look out for signs that a guy loves you in bed while making love to you. Instead, check his temperance level for sex.  

Body Language Signs To Tell  a Man Is Falling In Love With You

How does a man act when he's falling in love? how else can you tell a man is in love through his body language?  

 Anyone in love, both men and women first communicate it through body language. A smart person can easily pick these love signals before reality strikes. Not just that, even a player's motives can be picked through body language as well. But in this section, I want to show you how to know a man loves a woman through his body language.

   The first body sign a man is in love is he winks at you at intervals and quickly disconnects, as opposed to a player's wink that hardly disconnects. Second, he feels happy whenever you are around even if he was angry before you arrive. Third, he's mindful of the way he talks, laughs and acts around you. Finally, he tries to find out the things that appeal to you because he wants to make you happy.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Lusts You?

When a guy says he lust you, it's Crystal clear. It is what it is. It means he is not in love with you. He is in lust with you. A man who tells you he is in lust with you is simply saying he wants you two to be friends with benefits and nothing more.  

How Do Guys Express Their Love?

  Men are essentially logical thinkers, so don't expect a man to express his love like a typical emotional woman would. For this reason, a man's true love may not be that obvious. For instance, when a man foots the bills, buys you a car, builds you a house and afford whatever money can afford, that's it. To, him, love is expressed. This is because men define love through the filter of their own dictionary.  

 To be able to express love satisfactorily, a man has to consult a women's emotional dictionary to define love the way it makes meaning to a woman. This way, a woman can tell a man is really in love with her.   Additionally, expressing love from the standpoint of a woman's emotional filters, makes a man feel connected to a woman.  

Do Guys Act Weird When They Fall In Love

How men fall in love is psychology that should be learned by all women. For one reason, it is very difficult to tell since caring and provision of needs are not necessarily a sign of true love. A sex driven man can buy you the whole world.   

 One way to tell if a man is in love with you is in his weird attitude. This is revealed in his attitude. For instance, he begins to help you carry your handbag, opens up the car door for you, cooks for you, does your laundry,  introduces you to people that matter and always seeks your attention. These are some weird things most men won't do. Play guys can hardly do all these, especially in public. In extreme cases, a love-struck man can get so emotional that he tear up because of the hurt you probably caused him.


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