at THE COACH TOUCH, we discovered that many ideologies about Dating, Relationship, Marriage, and Parenting revolving around the internet are unhealthy for consumption; a big reason many are perplexed and dissatisfied. THE COACH TOUCH WANTS TO TEACH YOU HOW TO DATE, BUILD A GREAT RELATIONSHIP AND MAKE A FANTASTIC MARRIAGE OUT OF IT, AND FINALLY, LEAD YOU THROUGH A SEAMLESS PARENTING JOURNEY AFTER MARRIAGE. This VISION is the rationale behind our FREE Coaching, Counseling, and Guest Speaking.

About Us

The Coach Touch Blog is dedicated and specially reserved for those with intentions of improving or solving issues relating to dating, relationship, marriage, and parenting.

I believe that contrary to popular perception, love is not really the key to a happy and lasting dating and marriage relationship but principles. We also believe that when marriage is defective, positive parenting is displaced. 

Unfortunately, we are in a society where the laws and principles that fix all these problems are out of touch which is why The Coach Touch is saddled with the divine responsibility to reinstate all the missing touches.

When you think of fixing your dating, marriage, relationship, and parenting challenges, this is the right place to come. having made a lot of researches and read a lot of books coupled with the top-notch experience I have gathered over the years, I am delighted to serve you to the best of my ability. NOTHING SHORT Of THE BEST.

Please feel free to contact us for counseling, booking, or host me as your special guest speaker.


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