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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

6 Sweet Things To Do When A Husband Is Angry:Source Of Anger & Solution

 Husbands are pretty tough people to deal with. Even when all is going smoothly,  pleasing a husband is a hard job, talk more of when he is angry.


Though making an angry husband happy is not an easy thing to do, there are, however,  more simplified, proven and smarter ways to please a man which I have covered in this article.

what to do when a husband is upset

 There are vital things that every man desires in a  woman that can change a whole lot in a marriage, even if you are married to an angry man.


The thoughts I have put together are regardless of whether your husband is far or just close by. By the time you finish this post, you must have mastered how to make a husband happy even when he is far. Not just that, but when he is near as well. You will also learn how to sustain your new found bliss and peace in a more fun, loving and romantic way.


Let's begin.....




 Many wives ask, " why is my husband so angry all of a sudden?" " Why does my husband get angry when I ask questions?" or " why does my husband get angry at the smallest things?"

There are many reasons why husbands get upset. These reasons are grouped as internal and external.


When a husbands anger is generated by internal reasons, it could be that there are things a wife is doing or omitting that have been agreed upon beforehand that she shouldn't do or omit. When she does them, the man is bound to be angry. More so,  Children's misdemeanors can also be categorized as internal factors that can also make a husband angry. This happens when children flout house rules or default in any other way.


To please an angry husband and make him happy, you must also understand that sometimes the source of anger can be externally generated. Many outside factors such as workload, misunderstanding with friends and relatives, or even some strangers along the way can make your husband angry. So, as a wife, just know that whenever your husband is not happy, you don't have to kill yourself before you actually die even if he transfers frustrations and aggression. Learning how to calm an angry husband down is all you need now.


When you understand the reason your husband is angry and the source of his anger, you can better help him manage it and make him happy.





Like I said earlier, whether a husband is far or near there are things you can do to please him when he is angry. Someone says, "my husband gets angry if I disagree with him." This is a grievous mistake to make. Even in the face of a man's faults, don't try to claim right. You are not acting like the wife you should be, you are acting like an enemy instead.


Let me show you how you can act as the wife that you are and make your husband happy when he's angry.




Most women are too emotional. They are not sensitive at all because they are not observant. A man comes back from work or walks around the house by the weekend, observing the state of things and the woman is not smart enough to take note of his facial reaction. On top of that, she comes to bug him down with her own problems and many talks. Something is annoying your husband and you are adding to it. You can't make an angry husband happy if you are insensitive to his needs.


The first step to pleasing an angry husband is to observe his mood per time. Ignoring this simple step will rather aggravate his anger. So before you say, " my husband gets angry with me when I disagree with him," Be sure to ensure you are a sensitive wife. When a husband gets upset all of a sudden, it could be because you trivialize warning signs.




Men and women are of different inherent makeup. There are a lot of disparities between the man and the woman. For instance, when a woman is angry or stressed, she talks away her frustrations. For the man, On the contrary, he wants to be left alone for a while where he can relax and think. At this point, all those long talks annoy him even more.


Whenever your husband is upset with you or mad about something that may even be his own fault, don't bother him, or try to make him see reasons. Don't argue with him. Instead, let him calm down.


 To please a man who is angry so he can be happy, you must first know that men are thinkers and they must be left in the pool of their own trouble to think. When you do, he might be the one apologizing to you when he finally leaves the cave.


Also, a man can be so angry that he leaves the house or maybe he works in another state, giving him space before texting and calling will save you a lot of trauma. All these are actually called, "setting boundaries with an angry man." If you don't know how to set these boundaries, your husband is likely to get angry at the smallest things.




Another thing to do when a husband is angry with you is to show that you are truly sorry for your offence. And this is achieved by ensuring you don't commit that same offense again. When you can make him see that you are really trying hard to change your ways, it will not only make him happy, it will also make him value and respect you. But if you fail to show remorse, you are taking his forgiveness for granted and you may not get another, " I forgive you."  

Nobody wants to be forgiving someone who shows absolutely no remorse for a crime. This is the key reason for unforgiveness in a relationship. In case your marriage or relationship has gotten to this state, find out how to build, restore and rejuvenate lost intimacy in a relationship.




Though husbands can get angry when their wives are at fault, sometimes their ego can get in the way of their reasoning and they get angry even when they are the ones at fault. This is evident when a husband gets angry when you ask questions.


An apology is what every reasonable person owes to the one he or she offends. But when a husband is angry for what he should rather take the blame for, you shouldn't apologize. What is Louis talking about? If I don't apologize how can there be peace? Apologizing for someone's misdeed will only result in abuse and more misdeeds. It won't result in peace. It will rather lead to more frustrations and when you can't bear it another second, you explode and the marriage ends.


A better alternative is to let him calm down in his cave until he begins to reason well. By the time he comes out, if he is humble, he will realize his mistakes and take the blame for them. But if not, you can reasons things with him and get him to understand your standpoint in a respectful manner.




What is it that really makes him happy? Take advantage of it. A man's primary need is RESPECT seconded by SEX. After a sound apology for your faults, the next big thing that can happen is great sex. This is called "makeup SEX."


How does one make an angry husband happy with sex? This is how. Perhaps he has been the one initiating sex, but now, you have to be the one to. Put on your sexiest pajamas, walk straight to him, and seat on his lap. Reassure him again you will try not to make him angry again and kiss him. By this time, a smart husband must have caught the signal that you want to initiate sex.





This is another way to please a husband when he is upset. Let your lovely composed text message be the first thing he receives as he settles in his office. A good idea of text should be an ego-massaging or praise-filled text. Men like that. They want you to tell them how important they are and why you love them so much. They want you to tell them that no other man is as perfect for you as them. They want you to tell them they are sex champions.


Another thing you can do to make a sad husband happy is to surprise him with a favourite delicacy during lunch hours. Cook specially for him or grab one or two Chinese recipes and head over to his office. To add more fun, you can drive down to trip him by taking him out for lunch after work or during lunch hours. Yes, this is right. Just as women love to be cared for, men love it too.


The strategy of texting and calling is mainly useful for a woman who wants to make her husband happy when he is far.


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  1. This is the worse thing I have ever read in my life, if he is angry it is his problem. No where in the bible does it teach women they are responsible for their husband's well being he is responsible for his wives. You said this "When you understand the reason your husband is angry and the source of his anger, you can better help him manage it and make him happy." No! If he can not manage his anger I will tell you how to help him manage it, hold him accountable for it, and in fact set boundaries for yourself. God does not treat us with anger and a man who does has a problem.....