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Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Smarter Way To Test If A Guy Loves You (12 Cunning Questions To Ask)

How Do You Test a Guy If He Really loves you?

Do you know what to do to test if a guy really loves you? What if I told you there are good cunning questions that could destabilize a fake man and get him sweating.  

 The population of the world is over seven billion. According to statistics, the total number of women alone is a whopping four billion and above. 

   This number is overwhelming. It means a lot more than just a number.  

 I recall a bible portion that communicates a prophecy that will begin to fledge up in the last days. This prophecy states that:
In the last days, four women shall cleave unto one man saying, " we will come with our own food, money, clothing and properties. All we ask is that you be our husband. We just want to bear your name"(paraphrased).
 For this prophecy to be fulfilled, it clearly means that women have to outnumber men in number. Is this prophecy being fulfilled? Apparently, YES!  

 Because women are many and men are few, in a way, it chokes the men. With the many beautiful women scattered all over, most men are confused and indecisive. This makes them appear unreal, fake and heartless.   
how to test if a guy loves you

Every now and then, women are in constant fear of unreal men. They appreciate the sweetness that love has to offer. But even more, they dread the bitterness that could result from someone administering love in a negative way. This reason is why it is very crucial for women to put these indecisively confused men to the test of true love.  

 Allow me to be the captain of your ship to journey you into knowing a man's true love for you.   

Here are seven major ways to test the credibility of a man's love for you:

  1. Set Yourself Up

First, if you want to test a guy to see if he really cares about you, set yourself up. 

   On a very good weekend, go out on a date together. But make some plans ahead of time with a male friend who has got some really good acting skills. 

   Here is the plan:

 While seated together on the date, have your friend come straight to you and give a "hi," acting in a way that looks like it's been a while. Let him hug you, give you a peck, while totally ignoring the guy in the test. 

   Your own role is to act like you really like and enjoy the company of this friend of yours. 

 How should you do that? As he is leaves, say something like, " oh my God. Ken will never change. Always fun to be with. I miss him a lot."   

 With all these, a man who cares for sex alone won't be as much bothered and jealous as one who really cares about you.   

 Also, after this incident, observe your man carefully. If he deeply cares, he'll take note of the things you like about this other guy and he will copy just to make you like him.  

  1. Leave Him Solo

As a woman, how would you feel if the man you really loved took you to say, a party and left you all by yourself or in the company of others? One thing I know for sure is that because you are really in love, nobody's company will matter as much as his. No matter the fun, love and cares you get from other people around, you will never be fulfilled until the one you love is with you. 

   On the contrary, how would you feel if you don't love this guy? 

 One thing for sure, even if he leaves the party without you, you really won't care. You may even fancy the company of another man to his and wish he never returns throughout the duration of the party or event.

 If these are how a woman would feel, the same is applicable to a man. To test a guy to see if he truly loves you, another way is to leave him solo and observe from afar. If his feeling is genuine, he'll always crave your attention no matter the number of girls flocking around. But if he is a player, he won't care. He'll sail with the tide.    

  1. Observe Him Under Pressure

What other way should you test your boyfriend's love for you? Observe him under pressure. it's as simple as that.  

 There is a general belief that people's true character is revealed in pressure, trials, and tragedy. Difficult situations have a way of revealing one's malignant behaviour.  A man that lacks solid character will not even remember your name, talk more of dialling that phone number to reach out to you. The situation will be so overwhelming that it becomes the only thing on his priority list. You no longer matter.   

 But, if he loves you sincerely, he will literally factor you into his life. He will carry you along in everything, good, or bad. He will not allow tragedies of life to meddle in his relationship with you. That means, while going through challenges and pressures, you are still on top of his priority list. He reserves some special spot in his heart that no amount of tragedy can replace.  

 A girl should never tolerate the saying that a man was going through a lot which was the reason he acted the way he did. Any character revealed in difficult times is actually the real one.  Going through some difficult times should never be a reason to mishandle a relationship or treat people badly.
  1. Ask Him Questions About You

It is a widely believed truth that men don't keep track of dates or important events in a relationship. Even so, good men keep track of vital dates and important information about the love of their life. It is reasonable to say that a man who truly cares would want to know more about your friends, parents, siblings, education, life's dreams, ambitions, purpose, religion, strengths and weaknesses. If a man does not know some of these facts about his woman even though they've conversed about them, then his intentions are questionable. He could be a hit and run guy.  

 A man who has really come to stay will desire to know you in and out, even better than you know yourself. You can't completely test if a guy really loves you if he doesn't know a thing about you.   
  1. Don't Lead The Relationship
how to test if a guy is in love with you

Another profound way to test a guy's feelings for you is to relax and be the follower, while he leads. 

 One major mistake many young girls make in a relationship is they are too quick to take initiative in a relationship. Too soon, they start calling to check up on the guy, request date nights, texting and confessing love. They allow their emotions to control their actions.  

 Think about it. If you feel you are in love and are driven by how you feel so much that you begin to be too forward, don't you think he doesn't feel that way, the reason he doesn't take initiative?   

 When a woman is in love you can't really tell because it is intrinsic in women to feel emotional. You can't really say if her emotion per time is because of love.  But when a man falls in love, it is very easy to tell. His logical nature will turn emotional. He will begin to act weird.  Amongst the list of a plethora of things he will begin to do is to lead the relationship. He will start initiating every phase of the relationship; from mere dating, to a fully-fledged relationship, to courtship and finally to marriage.   

  1. Use His Weakness

Do you know you can actually test a guy to see if he truly loves you through his own weaknesses? Just sit back and relax and let that weakness perform all the hard work.   

 When you go on a date and begin to ask some vital first date questions, one of such questions should be his dislikes and weaknesses. These questions are not asked for the fun of it. They hold in them excellent expository power.  

 Take for instance, if he dislikes when someone ignores his calls or never calls back, do it to him. Neglect his calls, text messages and don't call back for days. Do it over and over again for a while. You will be surprised by his actions.   

 If he keeps his calm after a series of trials, over something that normally should anger him, then he could be untrue with his feelings. He is pretentious and unreal. I can confidently say that such a man did not come for you. He came for something you have: sex or money. When he grabs either or both of these two things, don't try what you did again. He will put a gun on your head.
  1. Ignore His Strength
 When someone truly loves you, he wants to impress you. He wants to show you he's the best. His intention is, he wants you to see him for all his good qualities and to win your good affirmations. But when you negligent him and act like you are oblivious of his nice qualities and goodness, if he truly loves you, he will be jealous. But if he is in for sex alone, he doesn't care about your opinion of him. All he's interested in is sex.

   As long as you give a player sex or there is something he benefits from you, he doesn't care if you love him or not. He doesn't care about what you feel or how you feel. In as much as he doesn't see a future with you, you can keep your reservations about him to yourself and he's not moved.  

 Questions To Ask Him To See If He Really Loves You

A lady doesn't have to directly ask a guy if he loves her or not. Who wouldn't say Yes? Even a sincere guy may respond with a "YES" for the fear of hurting her.

   Asking this question directly is one of the most foolish things to do as a woman. You are not getting an answer, you are getting compounded trouble.  

 I know many women ask this question just to feel good about themselves. But of what use feeling good about yourself today when you could be heartbroken tomorrow?   

 Instead of asking a direct question, ask indirect ones to see if he loves you and is serious about you. 

 Here are a few good ones: 
  1.  Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
  2. How do you feel about long-term relationships?
  3. What is something you look for in a significant other?
  4. How did they become your best friend?
  5. What are the deal breakers in their relationships?
  6. How do you feel about our relationship?
  7. Name 3 things you value in a friend?
  8. Do you have any plans with me?
  9. What does family mean to you?
  10. Are you looking for commitment?
  11. Do you have any best friends?
  12. When do you think someone is ready to get married?

How to Test a guy to See if He Really Loves You Through Text

Another way to test a guy to see if he deeply loves you is through text. 

 From a swing in their emoji usage to the kinds of questions they ask, there are ways to determine the difference between how people text when they love you and how they do when they’re just chatting as a mere friend. It’s a clever art, but it does come in handy when decoding messages from your crush.

   Texting is not really the best way to communicate and determine true love. According to Jonathan Bennett, a certified counsellor and dating expert, "In person, there are many factors you can use to determine if someone likes you," This includes vocal tone, facial expressions, physical touch, and other body language indicators." 

 Even though texts are not the best way to see through a man’s feeling, it still has a significant role to play. 

 Here are ways a man who really cares about you would act through text:

  1. He will reply quickly
  2. He texts in an engaging way: He never reply with just, “yes,” “ No,” or “Ok”
  3. Will always apologize for missing your text
  4. He turns from saying, “I,” to saying, “We.”
  5. He gives you a nickname and sends you funny text messages.

How Do You Test a Guy to See if He Really Loves You in a Long Distance Relationship?

 How do you test if a man really cares in a long-distance relationship?   

 It is easier to test a man's true love for you when he is far than when he is near. I know this may sound a bit unreasonable, but it's the fact.   

 Think about it, when a man is distant away from you, let say if he stays in a different country or state, he can easily get carried away by some other woman. It won't be long, he will totally forget about you.  

 But if he really cares about you it will be so visible. You will be the first he put a call across to when he's back from work. You will be first he calls in the morning. He will always be ready and available to Skype or video chat with you. He will request more photos of you, ask about how your day went and provide for your needs even from afar. The bigger proof is that he will do all these without being weary about doing them.  

 One main advantage of a long-distance relationship is that a woman can test her boyfriend's or man's loyalty for her. People will prove to be more loyal in a relationship when even a distance can't tear them apart.  

 Signs He Pretends To Love You

 After you test a guy to see if he really loves you,  you will always have either of two outcomes: genuineness or pretence.   

 Here are signs a man pretends to love you;
  1. Does he care too much and rarely gets angry? there could be something making him act so cool. Wait until he marries you
  2.  Is he too fun-driven and less futuristic?
  3. He doesn't ask about your dreams and aspirations and how he fits in.
  4. Does he care about sex alone and nothing more important?
  5. He begins to make excuses after some time especially after multiple sexual involvements. This is the reason I strongly frown at sex before marriage.


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