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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

 How To Know a Guy is a Player (5 Simple Tricks/Signs)


How To Know When A Man Is A Player

There is no art to find the mind construction of individuals merely looking at their faces. The popular author: William Shakespeare made this statement. God didn't give humans the ability to know what's written in the hearts of other people just by looking them in the face. This is why it becomes very difficult to know if a guy is a player or not.  

 But wait a second! Does that mean entering a relationship with someone is a risk one has to take? Not at all. It is only as risky as one's ignorance. You can always know if your man is playing if you do these five things.   

how to know if a man is a player

In case there is this cute guy you are crushing on and you can't wait to be his woman. I sense danger! He could be a playboy.  Don't rush things. Take out time to find out if your crush is a player or not.   

 Here are 5 tricks to know if your boyfriend or crush is a player or not: 

How can a woman know if a man is a player through text or in words?   

 When God created the woman, He designed her to be very emotional. It's a good thing because it complements man's logical nature. However, a woman's emotion seems to be her greatest challenge.

   One big difference between emotion and logic is, emotions don't reason, logics do. Women, for example, emotes and calculate only after a damage is done. Men, on the other hand, calculate before they emote. This is the reason they don't easily get hurt because they don't make rash emotional decisions.  

 A woman's outrageous emotion is the reason even when it is glaring a man is a player, most women can't see because emotions are blindfolds. They hinder a woman through affections and stop her from seeing a man's true intentions. 

   The primary way play guys hijack and control a woman's emotion is through words. A good player understands that a woman's weak point is affirmation.
He knows she desires to be told sweet things so he has it handy to offer. Unfortunately, most women can differentiate between fake and true affirmations.

   There is a frequency of affirmation that is normal. But when a guy affirms too much, virtually every time there is a conversation,  both on phone, physically, through text, or on social media, it could be a sign a guy is playing you.   


There is something I strongly believe. If someone tolerates you beyond normal, he could have an ulterior motive. Unfortunately, most people take it to mean maturity or love. While I can't deny this fact, in most cases, it means more than meet the eyes. 

   To know if a guy is a player or not, check his extent of tolerance. If it's too less, you are in danger, and if it's too high he's probably patient enough until he hit that jackpot: great sex with you or your money.  If a guy is playing a lady, he can be patient, pretentious and tolerable. This is one sign you should look out for in a play guy and not confuse it with love or gentleness.  

 Take for instance, when a lady meets a guy and they start dating. As long as the lady is not willing to have sex, he could tolerate all her excesses and show her great love. But after they begin to enjoy great sex, the care begins to drop. He starts being in charge, commanding and controlling. At this point, he no longer cares about her emotional needs and buying gifts.  

Another obvious way to tell if your boyfriend is a player is when he gives too much, especially when he hasn't gotten what he wants.  

 Men are driven by logic. They don't just spend at liberty. Instead, they think and reason out what their benefits would be before spending. However, sex is one thing a  man would die to have, even if it means swiping that credit card. 

   When a guy you just met begins to provide virtually all you ask for, don't conclude it's love yet. There could be a hidden intention.  

 One thing a smart woman can do is delay gratification. That means, stand on your grounds of "no sex" and observe what happens. As you keep resisting sex, his fake love will show.  

Another way to know if a guy is a player is when he is too INVITING.   

 "Inviting" is the first thing a player boyfriend would do. All men do it so expect it.  

 Where else can the sex thing be done if not at home or in a hotel or some kind of hideout?   

 On the first date with a guy, he won't invite you over. He understands you will perceive his intentions. But after a while, say a week or two, you'll get an invitation. A guy who is not a player will not be pushy, he will allow you to decide. But for a play man,  the push has just begun. He'll do it in subtle ways like, buying you a gift and expecting you to come over and take it. When you finally oblige to come, he will seduce you with his attractive personality and sweet-talking.  


What other way to find out if a guy is a player?  This is the obvious one. He will be too hiding. 

   When next that phone rings and you enquire, he says, "NOTHING," just know it's a pointer to the fact that he could be playing you.   

 A player hides not just his phone. Even more, he will hide his contacts, families, friends, and social media apps. Sometimes, he prevents you from seeing his wardrobe. He could be hiding a woman's personal effects.   

How to Know If a Guy is a Player Online

signs of a play man

What are the signs a guy is a player online? Perhaps you stumble upon his profile pics and he's really cute that you can't wait to make him your crush. But you are still asking, " how can I know my crush is a player?"        

 We have seen some of the physical signs that a guy is a player. When a lady meets a guy for the first time, and they begin to date, in a matter of few days, his attitudes and reactions will begin to communicate his intentions. Because it involved a physical meeting, it becomes easier for a woman to tell if a guy is a player.

   But what if you meet a guy online through various virtual platforms like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.  How can a lady tell if he is a play guy? 

   The easiest way to know a guy is a player online is through words. How else can this be possible if not through the wisdom of discernment?  

 If he's someone you have occasional physical contact with, you can try to get hold of his phone and scheme through his chats. But this is not the case. You've not seen each other physically. You probably don't even know If the names and photos are real. Still, with wisdom, you can tell if a guy is a player or a perfect gentleman.   

 Through wisdom, you can observe how a guy flirts with words. You will also know the reason he picks so much interest in you. He probably viewed your profile and saw how sexy you are and how immodest you dress so he thinks you are a lump of cheap meat. 

Signs Of a Play Man

how can you tell if a man is a player? 

 Like I said above, men play women for generally two reasons: sex or money. As long as a woman keeps sex from a man, he will maintain his cool. But after a series of rounds, his true colours begin to unfold.  

 Also, when a man knows a lady is wealthy, he will do virtually all she asks for. He'll play the fool for as long as he can until he swindles her and then takes off.  

 Some major  Signs a man is a player and does not really like you are:  

  1. When he begins to treat you like shit only after you begin having sex with him.
  2. He talks to you disrespectfully.
  3. He annoys you on purpose because he wants you to initiate a break
  4. He's no longer afraid of losing you.
  5. When he doesn't hide his phone anymore because he no longer cares if you find out his many escapades.
  6. He emotionally blackmails you whenever he wants something from you.
  7. He becomes selfish and uncaring. No longer buys gifts for you.
  8. Special events like birthdays no longer matter to him.
  9. Everything you do now annoys him.
  10. He doesn't take you out on dates as he used to.


A relationship is a whole deal of hard work. From the first day a lady meets a guy, she begins to fret, which leads her to keep asking if the guy is a player or not.

 If you take time as a woman to consider the man's behaviour with a great deal of observation, in a matter of time, you would determine if his intentions are genuine or not. 

On the other hand, if he is someone you met online, you might want to use your God-giving wisdom to decode the real intentions behind the chats.


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