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Saturday, May 1, 2021

6 Types Of Relationships That Last Longer Than Expected & 18 Types That End Earlier Than Expected.


A certain MARRIED WOMAN contacted me last night seeking how to get over depression and suicidal thoughts because the HUSBAND was cheating. One of the things I told her during our counseling sessions that really got to her was, “the type of dating you get into and the type of relationship you initiate determine the type of Marriage you may likely end in: good or bad”

I have discovered that every serious marriage issue will always be traced back to the type of relationship initiated from the onset, hence the reason for this article.

types of relationships

People always ask me, “Louis, what type of relationship lasts long” and here is my consistent response, “Any relationship can last long even the bad ones. It all balls down to three factors” Fortunately, I have mentioned these factors in this article.


This post is greatly hinged on making an exposition on the different types of relationship that exist between people of the opposite sex and how they can be leveraged for our benefits.


If your intention is to become married or build a solid relationship foundation before marriage, then there is a type of relationship you have to consider.


You might also want to check out  21st century types of dating that are right as well as those that are ruining lives. This is so important because at the root of every fully-fledged, successful relationship is successful dating.



Here are the outlines….

       1.  What are the types of relationships?

1.1        Types of relationship you shouldn’t venture into.

1.2        Types of relationship you should Venture into

       2.   What type of relationship lasts longest?

       3.   Do intense relationships last?



Many relationship types are bad. Some people are like human parasites, the moment you identify with them, the quality of your life begins to depreciate. You begin to veer toward the negative side of life. Others are symbiotic. You benefit from them as much as they benefit from you, whether it’s a romantic relationship or a casual one.


types of relationships

Here are a few types of relationships I wouldn’t even wish MY HATERS to get into. They may likely end earlier than expected.


  1. ACIDIC OR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP: When you splash a glass of acid on someone, it is damaging and the effect is deteriorating.  I can understand that there can be ups and downs in a relationship, but anyone where the downs of consistent abuse and battering are too much and for no tangible reason,  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
  2. LIGHTS OFF RELATIONSHIP: You are not secure when you are in a relationship where nobody knows about it. It is risky. A dangerous event like pregnancy, STD, Battering, and even death can occur leaving no clue for relatives, friends or the appropriate authority on how to manage the situation.
  3. PARASITIC RELATIONSHIP: Even in marriage, no one should be a parasite. The boundaries of dependency and acceptance of total responsibility should be defined.
  4. PERSUASIVE  RELATIONSHIP: Most people don’t want any relationship at a certain point in their life. However, the need to belong or persuasions from parents and friends force them to.  Detect such people and run away.
  5. “I MUST” RELATIONSHIP: Instead of genuine love and personal willingness, many things push people into a relationship these days: Desperation for marriage, money, social status, pressure by parents and class.
  6. MILITARY RELATIONSHIP: Being with someone who abuses authority or power is like hell on earth. Such a person decides everything you do and how you MUST do them with no regard for how you feel. They decide where you go, the cloth you wear, how you act, what you say, what you must do with your money and who you give to.  It is also called a domineering relationship.
  7. OVER INDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP: This type of relationship shares a boundary between good and bad. Some level of independence is acceptable, but when it is overly done, it becomes bad. Men want women who can make them feel like the man they are. They want to be in charge, so show some level of dependence.
  8. OVER DEPENDENCE RELATIONSHIP: This is the opposite of the “OVER INDEPENDENCE” Relationship type. Even though most people want to have a sense of responsibility for others, they don’t want you to bug them with your insatiable demands.
  9. LABORATORY RELATIONSHIP:  A lab is where tests and experiments are conducted and explorations are made. Some people are like this. They don’t care about your feelings. They only want to have a taste of what relationship is like. Unfortunately, you are the scapegoat.
  10. GRIEF-DRIVEN RELATIONSHIP: Have you heard the statement “ I’m sorry I broke up with you. I never loved you. I was only using you to forget about my past relationship” Sometimes when people can’t get over their Ex., they use others as a way to assuage such feelings of intense hurt and disappointment.
  11. URGE-DRIVEN RELATIONSHIP: This type of relationship is also called “ sex-driven” relationship. People have relationships with others just to have diverse sexual experiences. They are seeking just one thing—to quench their insatiable sexual urge. Sex before marriage is a very grievous offense. It can damage an entire destiny.
  12. INFERIORITY-BASED RELATIONSHIP: When someone doesn’t feel affirmed, esteemed, valued and respected, they fall head-over-heels in love with anyone who does these things to them. At that point, it becomes difficult to separate genuine love and infatuation. They only need you to compensate for their feeling of inferiority and vulnerability.
  13. FANTASY-INSPIRED RELATIONSHIP: For some reason, people already have an idea of who they want in life and the funs they want to have with such a person. When they finally meet that unfortunate person, meeting the demands of their fantasies becomes their primary goal and not the person.
  14. FIRST SIGHT RELATIONSHIP: If someone who is seeing you for the first time comes to you to profess love, just run.  Though his mouth is professing love, his heart professes infatuation.  You can like at first sight, but you cant love at first sight. Love is gradual. Likeness can be instant.
  15. LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP: No two people should wish to have a long-distance love life. I know that, now and then, circumstances can warrant such, but it is not an exciting experience at all.  The essence of a relationship is to know each other and decide if there is going to be a future. How can you achieve this if you are situated away from each other?
  16. ROLLERCOASTER RELATIONSHIP: This is the “love today” and “hate tomorrow” type of relationship. The parties involved are so much in love with each other but same time can’t seem to stand each other. Incompatibility is the prime reason for the misunderstandings that exist among them, which proves that LOVE is not enough.
  17. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS RELATIONSHIP: A type of relationship where no string is attached.  Both parties mutually agree on having fun and enjoying each other’s company sexually and otherwise.  
  18. OPEN RELATIONSHIP: What gain can you derive from being in a relationship with someone who consents to your desire to have sex with others? He uses you, others are using you, who will marry you or want something serious with you? Don’t be in this kind of relationship especially if you are a woman.




It shocks me how people want to know how to make a relationship last, without knowing the right type to get into first. 

These relationship types are advisable. They are not focused on personal gains but mutual benefits. It is the win-win type where even if things don’t go as planned, the parties involved go their separate ways with some level of fulfillment and excitement.


If I were to tender my unsolicited advice, I would suggest that you first begin a relationship with little or no emotional involvement, then when you are convinced about a person’s intentions, you can intensify things a bit.


  1. MUTUALLY DEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP: This is a non-parasitic type of relationship. Here, both parties mutually want to help each other genuinely. In a relationship like this, if done rightly, a partner’s mentality or unhealthy outlook in life can change for good by the other partner. I have seen someone who dated a prostitute and changed her. I also know of a woman who made a meaningful life out of an armed robber.
  2. MUTUALLY MATURE RELATIONSHIP: A relationship where the parties are not judgmental and don’t set rigid expectations. They don’t act jealously but understand how to set and maintain boundaries. They mutually respect each other's feelings and maintain a safe distance if the need be.
  3. FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIP: This is an unemotionally attached type. They feel a great liking for each other and that’s it. Nothing more. They like each other’s company and can have all the fun together.
  4.  ANTI-SEX RELATIONSHIP:  This is like the “FRIENDLY” relationship type. The only difference is that emotions are involved here. That is, the two people deeply love or have affection for each other, but are committed not to be involved romantically or sexually.
  5.  SACRIFICIAL RELATIONSHIP: If you are with anyone who can stick out his or her neck to make you happy no matter what, then you are in a sacrificial relationship. Emotion or no emotion, deep liking, and genuine love, serve as the basis for such sacrifices.
  6. "LIGHTS ON" RELATIONSHIP: This is not the “lights off” kind of relationship where you don’t want anyone to know about your affair. In this type, people are in the know, which gives some sense of security and trust.





Many types of relationships can last even those negative ones I strictly advised against.  For instance, I have seen a TOXIC emotional relationship that lingered for over 12 years and finally culminated in marriage. Now the lady is regretting it.


The question of relationship longevity is based on 3 FACTORS: Genuine love, mutual understanding, and personality.


Some people have a very rigid personality, no matter what happens, they are willing to endure.


In all of these, if you know HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT PERSON, you wouldn’t have to go through all the stress of torture and endurance.





Different types of relationships exist. From family to the workplace, down to the church, and in our daily activities with one another. We have in one way or the other related to people but with different levels of intensity and affection.


An intense relationship may or may not last. The reason being that a deep feeling of affection does not guarantee a lasting relationship.  This is why it is not advisable to invest your emotions early in a relationship. You have to genuinely know one's true intention before intensifying a relationship and building massive affections.





Depending on the relationship type we want and the character or personality of the one we meet, our relationship can last or suffocate. Some may end harmoniously, while others, badly.

Bear in mind that high moral values and integrity win the best candidate for any kind of relationship.

Everyone Loves Good Character and can go to any extent to be with those who have it.




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