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Monday, October 4, 2021

20 FUN Things A Couple Can Do In Bed Besides SEX and ROMANCE


Is your marriage or relationship becoming boring and you are running out of ideas?
There are 20 cool fun things you can do in bed besides sex to add excitement and fun and more so create a strong bond and friendship that can last a lifetime. you will find 20 on-bed funs, games, and intimacy ideas a couple can enjoy together for greater love and intimacy.    

things to do besides sex

The good thing about these intimate things is that they can lead to even better sex when done right. On top of that, it can make a relationship or marriage last.    

  Also, I know every now and then, young girls suffer the pressure of sexual intercourse from the boys. In case you are in this category wondering what to do with your boyfriend apart from sex, I got you covered as well.  


Here is a list of cute couple things to do apart from making love.  

Women are more blessed with romantic eyes than men. But they don't even realize it's a part of their feminine power. Besides sexual intercourse, a man wants the sexy stare of a woman.   

   Most couples find it difficult to stare at each other. The only time they do is when they quarrel. Surprisingly even during sex, most couples are ashamed of staring deep into each other's eyes.   

Spending most nights, chaining your sex organs, staring passionately, and saying some romantic affirmations to each other can be a great bed experience to add fun, excitement, and intimacy.    Sometimes our eyes reveal a lot our mouth may not be able to say in a lifetime.   
things to do besides sex

If you want to really catch fun in your marriage besides having sex, learn to disagree on something.   Yes, you heard me right! DISAGREE on something!   

You probably have heard that any relationship without issues can't really bond couples together.  That's true.

Disagreement in this sense is not any serious issue per se. It's just having different opinions about something and debating over it. 

   As a husband, you can say something like, "I cook noddles more than you. I only enjoy your fried rice." Or a wife can raise a debate topic that proposes a motion that the wife is more important in a family than the husband.   

Of cause, this is not getting you anywhere. There is no prize to win. It's just a way of having something to say and making a point.   Bear in mind that such debate or disagreement must all be done on a lighter note. Nothing serious.   Doing this has a way of bonding couples, creating a platform for laughter and teasing.  

Sexual intercourse is not a game. I'm especially referring to husbands that want to keep making love all the time. In fact, sex in excess can hinder intimacy.  

In place of sex, there are great intimate activities for couples that can enhance friendship and bonding. One of such is playing games together.    

Spending time playing games together is what most couples don't do even though it's so important for friendship building.  

I understand that we live in the 21st century where our jobs have taken most part of our time, but at least on a weekend, a couple can play their favorite games together on the bed.   Video games, chess, Scrabble, PES, and even temple run are some really nice game collections. You can even make a stake to add more fun, excitement, and willingness.    

Another nice way married partners can enjoy their marriage instead of regularly having sex is by telling a love-related story.     There is a tone of love stories you can share with each other to spice up your marriage and surge up love in your relationship.   

Just imagine the Titanic love story. How did you feel the first day you watched it? What about Cinderella? How did you feel when the prince and princess charming against all odds spent their lives together? That's the way someone you tell a love story will feel.

   Couples can learn new things that can add life and foster strong bonding between them just by telling a sweet love story.   Couples may also decide to model their marriage after an exciting love-based story that ended pleasantly. Telling an interesting love story is one of the cutest things to do besides sex.

things to do besides sex

After a long, stressful workday, sex can be another hard job to do. In such a case, a great massage can be an exciting and fun thing to do. So while going back home, don't forget to pick up a massage cream.  

Massaging each other can reveal a lot. It can reveal things you would never have imagined if you had engaged in sex and romance alone. For instance, you can know a woman's best spot for sexual reaction just by touching and massaging her body.   You probably may have been touching this spot during sex in a way that triggers no reaction, but massaging can reveal the best way to touch a woman for maximum orgasm. The same goes for a man.   

Massaging also relaxes the body and calms the nerves for a great sexual experience. It is one of the sexual things to do in bed besides sex. 
things to do besides sex

Couples don't realize that one thing they can do in bed besides intercourse is to study the scripture together.   This idea is especially cool and fun for Christian couples.      

 A couple can discuss scriptures on the bed, share their opinions on what they think a given scriptural reference means. They can even go as far as learning together what the pastor preached last Sunday just right on the bed. It doesn't always have to be formal where the family gathers in morning devotion.   This is very vital for Christian marriages. 

Study the word of God together will boost each other's Christian faith, edify each other's knowledge and most importantly promote spirituality, holiness, and spiritual oneness.   

Also, sharing scriptures and having on-bed fellowship can be a great way to keep the word of God alive and afresh in the hearts of the couples. 
"Feed me game" is something I love doing. It is one sweet way to add fun to marriage besides sex. The dining table doesn't have to be the only place where couples eat. You may want to add excitement and fun to your table manner by taking it to the bedroom.   After feeding sex, there is nothing wrong with feeding food all on one bed.  

You may not feed each other in the dining, but in the room, right on the bed, scoop some food, and feed each other. Play with it if you like. Hold the fruit on your lips and ask the other person to chase after you and take it.   Learn to fill the whole room with play, fun, and excitement, and when your neighbors knock, " what's wrong?"  Be proud to reply, "our new way of eating together."  


While sex and Romance are not the goals, you can spice up your kissing experience by trying a game called " Who gets Tired kissing." This is one activity that can greatly build intimacy between a couple.

It is simple. Only bring your lips together, start kissing slowly, increase the velocity and intensify things without stopping. The first person who ends it is the loser.   This can go a long way to help couples discover great ways to add fun when kissing.   Also for couples who really don't kiss or don't like kissing, this can be a great way to get them to love it.  

things to do besides sex

Sounds crazy right? How can I text someone seated just beside me?  

If you doubt the magic this can perform, try it out. Pick up your cell phone and text your spouse.   The first magic will be that he or she will say something to you they have not told you before and act in a way you have always wanted them to.  

Texting your partner who's just right beside you sounds crazy. It's another way of trying to let them know how crazy you are about them and that you are always thinking about them.  

Aside from the nominal text messages couples send to each other, lovely text while on the bed can be an unusual way of blossoming your marriage and adding a spark of intimacy to it. 

 It is true you can discuss your fantasies while making love but sometimes it can be biased. People will always say interesting things to please each other during sex.   In other to avoid this bias, discussing fantasies should also be done apart from lovemaking.   

Do you know there are fantasies your spouse may be wishing to discuss with you but doesn't know how to, because somehow, they seem and sound stupid?   Giving room for such discussion under the duvet will make a lot of sense. It is a great way to ask and answer intimacy-building questions  

One of the best ways to have fun in a relationship is to give each other the liberty to fantasize about things and the leverage to discuss them no matter how stupid it may seem.   Even the Holy Scripture says God uses the foolish things of life to confound the wise.   

Whether your fantasy is about a new sex position you love, making out in the bathtub, kitchen, dining, on the bedroom floor, or on the balcony, don't be shy to discuss it.   

Some people can fantasize about sleeping naked or making breakfast together while naked, some may want a weekend getaway, fruit sex, and so on.   These are really cute things to talk about on the bed and get intimate besides sex and Romance.   

Men are naturally fun people. They love teasing and cracking jokes. But what do these men want from women besides sex? TEASING is one of them.        

In a jokey way, it is an exciting thing to abuse or tease each other especially on things you can laugh about.   If you claim to have built a solid friendship in your relationship, then you can remind each other about something funny you did in the past and laugh about it.  

For instance, If your spouse eats too much or breathes like an animal when making love, you can tease him or her.   Marriage is not a battlefield, you don't have to be too serious all the time. Loosen up and have fun. This is the 21st century.   

Teasing each other can add excitement and beauty to your relationship, and can become a better platform to build friendship, love, bond, and unity.  

things to do besides sex

Apart from Sexual intimacy, a couple should learn to cuddle each other. 

Don't argue with me! many couples don't cuddle.   A lot of couples have turned sex and romance in marriage into a prostitution affair where they just go, have sex, and depart only to come the next time they need sex. Don't do that.

Most people only cuddle when there is trouble or a bad situation or when they receive bad news. Some cuddle only after sex.   There is a great built of intimacy when couples cuddle each other in bed than there is when they just make love and sleep. Cuddling in any relationship is a silent expression of love and can speak louder than verbal expression. Cuddling is an intimacy-building thing a couple can do apart from sex.


Another thing a couple can do while on the bed besides sex and romance is to play truth or dare.

Truth or dare may kick off as a joke but when observed properly reveals a lot of things a couple may want to dare in reality.   

The risky part of "truth or dare" is, It may also reveal certain truths a spouse may not like.   Even with this, it has its own way of adding pleasure and great excitement to the relationship. 

 My advice is, to avoid any stories that touch, you can ask questions like " At what point did you begin to fall in love with me?" What ran through your mind when we first met?, Or something like "I dare you not to have sex for two weeks."  

Another intimate thing to do with your partner is dancing.   This is quite simple. A lot of couples do this, still, a few others don't.  

Apart from dancing the usual way, a couple may decide to dance and jump around in bed, nod their heads, and move their shoulders and hands to the sound of a favorite music.  


No one would say he or she hasn't had one or two embarrassing moments before. Such moments can be a great fun topic on the bed.

Many married folks are too shy of each other. The only time they don't is during sex. Some even turn off the lights during sex because they are too shy. 

Sharing your embarrassing moments or experiences together and laughing over them can help lift the burden of shame and make couples feel free with each other. A great thing to do besides sex isn't it?


One thing most married partners seldom do is to talk about and support each other's hobbies.
  Right on your bed, you can discuss each other's hobbies and plan on making out time to support each other.  

By discussing hobbies, you may discover strengths and opportunities the other person doesn't even know about. If you do this, you may realize that some hobby if properly harnessed and monetized, can generate a tone of income for the family.   

When couples discuss hobbies, they can make plans together and pull resources to support each other. 

Another thing a couple can do is to learn each other's hobby, by so doing promoting compatibility and strong connection.  

things to do besides sex

 Looking for sexual things to do besides sex? Discuss sex.  

Discussing sex on a bed can be a good way to feel connected and integrate great ideas for an exciting sexual and romantic experience next time.  

Sometimes your spouse wishes you ask her what the last lovemaking was like. By doing this, long wishes and expectations can be discovered which give room for necessary adjustments. 

 Also, when you talk about sex, you're sure to be surprised by the kind of things your spouse may fantasize about. Surprisingly, some people may be sadomasochists, some may want to try new sex positions, you never can tell.   So given each other, the leverage and liberty to talk about sexual desires can spice up things and step up your game. 

When talking about sex, you can ask questions like, " Do you like when I....?" or  " Show me how you like it," better still, " How many times per week would you like to have sex?" or " How do you like being seduced?"  

According to an article by the promescent blog, 21 new things couples need to try in bed in 2020, 62 percent of women responding to an OKCupid poll reported that they liked rough sex which includes;
  1. Pulling of hair
  2. Spanking
  3. Scratching
  4. Biting
  5. Choking
  6. Holding your partner down
  7. Slapping the breast, face, etc.
  8. Taking control
This is one of the most favorite things especially Christian married couples can do in a relationship besides sex.      

As couples, learn to dress your bed together even though it is obvious one person can do it. What you are trying to achieve at this point is co-support and cooperation.   

You may want to scatter the bed before making it together, it's also a great idea. There is no crime in it.   However, after you make your bed, don't forget to pray together before going to sleep.   Being spiritual as a Christian couple can be another way to add deep spiritual intimacy to your marriage.  

Are you still asking, " How do I have fun in a relationship without sex?" Well,  in addition to dancing, you can sing too.   YES! this is one of my favorites.    

Everyone has at least one song they like, and it doesn't matter if you can sing or not, your spouse already knows you can't, so, don't be shy.  Just sing and add great energy to the relationship.   One of the best places to sing those nice and romantic songs is on the bed. It doesn't always have to be a recorded song. Sometimes, sing each other to sleep.  

One thing you can also do is to play your favorite songs and sing along together.   


Playing pillow games like little children is another intimate activity for couples besides intercourse.

While playing alone on the bed can be a fun thing to do, inviting the kids to the bed can heighten the whole energy and make things even funnier.   

If you don't know what to do, start by throwing pillows at each other. You can form two teams: the father-son team, and mother-daughter team, or the other way round.   

Playing together as a family will not just add fun and excitement, it will, even more, grow the love, and strengthen the friendship bond between parents and children.     


I don't know what your definitions of boyfriend and girlfriend are. Western culture has really devalued morality in many ways. For instance, in the west, many people understand that a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is one with sexual involvement amongst teenagers, yet the constitution greatly encourages it. Unfortunately, parents with good Christian values have little or no choice anymore as a result. This is the reason the rate of abortion, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy is so high in these places.   

In my opinion, I encourage boyfriend and girlfriend relationships but only on my terms, that is, No sex and sex-related activities.   

In case you are on the same page with me and you are perplexed about things to do in a relationship with your boyfriend other than kissing and having sex, then I will show you. There are a lot of things you can do with your boyfriend besides sex.    But, before that,  you must first do some things like dressing modestly, avoid staying in a room alone, stay off pornography and pornographic-related content like adult magazines. Finally, don't watch x-rated movies.   

Here are a few things to do with your boyfriend instead of indulging in sexual intercourse.  

  1. Go to the library and study together
  1. Do your school assignments together
  1. Do recreational activities like visiting a museum, or going to the park together. Note: don't go to the beach. There are things that may arouse sexual feelings when you see them. Things like ladies on bikinis. Don't also go to nightclubs.
  1. Discuss your dreams together and see how you can help each other achieve them.
  1. Attend church activities together
  1. Take dance, drama or music class together.
  1. Promise each other you will protect their destiny by protecting their sexuality and sexual purity.

These are a few things to do besides sex for couples and those in a relationship. What other ones do you suggest? 



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