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Friday, September 24, 2021

How To Keep Yourself & Your Spouse From Cheating

 Infidelity in marriages is almost becoming a norm in today's society—a society where people marry who they love but still cheat on their partners. This alone signals that love cannot stop people from cheating on their spouses.


cheating husband

However, even though the marriage institution is more abused now than ever, it is not an excuse not to marry. There are a ton of married couples who are very successful because they have mastered how to prevent extramarital affairs.  


In this article, I intend to show you ways you can keep yourself and your partner completely and utterly faithful to each other.


Also, in case you are a wife whose husband has cheated on and you are wondering," how can I keep my husband from cheating again?" Or you are a man asking a similar question, “how can I keep my wife from cheating?" Then this post is also for you. I have written this article with both preventive and corrective measures in mind.


My pride is to see that your marriage is enlisted amongst the few successful ones in this perverted dispensation.



Let's begin......






The challenge of a cheating partner is mainly heavy on women. This is the reason, the most asked question after couples get married is probably, " how can I prevent my husband from cheating on me?" You rarely see men ask this question. That is not to say that women don't cheat on their husbands.


We have treated the saying that men are born cheats so heavily that it has formed a sense of belief that is becoming a permanent register in our subconscious. But that's not true.   Men and women have the same inclination for cheating.



However, by applying these few tips, you are quite on your way to keep your spouse from cheating and be completely faithful to you. If you are a spinster, you can also learn how to stop your boyfriend from cheating on you to ensure he’s faithful till marriage.




If someone starts doing to your partner what your partner has been begging you for ages to do, guess what will happen. Intimacy will happen. And intimacy is a good breeding ground for infidelity. One way to avoid adultery is to prevent anything that can foster intimacy.


The worst mistake a man can make is to allow another man care for his wife. No one, not even your brother should show more affection, care, and empathy to your wife than you do. This can result in infidelity between a woman and her brother-in-law. If you want to prevent a wife from cheating, you must take note of this fact.


For a woman, the worst mistake she can make is to allow another woman respect and praise her husband more than she does. No one, not even your sister should respect and praise your husband than you do. Men are people of ego. They enjoy and feel more comfortable in the company of those who respect them, massage their ego, and give them peace.


Aside from these, you should know other vital things your partner wants. Maybe she wants good sex, buying gifts, or making sweet affirmations. Or maybe he wants appreciation, good food, sexy looks, exercising to keep in shape, whatever it is, you have to find ways around it. 

Check out my post, " how to please your husband" or " how to please your wife."


If you have been cheated on before, this point will greatly help to keep your partner from cheating again.



Married couples especially wives always ask, "how can I make my spouse faithful to me?" You can't ask this question if you are not willing to give them the benefit of doubt.


It is childish to trace your partner's every move or contract a secret spy who follows them everywhere they go even when there are no signs of a cheating partner. What if this spy starts blackmailing your partner for sex and money in return or else they give fake information?


If you must avoid infidelity in your marriage, your partner must know you have a high sense of trust in him or her. This is important because, Sometimes when spouses are on the verge of cheating and remember the trust of their partner, they may likely withdraw.


Though trusting someone is not a guarantee that they will be faithful, it has a lot to do in keeping a spouse from cheating.





Another way to prevent adultery that is most beneficial to men is through consistent affirmation.


As simple as affirmation is, you can't downplay it if you must prevent especially a wife from cheating.


Always affirm your partner and make them feel special before they leave home for work or for any other reason.


A wife who's seeking ways to stop her husband from cheating should always reassure him of her trust for him before he leaves home. A husband should also be handy especially when it comes to affirmation.

 Affirmation is the natural habitat of women. No matter how bad you treat a woman, if you always affirm her, she doesn't mind staying. Hey! Don't go beating your wife and winning her back by affirmation. A little disclaimer: I never said that.


If nobody can affirm your spouse more than you do, nobody can take them away.





While sex cannot keep a couple from cheating, it has its own quota in the cumulative success of the marriage.


The issue of sexual dissatisfaction is mainly husbands' problem. If you are a woman therefore who is seeking how to keep a husband from cheating again, then check out the post: how to please a man sexually or better still,  5 types of sex your spouse desire but won't tell you.





This is one of my biggest marriage advice to especially wives.

One key way a woman can make her husband be faithful to her is by respecting him and obeying his decisions and not blame and complain too much to him. Respect is peace of mind. This principle has so much to do to prevent a spouse from cheating. 

No husband is willing to come back to a house. He wants to come back to a home. A house is just a building, more of a physical structure, whereas a home is an atmosphere that smells peace, love, care, and unity.


If you are a husband or a wife seeking ways to avoid infidelity in your marriage, start by creating an ambiance of peace and rest of mind so much so that a partner is eager to return home rather than follow someone else home or go clubbing and drinking to forget his or her misery.




Many married folks are not romantic at all. You don't know what texting and calling will do for your marriage in helping prevent infidelity until you try them out.


Do you know your text or call can be just the exact reminder your partner needs at that point when he or she is almost giving in to sex with another person?   This is the reason I advise married couples that to keep your spouse from cheating, you have to form texting and calling as a habit.

 Calling or texting at least thrice a day is ok. When people know they are loved and cared for, they hardly cheat unless you married an irresponsible person whom cheating has been a part of his plan whether married or not.



In the Lord's prayer, Jesus showed us the format for prayer,  among which He said we should pray thus," Father lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil."


If you want to keep your partner from cheating or maybe they've cheated before and you want to keep them from cheating again, then praying for them will perform wonders. Don't say, there are many Christians who pray but still suffer the trauma of infidelity. The truth is, not many married folks pray for their partners. What they rather do is complain. God does not solve the problem of those who complain but those who pray.


Temptations are everywhere every day, so to ignore praying for your spouse every day is one risk you should not afford.  From today, therefore, make a commitment to always pray for your partner against temptations of infidelity, divorce, or remarriage.





Paul in 1Corinthians chapter 7 warns that couples should not stay apart for too long in other not to be tempted for their incontinence.


I have a colleague whose wife works in another state. When I asked how he was managing, he said he was used to it and he could never cheat on her. I told him I couldn't cope with that. The bible says those who think they are strong should take heed, lest they fall. It is not about being spiritual. There are spiritual people who are unfaithful to their spouses. It is about wisdom and this wisdom should direct us on the right path to follow.


With this in mind, you should never get married to anyone whose job takes him or her away for a long time if you know you can contain it. It is better to remain single than to marry and commit adultery. Unfaithfulness in marriage is a big sin--a serious offense that God really frowns at. 


cheating wife




Most married people who cheat on their spouses never intended to. Most of them found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some did because, at that point, they were vulnerable. Whatever the reasons are, when it comes to infidelity, none is genuine because hardly you see a partner who can tolerate it.


Here, I have elucidated a few tips on how to remain faithful to your spouse.





Many people cheat for the simple reason that they marry someone for other reasons but love and attraction. For instance, there are people who got married because the person is intelligent. Some marry for money's sake, social status, or power. Whatever the reasons are, if affection and attraction are not among, you are vulnerable to cheat.


To avoid cheating on your spouse, marrying who you love and are physically attracted to is a non-negotiable requirement.




What do you expect as a married person when you are best friend with singles or an unfaithful married person? The pitfall of this is that when you have even the slightest of an issue with your spouse, a bad single friend may take advantage of it to wreck your home by advising you wrongly. You think they are single and happy and mean well for you, when, in fact, they are jealous of you. If you must prevent extramarital affairs in your marriage, you must keep away from pretentious friends.



Minding the places you go per time is one other way to avoid infidelity in your marriage on your own part. Going to vulnerable or sex-provoking places like clubs or visiting the home of a friend of the opposite sex is not a wise thing to do as a married person. To avoid the chances of adultery happening, you have to be mindful of things like this.



The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. This is why it is advisable to marry a God-fearing Christian who will never as little as contemplate cheating. If you are asking how to be faithful to your spouse, first ask how to be faithful to God in keeping His commandment of, "Thou shall not commit adultery."




Finally, to avoid cheating on your spouse, you need to cultivate a sense of dignity and self-respect. When you have sex with people other than your spouse, the only thing they owe you is more sex. They don't respect you, they don't value you and they will never marry you because they know how irresponsible you are. To keep yourself from cheating on your spouse, self-respect is a non-negotiable need.


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