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Friday, March 5, 2021

10 Easy Ways To Avoid Heartbreaks In Relationship & Marriage

The rate at which innocent hearts that mean well for  relationship are breaking is undeniably alarming. In one sentence, I can almost conclude that, marriage and relationship these days have been a game of heartbreaks and heart mending where if one relationship breaks a heart, another one mends it for a while before breaking it again until the right person finally comes.


heartbreaks in relationship and marriage

Playing this game of trial and error has led many to commit suicide and suicidal attempts.


In this article, I want to share the 10 practical things you must do to keep heartbreak at arm’s length in your marriage and relationships. I want to show you how to avoid heartbreak and not to heal from it, because, prevention is far better than cure.



1  1. Be self-fulfilled, Complete and whole before you enter a relationship.

I have never seen a single person who was desperate for something and enjoyed it. Likewise in a relationship. You cannot be desperate about entering one and enjoy it.

To be self-fulfilled means to be complete in and of yourself, requiring no one to make you feel happy or adequate.

Without self-fulfillment, your search for happiness will make you desperate of hopping from one relationship to another looking for happiness in the most unlikely places.

The problem with many people is not that they can’t reach out to happiness, but they have neglected the happiness from within in search of the one without which only a few responsible and mature adults are willing to give.


2   2. Learn to RULE your emotions

While I deeply understand that both men and woman feel the same emotions but  express them differently, the woman tends to be all consumed in most cases. This is why point 2 is mainly important to the women.

If a woman always shows every man she comes across she is falling for him because she can’t seem to lock her emotions, she has a big thing coming her way.  She will never be respected, valued, and loved the way she deserves. She will only be used and dump, leading to heartbreak. 

There are key things every man wants in a woman. The inability to rule your emotions is certainly not one of them

3   3.  Don't be too involved. It's just a relationship, not marriage

Only incomplete people in relationships are incapacitated because only incomplete people enter into a relationship expecting to find fulfillment. Self-worth, self-value, and self fulfillment are virtues every single person must build before entering any kind of relationship to avoid heartbreaks.

4    4. Learn to stay alone and manage your own loneliness without any company.

 If you can master being alone, you won't always depend on others to make you happy. Dr. Myles Munroe stated, “ You are ready to date, when you don’t see the need to” Put another way, if you see the need to have a companion as a way to squelch your loneliness, then you are not completely single and as a result should not seek after relationships.

 5. Don't allow anyone make you feel important before you think you are. Make yourself important

Respect and value are properties you owe to yourself first before expecting others to give them to you. In life, you decide how people treat you by the way you treat yourself first. If you can develop self-significance from within, people will value you from without.


 6. Don't allow anyone make you feel unimportant either. Grow your own self -esteem, self-worth, and self-value

Inferiority complex is an identity that no one wants to identify with. Nobody wants an inferior person as a friend. But the truth is, nobody was destined inferior to another. Inferiority is a decision people make for themselves. 

No matter how uneducated, local or unexposed you are, there is still that beauty within you that is sourced globally. You may possess that very attribute or personality the president of your nation desires so make yourself important and develop your self-esteem. No one can do it for you. 

7   7.   Don't reveal your weaknesses to someone you cannot trust

The reason most people feel greatly hurt when a relationship does not work out is because too soon, they reveal deep things about themselves that only trusted people in their lives are supposed to be aware of.

When you let out your weaknesses to someone who is not your wife or husband yet, you give them more opportunity to take advantage of it for their selfish gains.

Relationship is not a destination, so keep your privacy to yourself until only when necessary.

8     8. Don’t kiss relationship goodbye due to previous heartbreaks. Instead analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

If you experience first heartbreak, it’s ignorance, but if you experience it the second time, you are not learning, and it’s because you are not analyzing.

  You must understand the usefulness of wrong relationships and change your perspective accordingly. Wrong relationships are there to teach you, change you, strengthen you, and prepare you for the right one.

Relationship in and of itself is not bad, only bad people make it look bad. But if people would analyze their mistakes, learn from them and commit not to repeat them, heartbreaks would dramatically reduce, and sooner or later, they’ll find the right one.


9     9. Don’t be desperate. Keep calm and maintain a positive attitude

Desperation is the thief of opportunities and the killer of destinies. I have seen people commit suicide because the relationship they were desperate for didn’t work out.

 Desperation in a relationship is especially not good for women.  A woman who is desperate for a relationship portrays herself as too cheap to a man which in general, men dislike.  A man may not outrightly tell you he hates your looseness even if he does. He will take advantage of the opportunity first and dump you after which.

  10. Until you do all of the above, don't try to be in a relationship

You know why God gives us principles? Not because he wants to dictate for us what we must do, after all, he gave us the willpower to decide for ourselves. However, principles are given to simplify our lives.

If you want to enjoy the kind of marriage fantasies in your thoughts and imagination, then you must follow God's principles.

These 10 top tips to avoid heartbreaks are all God's principles; commit to them and see the massive results. 


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