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Thursday, October 1, 2020

5 Types Of Sex Your Spouse Deeply Desire But Won’t Tell You.

There is no denying. One of the frequently asked questions in marriage is, how can I make the most out of the various types of sex we have? what are the ways a couple can harness the many significant opportunities that add sweetness to sex? can a lack of sex lead to divorce or cause troubles in marriage? How can I satisfy my partner's sexual needs and make him happy?

If these questions or any of it is lurking around your mind and you are yet to find answers, then this article is for you.

In case  the sex type you practice does not give the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you long for, trying other types which I have clearly explained in this article can create the magic or the next big spark in your marriage.

types of sex

            1.   SCHEDULED  OR PLANNED SEX

This is the type of sex couples indulge in, following a predetermined timetable that spells the day and time and in rare cases, the venue for it.

You may be asking, a venue for sex? Yes!
Couples who leave in an environment full of distraction in addition to the lack of privacy they suffer at home from kids, domestic staff, and other relatives may decide to find a more free and comfortable place like hotels for their sexual activities.

Scheduling sex is important. It has a way of keeping sex in check and reminding couples of their conjugal obligation to each other.

Though scheduled sex is important, but not without its flaws.

When couples begin to rely too much on scheduled sex, they miss out on the pleasures that accompany spontaneous sex.
Also, when sex is on scheduled and one partner needs to make love on an unscheduled day, the other partner may give an excuse thereby neglecting the other person’s sexual and emotional needs. 

Now think about it. If such a person goes out with such an intense longing for sex. There is a high tendency he or she can easily be aroused by another person and before long; they are deep into making out.

This is why in addition to scheduled sex; you need spontaneous sex as a type of sex in your sex list. 

           2.   SPONTANEOUS SEX

Spontaneous sex is an unscripted, unexpected, and quick sex.

Even though I just finished the hype of planned sex above, nothing still can be as exciting as enjoying the sweet nectar that flows through the spontaneous type of sex, so all couples should indulge in this type it as well.

Whenever couples have sex and romance by respecting the spontaneity that comes with it, It keeps intimacy and emotional satisfaction alive.

Because both couples are aroused and have a joint need for sex at the same time, spontaneous sex has the greatest pleasure, unlike planned or scheduled sex where couples have to be forced to be in the mood for lovemaking.

According to sexologist, spontaneous sex is the one we should pursue the most. By doing this, we put in place a healthy pattern of sexual unity, which has a lot of profound effects and as well help couples reach their peak orgasm.

        3.   STRESS-RELIEF SEX

Quoting Julie Sibert from her article “ 5 types of sex all couple should have ”
“I remember an evening when I pulled into the driveway after picking up my son from basketball practice, only to see two people trying to break in our basement door. They ran away, of course, and never did gain entry. Both my husband and I were shaken by the experience as we reflected on it later that night.Do you know what I wanted to do more than anything else in that moment of angst and uncertainty? I wanted to make love. Why? I needed the comfort and assurance of being in my husband’s arms to quell my anxious heart.”
When the going of life gets tougher, or you always get drained by an annoying boss in the office, having great sex can be relieving, relaxing, and assuring.

The significance or goal of stress-relief sex is, it is the only type of sex where a couple can derive  comfort from each other that squelch stresses and issues that come with the day and can be a great way to build intimacy as well.

As life’s irregularities and misfortune drive you crazy, connecting with your partner on a  sexual level can be a great thing to do.

This type of sex is commonly practiced by poor couples who have too many challenges and obviously have the need to relief the stress of thoughts, anxieties, and poverty. Little wonder poor people have the most number of children.


Most people can sacrifice their kidneys, meals, money, and other valuables for their partner but never sacrifice sex for them. When they are not in the mood or are tired, they sexually starve their partner who needs that satisfaction at that time.
There are times when you are not in the mood or feel the need for sex. At such times, don’t be too rigid to make love all because you are not in the mood. That is selfishness. You should realize that you and your partner are sexually unified.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you can’t refuse for legitimate reasons. But is there a genuine reason for your refusal? If not, then consider the amount of danger that could be introduced to your marriage when an unsatisfied partner begins to consider cheating as an option. 

As a couple, you must be smart enough to respond to your wife's or husband’s sexual needs kindly, rather than angrily.

Some women deny their husband sex all because he didn’t provide for them sometime they requested for earlier. 

Behaving in such a way will not help the situation. You are rather exacerbating the whole matter because when he begins to cheat, you won’t even get the little his giving you now.

If you ask me, reasons like “I am tired, I am not in the mood, I am angry, I am depressed” are illegitimate, However, if your partner understands and genuinely agree to such reasons, then lucky you.


Once in a while, all couples should explore opportunities available to engage in a more appealing sexual relationship.

Enjoying great sex does not come with mere wishes. It must be intentional and requires hard work. This is why I suggest that all couples should learn the 20 things a couple can do in bed besides sex and romance, where you’ll find easy and better ways to build intimacy and spark up your sex life.

Adventurous sex can mean anything from figuring a new sex position, intensifying foreplay, or even having sex anyhow, anywhere, and anytime.  It can also mean having a weekend getaway as long as a couple’s quest is to find new ways to sexually please each other.

One nice thing with adventurous sex is that it helps you turn your fantasies into realities. 

Of the various types of sex, a couple can enjoy, adventurous sex comes with a lot of fun due to its explorative nature. 




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