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Sunday, March 14, 2021

10 Key Advices About Marriage For Old & Newlyweds: Big Secret Revealed.

 No marriage is destined to fail. Satan is not your biggest problem. Your biggest problem is a lack of the right knowledge. So you need this smart and uncommon advice about marriage. This not the usual thing you learn before marriage. There are key secrets you still need to know in addition to what you already know.

advice about marriage  for newly weds

 In this article, I have briefly explained these very simple but significant secrets for everyone who cares about marriage success and wants to keep heartbreaks away from marriage and relationships.


Everyone you marry has a weakness. Only God is perfect. So if you focus on your spouse's weakness you won’t get the best out of his/her strength. Remember that, whatever you focus on, magnifies and the more magnified it gets, the more real it becomes and the angrier you get.



No one has a clean slate and a clean past. Everyone has a dark history. When you get married or you want to get married, stop exploring someone's past. What matters most is the present life of your partner. Old things have passed away. Forgive and forget. Focus on the present and the future.

The only time you are expected to dig someone’s past if when they allow their past control their present actions especially in a negative way. In such a case, you might want to ask some vital questions about the past to help you better understand and help them.


     ADVICE 3

This is one of the commonest marriage advice.

Every marriage has its own challenges. Marriage is not a bed of roses. It takes understanding in times of challenges to build the kind of marriage-made-in-heaven fantasies in your head.

Every good marriage has gone through its own test and trials and it takes the brave and the wise to emerge even stronger. True love proves in times of challenges.  Fight for your marriage. Make up your mind to stay with your spouse in times of need. Make a commitment to keep to your marital vows.


      ADVICE 4

Marriage success is gradual. No marriage is successful out of the blues. Every marriage has different levels of success so don't compare yours with that of anyone else. We can never be equal. Some who yield to all this advice will certainly have a better marriage than those who do not.

To avoid marriage stresses, comparisons and competitions, be patient, work hard and cultivate an attitude of understanding, with time your marriage dreams shall come true.

 This particular advice about marriage is the most flouted. Don’t be found guilty.


To get married is to put yourself in a war room with another person from a completely different background and upbringing. Notice I say “ war room” because there are many enemies you must fight against. Some of these enemies are;

1    1.   Ignorance

      2. Prayerlessness

      3. Unforgiveness

      4.  External  influence

      5. Stinginess

      6. Stubbornness

      7. Lack of love

      8. Rudeness

      9. Laziness

      10. Disrespect

      11. Cheating etc.

The interesting thing about this war is that you are not waging it against someone else but yourself. If you are old enough to get married, then you must be matured enough to fight.


advice about marriage

After a marriage is successful, it is not approached with careless abandon. Its success must be sustained by management. Marriage is like a business, easy to start but difficult to maintain.  Marriage is hard work. Volunteer yourself to manage it daily. If this is not done it will break down somewhere exposing the couples to danger, or some unhealthy circumstances. Don’t be careless about your marriages. Manage it like you manage your business.

In the business of marriage, the only department couples should employ themselves is the human resource department where they can learn how to manage each other. Never forget this marriage advice.



God will never give you a complete person. Whatever he gives, He gives the wisdom to manage and make complete and even more beautiful. This is why he never gave Adam great furniture like we have now. He gave him trees and inside the trees are furniture.

Likewise marriage,  He gives you a partner in the form of raw materials. It is your responsibility to mold the person into what you desire. This can only be achieved through correcting each other with love, co-teaching, prayer, and Patience.



This is my favorite advice about marriage. It is called “give room for change”

Getting married is taking a huge risk. You cannot make successful predictions of the future.  Situations may change so leave room for adjustments and develop an accommodating spirit. The man may lose his million-dollar job or you may fail to have babies. All these require you to be prayerful to avoid the one big reason why many marriages fail.



Marriage is not about contract fulfillment and closure. It is a permanent endeavor. It needs total commitment. Its permanence is not love-dependent but friendship and understanding-dependent. The glue that sticks the couple together is commitment borne by the fear of God and true friendship.

 Kill every thought of getting a divorce. Never threaten your spouse with divorce. Choose to remain married because God hates divorce.



My final marriage advice. I hope you are learning?

Every marriage has a price to pay. Only when you pay the price will you win the prize.  

Marriage is like a bank account. It is the money that you deposit that you withdraw. If you don't deposit love, peace and care into your marriage, you are not a candidate for a blissful home.

Thanks for reading. It is my great pleasure to bring this advice about marriage to you.




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