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Monday, October 18, 2021


What A Woman Wants In A Man

Let me start by saying that what a woman wants in a  man can be very complex. It takes a great deal of communication and understanding to decipher.  

   Impressing a woman is one of the most difficult things to do. And this is because; you don’t even know what she needs even though you think you do. Today you give her money, and tomorrow she cheats on you. When you enquire why, she says, " He buys me flowers and constantly affirms me which you don't." Even when you try to adjust, she comes up with new desires. 

   In this article, I have revealed some of the things a woman wants from a guy in a relationship. If you can capture her needs in this area and satisfy them, you will easily win her heart even if she is stubborn.  

what a woman wants in a man

Why is My wife or lady Unsatisfied?

Perhaps you are in a relationship or already married but can't seem to place your hands on why your partner is not satisfied with you. The energy and drive are not forthcoming no matter how you try. There is no iota of intimacy or friendship between you two and you are getting frustrated. Don't take it too hard. A few fixes here and there will do the magic. All you need is to know what a woman wants in a man.

   A woman can be unsatisfied for a variety of reasons. For instance, a lot of men who think they’ve got the swag or what it takes to impress a lady end up in women’s list of ex’s because they lack understanding. While those with little or no swag but understand how to make a relationship last, eventually are those who enjoy peaceful marriage relationships. This is ironic. Isn’t it? This means not showing empathy and understanding can make a woman dissatisfied. 

   Many men also think money, comfort and handsomeness are what satisfy women. This is a huge misconception. In the long run, money, swag or good looks won't make a woman happy but the emotional satisfaction she gets from the bond you share with her. This is because women in general derive a sense of satisfaction from the emotional investments you make in the relationship.  

    What most men don’t realize is that more preferably, women are interested in a man who meets their emotional needs and who show deep commitment than one with just swag, good looks, and money.   

    Character is another thing both men and women look out for in a relationship to feel fulfilled.  No matter how irresponsible people are, they desire to end up with responsible people and this is because nobody likes being cheated on.   

Below are Some of the major things a woman craves for in a man;  

This is the first thing that virtually every woman looks for in a relationship.   

People think love is overrated. Some think that love is money. They say as long as you can provide for her needs, you can keep her forever. You may succeed to sustain a relationship this way, but will she be happy in the long run?   

A woman may say I can’t marry a poor man, but no woman will deny the fact that money is not everything.   

No matter how well you satisfy a woman in other areas, if you don’t fill her emotional love tank, she will never be fulfilled. And it takes more than just being in a relationship to fill this tank. It takes sacrifice. Sacrifice is the greatest form of love and it is one of the primary things every woman desires in her man. 

   How can you fill this love tank and show her you care? Spend quality time with her, engage in effective communication, go out of your way to make her happy sometimes.  
Being feminine is one thing no woman craves for in her man.   

While a woman would naturally love a man who loves and sacrifices for her, she also doesn’t want a man she can control at will. No woman wants a dummy or a doormat as a man.   

A man who puts a woman in her place and displays some level of stubbornness when necessary will always be respected and regarded.     

As a man, you must not agree with everything she says or go by all her suggestions all in the name of love. Sometimes, she wants you to refute her needs especially when they are unreasonable. Women love logical men, not men who are excessively emotional.

  While you show them you really love and care, when it’s time to be mildly hard on them, do it and don't over pamper them.   

I once dated a lady who told me she wanted to go for a certain meeting. I disagreed and insisted she stays back. As we got into the car back home, she texted me saying, “I love it when you put me in my place and insist on certain things.   

Don’t get me wrong as a man. I’m not in any way suggesting dictatorship or authoritarianism. All I am saying is that the malefactor has to be in place sometimes because it attracts great admiration from a woman.  

what a woman wants in a man

Being a "Protection and correction leader" cannot be precluded in the list of things a woman needs in a man. This one makes a woman feel honoured. When you always protect your woman, she can go anywhere spreading her legs and hands as if she owns the streets.    

Never humiliate your woman in public even if she is at fault. I’m not saying you should support her misbehaviours.  Don’t just give her the impression you are taking sides with her opponent.  Instead, point out her faults in private and let her know and adjust accordingly.  

Among the many things a woman wants in her man or husband are protection and respect. Every woman looks out for this in a man. 
One of a woman's greatest desires is an understanding man because many men are not understanding. Their ego always gets in the way of their reasoning.   

Let me say this will all boldness. You will begin to lose your woman if another man begins to understand her better than you do.  Firstly, they will provide a comfortable shoulder for her to lean on, and finally, they will take her away from you.   

Women crave men who always engage them in a heart to heart communication. This is so paramount if a relationship must be sustained.    

Effective communication birth understanding. It is one of the key attributes a woman wants in a man. 

These days, you seldom see a woman who wants to stay idle. Everyone wants to do something productive with their time. This is why beyond anything else, a woman wants a man who will support her dreams.

    If your woman is one of such resourceful women, let them know you care about their dreams and that you are ready to support them by all means. We don’t have too many men who do this. Being on the list of the very few who do, will score you a pretty good point in her heart.  

    Many men struggling to win a woman's heart are not even aware that being a supportive man could be what she is looking out for.   
Everybody needs somebody who is fun to be with. Women are no exception. They desire a man who knows how to light up and brighten the entire atmosphere. So don’t be boring as a man. Add life and light to the relationship.     

  One thing I know how to do is to switch moods. You can never be sad in my presence. This is something every man must strive for.    

Women are like candles, men must therefore become the fire that keeps the candle burning and sparking in unending happiness.   

You can easily be the kind of man every woman wants or desire to marry if you have this one attribute because women are naturally fun lovers.    

What Does A Woman Want In A Man Physically?

A man's physical attractiveness is different from a woman's. For the most part, a woman feels safe and secure with the things you tell her thank the things she sees as physical qualities. This is why a man's physical attraction is not much of a craving for women as a great affirmation. I have seen many beautiful women who ended up with men who are not physically appealing. This is not to say that women can't be attracted by a man's physical looks.  

 Features like height, body built, nice eyes, crispy voice and how a man walks can physically attract a woman to a man. Some of these features are the physical attributes a woman wants from a man. However,  individual differences matter also. For instance, Some women may prefer plumpy men, while others may like skinny men. Some surprisingly want a short man while others may desire tall men.   

What Are The Top 5 Things A Woman Looks For In A Man?

Though we've seen all the things that trigger a woman's fancy, not all are in the top five list. There are more special qualities that make a woman crave a man. These qualities are not random picks, the majority of them are derived from interviews with women when asked, "What qualities would you want in a man?"    

     Based on personal interviews, most women mention the following as their top five needs. 
  1. Affection
  2. Quality time 
  3. Respect
  4. Fun and liveliness
  5. Faithfulness.

What Attracts A Woman To A Man At First Sight?

At first sight, a guy's physical look is what attracts a woman. However, looks do not matter to a woman as much as what you say to her. This is because women are emotional feelers. They interpret the words you say through their emotional filters. This means whether you are handsome or not, speaking abusive words can make a woman resent you.  

Generally, when a woman looks at a man the first thing she begins to admire is his facial beauty and body figure. However, in the long run, these things don't matter that much anymore. She begins to crave for something of lasting value in the man. Things like character, commitment, affection, intelligence, God-fearing, integrity and carriage will become her primary desire.   

Aside from facial beauty and physique,  a man's cute smiles and sexy eyes are other things that attract women. Also, a fun lover who is humourous has additional tools to his advantage.

What do ladies Think Is Unattractive?

While there is a myriad of qualities a woman wants in a man, there are those she may find unattractive as well. Even though these qualities may vary from woman to woman, some are generic.   

Most ladies think a man's pot belly is unattractive. Some women think that even if a man has a six-pack, his voice texture or the way he speaks can be unattractive. More so, some say that a man could still have a six-pack and great vocal texture with unattractive body carriage or movement. No one has it all. It all balls down to commitment whether you find something unattractive or not.   

Take Away Quote   

You will never make a woman happy until you understand her completely. You will begin to lose your woman if another man begins to understand her better than you do. 


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