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Friday, September 17, 2021

10 Easy & Fun Ways To Make An Angry Wife Happy FAST.


As the saying goes, “Behind every angry woman stands a man, who has completely no idea what he did wrong.” A wife can get angry with you for a myriad of reasons and most of the time, the husband does not know why. However, husbands cannot be blamed every time a wife is moody or looks unhappy as emotions are bound to be unstable sometimes, which makes them turn pretty quick-tempered. However, it is the man's duty to calm her down. An angry wife can make the whole house go upside down!

In Proverbs Proverbs21:9, Solomon stated, ” It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.”

He also re-echoed this statement in Proverbs 21: 19, “It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry wife.”


what to do when a wife is upset or unhappy

Whether from emotional swing, outsiders or insiders like husbands and children, wives will get angry. So settle it. The question now is, what do you do when your wife is upset? This is what we will talk about in this article. Often men get stunned when their wives get angry, unable to grasp what they did to trigger the scene.

What you are about to read is an easy, fun and faster way to melt even the strongest of angry hearts faster than you think. After this, you are sure on your way to build and restore lost intimacy in a magical way.

Before we see how a man can make an angry wife happy, let’s see what husbands must know about angry wives.



There are vital things every woman wants from a man that he has to be aware of.

Many husbands have divorced their loving wives due to this repetitive mood swing called anger that their wives display occasionally, and it is because they think it is abnormal. It is not. It happens to everyone, so don’t expect your wife to be an exception.

A few nuggets you have to bear in mind. First, no wife stays angry forever. As a reasonable and sensible man, you should know how to calm your angry wife and make her happy whenever she’s in her emotional lows.

Second, if your wife is always angry and negative minded, you need to be aware of the different triggers that make her unhappy. Possibly she has anger issues that have caused commotions in your marriage. It is important you learn how to manage her anger by avoiding the things that easily beset her. Anger can lead to a depressed and negative wife.


It is very imperative to restore your wife’s happiness. And this begins by knowing by heart how to make an angry wife happy in marriage.




When a wife is angry with you, everything in the marriage seems to tear apart. You begin to feel that your house has lost the happiness and light it once had. At this point, the commonest questions one can ask are, What to do when a wife is upset? Why is my wife mad at me? How do I deal with an angry wife?


You want to calm her down and make her happy again but are totally blank on how to do so. Don’t worry, there is no angry wife that cannot be calmed. Here are 10 ways on how to calm a wife when she is upset.





The first step to solve any problem is to know the source of the problem. Once you achieve this, taking away the source becomes an automatic solution to the problem. I know that occasionally humans are bound to flicker, but when this happens beyond normal, it is a pointer to the fact that the source is not dealt with.

If you are married to an angry wife, the first thing to do is to find out the reason she’s upset. Most women are upset by external factors and when they come home, they transfer aggression. For instance, I have an aunty that whenever she comes back from the market, you better avoid her.  Some get upset generated by internal factors like husbands, children and too many domestic chores to do.

 The challenge is, sometimes, she may not even know that these things are the reason for her consistent anger. As a sensitive husband, to deal with a short-tempered wife, you have to find out the underlying reasons behind her anger by engaging in meaningful discussion with her when she is calm. When the reason or reasons are known, then you can adjust accordingly in other to better manage her temper.



Other minor things you can do to make an angry wife happy in marriage are





When a wife is angry she is more likely to turn into a nagging wife. A nagging wife may keep complaining a lot about many things in or out of perspective but if you listen carefully, she may have genuine reasons for nagging. This is not the time to shut her up and complain that she nags too much. As a mature and sensitive husband, you must learn how to talk to your wife when she is angry.  Above that, you must also learn how to LISTEN to her. How else can you deal with an angry wife unless you hear her out?


Listen to her complains or dissatisfaction with you. Maybe you come home late from work every day, or you are not sincere with her. Perhaps you don’t keep your promise to the kids and that alone is damaging them emotionally.


Make her spill her heart and don’t interrupt.  Try to understand her standpoint. Listening to her side of the story will also help you realize your mistake.




Another thing to do to make an angry wife happy is to apologize to her especially when you are the one at fault. It is very annoying when someone expects you to take the blame for his mischief. It is advisable that when there is a fight, you put your ego aside as the leader of the marriage and find a common ground to fix things. Wives are mad at their husbands for a longer period because they don’t apologize for their mistakes.


If you are the reason for the offence, you should apologize sincerely to your wife at the first chance you get. An honest apology is a virtue every married couple must embrace.

Sometimes you can even go as far as apologizing to your wife for other people’s fault like the children or someone outside.




Have you thought of flirting with your spouse?  Flirting with an upset wife actually helps in calming her. How do you then flirt with her? Flirt with a touch of humour and apology. This can do a lot in making your short-tempered wife happy.

how to deal with an angry wife

For instance, if your wife says she doesn’t want to talk with you. You can flirt with her by saying something like “But you know I can’t stay without my sweetheart talking to me. I may die. Look at! Look at! I’m dying already, please come back to your loving, charming and cute useless husband.”

It is important you also note that you only flirt only when an offence is not that serious. Nobody plays or jokes around in the face of a serious matter.





It is ridiculous thinking a woman is not supposed to be mad at you. Unfortunately, this is how most men think. When it comes to getting angry or being offended, most husbands think they have monopoly over that, so when a woman does, they tend to get angry. This is why most men don’t apologize to their wives.

It is vital to calm your wife down when she is angry at you. Be the ice in her hotness whenever she’s angry and for whatever be the reason she is. Even if you are married to an angry woman, it is part of your conjugal responsibilities. In doing this, you need to know how to talk to your wife when she’s angry.  

There is a way you talk to her that will further aggravate the problem. Don’t ever make hurtful statements or shift blames even if she is at fault. You can do that later when she’s calm and reasonable. Instead try cuddling her and holding her so tightly close to you when she lashes at you. Eventually, she will submit unto your efforts and calm down seeing all the care and attention you give to her. The reason must wives get angry uncontrollably is because there is no one to calm them down.




A lady contacted me for counseling and was very angry and raging at her fiancé. She said, “ I don’t know what is wrong with him. He gets me angry and still gets offended. He never says sorry. Instead he expects me to take the blame for his wrongs and apologize.” This is one common challenge many women face. And the reason is because  men are egocentric. They don’t want to as less as nurture the believe that they can be wrong at times. They think being wrong and apologetic make them less. But that’s not it.


Many husbands with this attitude of ego have made their homes a battle field. A woman can never submit this way. There are things you can do when a wife is upset instead of pouring ego up and down.


Most times when married couples fight or argue, the issue becomes even worse not because nothing can be done, but because both partners are unwilling to let go of their ego. They both think in their mind that they are right and in doing so the relationship gets soured. Eventually, when the misunderstandings grow bigger than the relationship, they separate.

You should not let your ego come in the way when you are trying to make your angry wife happy




It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Likewise, another way to thrill an angry wife and make her happy at an instant is through making her favorite meal. Don’t tell her you are doing so.


Once you have managed to calm her down get into the kitchen and make that sumptuous delicacy. Serve her in a special way, lights out, candles on, with a table decorated with sweet and scented flowers. At the dinner table, talk to her heart-to-heart.  Ask her the reason for her offence  and if those issues can be resolved.


Don’t forget that, anger mostly creeps in from feeling hurt and having unmet expectations. Your wife may be angry at you for legitimate reasons indicating that you hurt her in some way. You being the husband need to work towards calming her down and restoring her to her normal self. If you do this, you don’t have to be dealing with a short tempered wife over and over again.



Another way to make an angry wife happy is to surprise her. Of cause by now you must have known that women like surprises. An angry wife will not be angry for long seeing that you are doing everything possible to make her happy and win her back. As a romantic and loving man that you are, you know all the things that really make her happy and melt her heart. It is your chance to do those things to win her love back.

 Generally, women like gifts. You may want to send her a surprise gift like shoes, cloths, flowers, chocolates or cookies.  Or send her something with an inscription, “I am sorry.” Her heart will melt in no time even if you are married to an angry wife.



Sometimes your wife’s anger and frustration may not be internally generated. It might be coming out of nowhere, perhaps from outside the confines of the home. It may be from friends, family or something in her mind she is not willing to share.  It is not time to lash out on her for transferring external negative energy into the home. Don’t do that. You may be all she needs at that time to feel better so don’t pull out or get frustrated.


If she avoids intimacy or shows signs of pulling away, do not get mad at her and force yourself on her. At this point, show empathy to her and let her know that you will always be there for her no regardless of what happens.


If she says she is not ready to talk about it, don’t force her. Let her be. When she feels ready to talk, she will come forward and share her feelings with you.




Have you heard the statement, “Because I easily forgive you, you always hurt me over and over again?”

This is the reason most wives are upset the more their husbands ask for their forgiveness. Many husbands didn’t marry angry wives; they made them that way because they wouldn’t just stop hurting their feelings.

Don’t just apologize for the sake of apologizing whenever you offend your wife. You have to mean it and see to it that you don’t commit that same offence again. If she sees you commit that same offence over and over, it could hurt her feelings and seared her conscience and she could start withdrawing from you.


Sorry alone is not enough until you make efforts to work on the problem. Women like men who mean what they say and say what they mean.

 When your wife notices that you are really working hard to improve yourself and get better, she will feel even happier. You cannot make an angry wife happy with vain promises and apologies. 



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