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Friday, October 15, 2021

4 Tricks To Win A Stubborn Woman's Heart Faster

How To Win A Stubborn Woman's Heart

Women, in general, can be hard nuts to crack, talk more of a difficult one. They flicker a lot in their needs, courtesy of their outrageously buoyant emotions. This is the reason to win a stubborn woman's heart, you need all the skills you can lay your hands on even if it means paying for them. Isn't winning the love of your life worth sacrificing a few dollars for? But here it is for free—a guaranteed and reliable way to win her heart in just a few days. Come back and thank me later.  

DISCLAIMER: These tricks are not to be abused. If you truly love her and wants to spend the rest of your life with her, then use it. But if you are a playboy, don't use it. You may suffer.  These are God's principles and should in no way be abused.  
how to win a stubborn woman's heart


Who Is A Stubborn Woman?

  Before we start, who is a stubborn woman? And why is she not accepting you?  Why is she stubborn. Let's do some schooling together.  

A stubborn woman is a tough lady with a gentle heart. She's a little baby in adults attire. You will think she's heartless, but she's not. Her heart-makeup just hasn't been touched in a way that tingles her fancy. 
Why Are Most Women Too Stubborn To Give In?
  Despite what hardens a woman's heart—hurt from past relationships, sexual abuse or social maltreatments, she still has the heart of a baby. 

    Take a little baby, for instance, no matter the hurt you cause her, with a packet of cookies and a bowl of ice cream, that hurt comes crashing. Likewise, when you treat a stubborn woman in a way that resonates with her, in no time, that rigid heart will turn flexible. 

   There are many reasons a woman may be stubborn to a guy. She may want to take time to recuperate from past hurts, she may not just be ready for a relationship or she dislikes him. But it doesn't really matter. 

Provided you are ready to do things differently, she will give in regardless of her current position. No woman is too stubborn to have a relationship. She just wants you to figure things out. 8 things a single mom wants you to figure out before dating you  

How To Win A Stubborn Woman's Heart: Tips To Melting a Woman's Heart

  Now that we have done some myth smashing, let's see how easy it is to win a difficult woman's heart.    There are four steps to melt the heart of a stubborn woman and make her fall head-over-heels in love with you.  
 1. Know the difference
The very first thing to do to touch and soften her heart is to understand that there is a difference. 

Have you wondered why a mature lady would think you are childish? It is because you act and reason the way you should rather act and reason with a girl.   

 To win a stubborn woman's heart,  you need to know the differences between a girl and a lady. 

    A lady is more focused and directed. Time is not on her side so she can't afford to waste the little she has. That's the reason she's more careful in making choices than a young girl. To melt a woman's unwilling heart even if she doesn't like you or wants a relationship, you have to give her reasons to believe you want something more than just a fling.  

Also considering that she may have gone through a lot in the past, you have to be very patient with her. When she acts unbecomingly, try and calm her. Whenever she asks you not to visit, respect it. Don't ever put her under pressure. It will break her even more and she may begin to resent you.  
2. Be a tough man
It is not a facade that in the world of relationships especially when it is long-term, one way to play safe is trials. 

Asides from hurt from past relationships, sexual abuse or personal dislike, trying the guts and sincerity of a man is another reason a woman may want to act tough. 

Women don't like fowl men—those they can intimidate with a loud " I SAID NO." They want diehard men.  A man who is resilient and ready to break all odds.   

Passing this test is important to her. It makes her see your genuineness, and eagerness to make her yours. That alone gives her a sense of security. This is one thing every woman wants in a man. 

     3. Find the spot

     This is the simplest trick to win a stubborn woman's heart. No matter how adamant she is, Just find the spot, that's all.  If you can find it, you can own her.   

Every woman has a predilection for something. There are one or more things that twinkle the fancy of a difficult lady. If you can find and satisfy her in that area, you can cheaply win her over. For instance, women generally love gifts. Some love quality time and others, affirmations. Whatever it is, just find it. 

   These are a few clues on how to find these spots:   
  1. Ask a friend about her likes
  2. Observe the things she does and how she does them
  3. Take note of what she focuses on during conversations and take advantage of them. For example, she may emphasize a lot about education, ensure you show a great deal of interest.

   4. Be Sensitive With Words
Many men ask, "How do you talk to a stubborn girl? She doesn't seem to be giving in". It could be because you are not sensitive with words. A girl is only as stubborn as you allow her to be. Sometimes the things a man says could make her defensive, the result being that she becomes even more difficult. 

A young girl can easily accept your jokes with words, but not for most mature ladies. They read meaning into everything you say. For instance when you say, " you are pretty. I love pretty women," just know you've lost her.  

How to win a tough girl's heart: Tips Melting a Girl's Heart

how to win a stubborn woman's heart

We are done with winning a stubborn woman's heart.  Are there young guys for damsels in the house? It's time to win a stubborn girl's heart.  

By now, you already know how to capture the hearts of stubborn women. It is the same principle but a different approach.   

Check it out.....      

  1. Know the difference

  A stubborn young girl is quite easy to impress than a stubborn lady. Unlike a woman, a girl does not want an overly mature man. To melt that difficult heart, you have to add jokes, fun, playing and flirting.
  2. Be a tough guy
Young girls are very smart. Often they will want to see the stuff you are made of, as a result, they'll start taking you for granted in a way. For instance, if you are too quiet and illogical, she may want to take you for a fool. If you choose to play the fool, you lose her. But if you can put her in her place, she will respect you. Girls love real men—people they can feel secure with. 

To win a stubborn woman's heart, being a man in control is a necessary tool. Never let a girl perceive you as a fool even if you are the one doing the chasing.   

 3. Find the spot
No matter how tough a girl is, she has a soft spot.  She has that thing that if a man does, she'll give a green light as fast as possible. The good news is, for a difficult girl, it is easier to figure out. A stubborn girl is not as tough as a stubborn woman. You can easily make her fall for you even when she has absolutely no interest in you. 

 4. Be Sensitive With Words

      How do you talk to a stubborn girl? 

You need a mixture of both seriousness and friendliness. Flirt with your words, and you could get her laughing. Also when it's time to get into important discourse, get serious. 

   With a stubborn girl, you don't have to consider your words as you would with a difficult woman. She has more years to throw around so being too careful is not her thing.    

How Do You Make a Stubborn Girl Fall in Love With You?

Wondering how to win a difficult girl's heart?  In addition to all we've discussed, there are a few tips to winning a difficult girl's heart and make her fall in love with you helplessly.  

  1. Don't argue even if she's wrong
  2. Relate with her based on what you know about her: do the things you know she likes. Get her some gifts occasionally
  3. Take her to the movies or for recreational activities of her choice
  4. Tell her a few jokes like, " the best day of my life would be the day you stop being stubborn."
  5. Communicate clearly your intentions to her
  6. Tell her your dreams and how you want a stubborn girl like her to build them with you.

How Do You Make A Girl Interested In You When She's Not: Win A Stubborn Woman's Heart Fast,

To make an unwilling girl interested in you means convincing a stubborn girl to accept your love.   When a girl is not interested in you, a few things can lead to that. Maybe she does not just like you, which if that's the case, the best you can do is let her be. If you pressure her to the point where she says "yes," it could be based on pity. Later on, after you're lovestruck, she may communicate her real feelings which could damage a lot of things.   

On the other hand, if it appears that she's not just interested in a relationship for reasons best known to her, then you can apply all we've said so far to win her.


A stubborn woman desire to be won by pressing the right button on the soil of her heart. To Win her all to yourself, you have to lay hold on the right button by applying all these principles.  


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