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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

73 Fun & Unique First Date Ideas In Winter & Summer For Night & Day


What is a good first date idea?

Mr. Coley went on a first date with a certain young and cute lady. According to him, he had some great first date questions and topics of discussion, along with a few dollars but wondered why the lady never showed any more interest after that day.


I can assure you, the date was boring. Mr. Coley didn't carry along with him, a great first date idea.

Sometimes people don’t know what to do on a first date. As they meet, a few minutes down they are bored and are itching to go back home because they have run out of ideas.


Brainstorming great and unique first date ideas can be very daunting. You have probably exhausted your list of ideas, so I’m not about to ask you to brainstorm any further, because I got you covered.

I have put together these good and fun first date ideas you can do indoors and outdoors, in winter, summer, and at night. Many of them are uncommon, some are daring and others romantic, so keep your eyes wide open.


Below are what to expect in this article;

  1. First date ideas that are free
  2. First date ideas in winter
  3. First date ideas in summer
  4. First dates idea at night
  5. Fun first date ideas


a good first date idea for winter

You don’t have to have all the dollars before you can go for a first date.

There are cheap first date ideas that require an infinitesimal sum. Some are even completely free.

Check them out;

  1. Go on Christian evangelism: All you need is your bible. As Christian partners do this, they get more spiritually connected and build trust as they go out to serve the interest of their kingdom
  2. Do picnics: With a comfortable space and a homemade meal and a few drinks, you can enjoy the day be it indoors or outdoors.
  3. Visit the zoo: Many zoos are free. Some are very cheap. Just visit one to see any animal of your choice.
  4. Have a beach sand date: With or without your beach mat, just visit a beach and play like kids. Take a walk on barefoot, roll over the sand and run your legs out.
  5. Visit the park: A great way to meet other people. Visit a park and enjoy all the fun.
  6. Go to ice skating: I believe you must have a skating board. If you don’t, get one and skate together on the ice.
  7. Crack jokes together: Sitting at home or finding a nice and quiet place to seat and laugh together while teasing each other is a great idea. It helps in building,rejuvenating and sustaining intimacy in a relationship.
  8. Text each other seeing each other: Have you tried sitting beside each other and still texting? Sometimes the mouth needs to keep quiet. Let the text message do the talking.
  9. Go jogging: Go jogging together if you feel there have been accumulated fats. Shed them while jogging, talking, and laughing.
  10. Play truth or dare: Sometimes you don’t have to go out. Just sit at home and play truth or dare. Dare your date to tell you the truth about any question you ask that concerns him or her.
  11. Tell nice and interesting stories: Get a list of great stories centered on deep emotional connections and tell it.
  12. Take a photoshoot together: All you need is your phone. You can take really cute photos and post them on your Facebook timeline.
  13. Play shoot and win: Go to a toy shop, shoot your best shot and win a toy or teddy bear.
  14. Share a campfire: Seat around a fire especially during winter and do your thing. Talk about any incident related to fire you have experienced in the past, as well as other lovely topics.
  15. Play scrabble game: Sit in the balcony of your house and play scrabble or chess together. You can even make a stake to make it more interesting.
  16. Go on a long drive: Do you have a car or a bike? You might want to go on a long drive, explore the environment and learn new things.
  17. Paint together: Paint each other’s image and the best painter wins a prize.
  18. Visit an art gallery: Do you love artistic works? Go check them out.
  19. Sing and dance together: Just at the confines of your home, tune in your dancing shoes and singing voice and entertain yourselves. You don’t have to be shy. All you need is a fun first date idea.
  20. Cook together: This is an avenue to show your culinary skills. Your date might even learn a few things from you. Make crunches, fry chicken, or bake together.




Considering the coolness of winter, many people prefer warming bodies beside a burning fire especially indoors. There are a few fun-first-date-ideas one can still engage in during the winter season.


Check them out!

  1. Read your bible and pray till you sweat: Being a Christian is one of the sweetest experiences. I still remember those days when I and my fiancée used to pray together until we sweated. A Good spiritual exercise that can keep one warm.
  2. Have A Hot Tea Competition: This is winter so grabbing cups of hot tea is a great first date idea in winter. Make it more fun by going out to a coffee shop. The first to finish a cup of hot tea wins.
  3. Go On Winter Hiking:  To hike means to take a long walk. Grab hands, maintain gradual motion and by the time you realize, you have covered quite a distance.
  4. Play Hide and Seek: This is a good indoor date idea. Keep yourselves busy by hiding and let the other do the searching.
  5. Dance and sing together: A great way of building intimacy and a strong bond. It doesn’t matter how nice or annoying your voices are, just do your thing and enjoy the moment.
  6. Lights-Out Affirmation: Sometimes you don’t have to see each other’s faces. Just turn off the lights and affirm each other at the comfort of your home.
  7. Spend The Night At An Arcade: Go purchase your coins and play a variety of different games at an arcade until you are famished.
  8. Catch A Virtual Theatre Performance: Going to a theatre or an art venue can be a bit stressful. You can still tune to music performance, catch a play, or a dance show seated at the comfort of your home.
  9. Catch A Comedy Show Together: Book comedy night’s ticket for two and go laugh out your anxieties.
  10. Go Holiday Shopping: A great first date idea for winter doesn’t have to always be local. You can travel out for shopping.
  11. Make A Delicious Brunch: You don’t have to always eat breakfast or lunch. Sometimes invite a date on a brunch date and combine both meals together.
  12. Seat Around A Fire Camp: As you seat to warm yourself this winter, don’t forget to take along, great stories to tell and jokes to crack.
  13.  Design a gingerbread house:  A gingerbread house is a confectionery shape that is designed like a building. It is usually made of cookie dough sliced and made into roofs and walls of a building.
  14. Go ice-sliding: Get your ice-sliding boots and head over to the ice depot. A good first date idea to take advantage of the winter.
  15. Play the ice hockey game: You won’t know how sweet hockey is until you play it on ice. It doesn’t matter if you can play or not, just keep your body warm and busy. Or go watch those who play.
  16. Play Table Tennis/ Snooker Games Together: Most girls can't play this. It is an opportunity to laugh at her and teach her as well. There is a great deal of fun here.  
  17. Go On A Warm Massage: During winter, a warm massage by a masseur can be a great idea. It keeps the body warm and calms the nerves.
  18. Build A Snowman: This is one way to show your snow-molding ability. Head over the snow and build a snowman together with the massive available snow.
  19. Have An Indoor Picnic: Right in your own home, catch all the picnic fun you need. Bake, cook or place orders;  pies, Scotch eggs, sausage rolls and chicken drumsticks.




a good first date idea for summer

The heat that comes with summer can lower your morale. However, there are a few first date ideas for summer you can leverage to build happiness, confidence, and fun. They’ll keep you calm and help you relieve stress.


  1. Visit An Amusement Park: At the cool of the evening, you may want to visit nice parks like cedar point, Walt Disney, Universal Orlando Resort, Knott’s berry farm, magic kingdom park and many more.
  2. Go Food Hunting: Have you gone on a scavenger hunt? You’ll enjoy it. Take a few dollars and step out from place to place in search of a variety of things to eat; fruits, ice cream, summer sausage, snack crackers, etc.
  3. Go Hiking: Hiking is a long walk. Covering a few kilometers while talking and having fun along the pedestrian lane of a major road is not a bad first date idea in summer. You get to have a more detailed knowledge of the environs.
  4. Go For A Ball Game: Going to a baseball game location in your team’s jersey is a great idea in summer. You have the option of going during the night or day. 
  5. Do boat Riding: It is summer right? Why not go boat riding in shallow, cold water where you can also swim and play like children.
  6. Go To The Pool Side: You have a swimming trunk? Head over to a very nice and big swimming pool where various activities are happening. A great way to learn how to swim or teach a person how to.
  7. Go Racing: If you are a sport person, get a date to learn how to exercise. They’ll appreciate it sooner than you expect. They’ll respect the fact that you inspire them to achieve fitness.
  8. Go Biking: One of the best and exciting ways to exercise is by biking so consider hiring two bikes and drive all day long with your crush.
  9. Play golf together: Go play mini-golf. A gentle game that keeps people talking, drinking, and playing.
  10. Take a walk on the beach: With barefoot on the seashore, take a walk on the beach. It is even more fun if you go closer to the water and run away as the waves roar towards you.
  11. Visit the aquarium: There are lots of aquatic lives you have not seen. Head over to the aquarium to see them. Your date will really like it.
  12. Be a volunteer: To know if a date is compassionate, loving, and caring, suggest a community voluntary service. Search the “ Do It” volunteering database or locate any non-profit organization closer to you.
  13. Go surfing: If you can’t surf yourself, go watch those who can. Ocean surfing is risky but interesting.
  14. Visit the book store: Prove your reading ability. Go to the book store, hire or buy a book or two, and read together. Don’t forget to learn from them.
  15. Visit the winery:  You like wines? How many brands have you tasted? There are so many you would love that you’ve not tried a reason you should visit the winery.
  16. Go see Outdoor movies: If you try out outdoor movie-watching where you have a good number of people seated on a big field like a picnic watching movies, you may not like the idea of going to a cinema anymore.  This is really a good first date idea.




Going out and having fun at night is very interesting. You get to see the beauty of the place and meet a lot of people of similar interests.

Check out the following first date ideas that can be done at night both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Meet at a coffee shop: Do you like coffee or any hot tea? Then locate a shop close to you and cool off with a crush.
  2. Do the moon talking:  Sit under the moon or lay down with faces up, staring at the moon, and bring in meaningful discussions and jokes.
  3. Do fire jumping: This is like a night exercise. Set a little wooden fire in your compound. You can play childishly. Jump over it or sit and talk in the cool of the evening.
  4. Have a candlelight dinner:  Like I said, you don’t have to go out. With lights off and candles on, you can enjoy dinner in the confines of your home.
  5. Watch scary movies at night: One best way to feel dependent on the other person is to watch scary zombie movies at night close to the love of your life. It will create an opportunity to succor and calm each other.
  6. Take a night walk: Holding hands and taking a stroll is a cute first date night idea.
  7. Read all night at the library: Night reading is fun. Take enough naps before going to the library. While others are slipping, you guys are about self-development.
  8. Do a night beach: Have you visited a beach at night before? The breeze alone is enough fun so be ready to cuddle.
  9. Home night picnic: If you have a big field in your compound, you may want to have a picnic at night.
  10. Attend a night stand-up comedy show: Buy tickets for two and go laugh yourselves out. Laughter keeps longer.
  11. Play games together: What’s your favorite game? If you have any, then take advantage of it.  




Many people ask, “what is a good first date idea?” what are the most fun first date ideas one can indulge in?

If it looks like you have not had fun in a while and you really want to go overboard with having fun on a first date, below are a few good ideas you need to try.

  1. Play Rain play: This is funny but can build a great friendship bond that will last. When next the rain falls, ask her to play with you under the rain. You can sing, dance, run, and play baseball together. Just make sure you are having fun.
  2. Ride on a horse: you need to see the fright in her eyes as you sit next to her on a running horse. Laugh at each other’s fears if you're riding for the first time.
  3. Attend a poetry rendering show: there are many open mic poetry shows you can attend. If you have a great poetic idea, consider composing one to wow your date.
  4. Go fish together: Get your fishing tools and a hand paddling boat just for two. You don’t always have to buy a fish. You can fish together and cook together.
  5. Visit tourist attractions: There are so many places to go within and outside your state or nation.  Visiting such places is a great way to add fun and excitement to your first date.
  6. Go on long switch driving: Going on a long drive while switching drivers at different intervals is a good fun first-date idea. You both must know how to drive mind you.
  7. Paint together: Allow yourselves paint each other and evaluate your performance. Laugh at each other’s paintings if you have to and swap them. It keeps memories alive.


I have come to discover that, any marriage or relationship that lacks excitement and fun is heading for destruction.

These are all good first date ideas for winter and summer that can be done indoors or outdoors, so try as much as you can to add all the fun and excitement that you need.



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