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Sunday, October 17, 2021


What A Man Wants In A Woman

The question as to what a man wants in a woman is probably the most asked question in contemporary relationships. And the reason this is is that most men still cheat after willingly marrying the woman of their dreams whom they pledge to love and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health and even until death.  

This article not only explains what a man needs in his wife or a woman but also afford women the opportunity to learn how to keep a man from cheating.  Learning to keep your man from cheating is on the list of a few things needed to make your marriage last. 
Things men desire in women

Why Should I Satisfy A Man's Need In A Relationship?

While most men cheat habitually, the vast majority of them do so because their wives really do not know what they want. And how can you satisfy him except you know the set of qualities he pants for in you? 

   I discovered that when it is just a relationship, partners learn to understand and satisfy each other's needs. But after marriage, they tend to deviate somewhere along the line. Many women allow the burden and activities of marriage to eat up that part of their lives that their husbands really admire. Consequently, good husbands become bad. They now go about admiring intelligent, sexy, well dressed and playful women. Can you see the reason you need to look out for what your husband needs and satisfy it?    
If understanding a man and satisfying his needs during courtship could make you a wife, the lack of it now that you are married could also make you an ex-wife. However, if you must keep your husband from cheating on you, you must have to think in terms of singleness.  

Most women assume that they have all it takes to satisfy and keep a man so they get married with such a mindset only to discover it was all a delusion.    

 It is risky to marry someone with the assumption that you have everything he or she would need in marriage. It is not right. People are different, so do their needs and desires.    

Some of the things a man wants in his wife I have revealed in this article are general. They are for married folks feeling unloved and uncared for, and also for all singles intending to become responsible wives.   Some of the qualities a man wants his woman to have are:  

  1. Intelligence
One major thing a man desires in a woman he wants to marry is intelligence. He may initially be driven by a woman's sexiness or good looks but in the long run, things like this won't keep him.  

Beyond physical beauty, a man likes an asset for a wife, not a liability. This is why an illiterate man would die to marry a literate woman.  

Some of the ways a man can assess an intelligent woman are by her intellectual contribution in discussions, her suggestions, and ideas, her approach to life and her standards and values.  

  1. Purpose-Driven
After intelligence, comes purpose. Are you purpose-driven? Because another vital thing a man wants in a woman is a clear vision and direction. A man wants a woman who has a reason for living and not just existing. He wants a woman who he can lead and support through life and not those that seat at home and demand money for everything. Dependency is not what a man looks for in a woman.  

The curative for over-dependence, slothfulness, and desperation in a relationship is a purpose-driven life. The more reason you have for living, the more valuable you make yourself in the scheme of things, the more a man begins to value you and in the end, marry you.  

Desperation is another character that scares men away. The easiest way to lose a man is to show him how desperate you are about marriage, money, and extravagant lifestyles when in fact; you should be pursuing your dreams.
  1. Understanding
More than anything else, a husband Wants an understanding wife. In general, whether married or in a relationship, every man needs a woman who is very cooperative by how well they understand things. Understanding breeds peace and happiness which is a man’s utmost desire in life.    

The goldmine of understanding is that it's easier to break a relationship with someone who satisfies you sexually than it is with someone who understands you completely.   

Learning how to communicate effectively is one of the ways to foster understanding.
  1. High Moral Values
Another key thing a man looks for in a girl he wants to make a wife are moral values.   

I’m not surprised at the level of decrease in the number of marriage ceremonies we experience these days. It is because the world is losing moral values by the day.   

As surprising as it may seem, even a man of low moral values wants to marry a woman of high moral standards. It is therefore the primary duty of a woman to promote her moral virtues.  

One way to promote your moral value is to be real with your opinions, your suggestions, and your advice. That means, support a man when he is right and correct him when he is wrong. You should never support a man’s evil deeds because you want to please him to marry you. You may not know this, but men notice such an attitude.  

   When you behave appropriately and responsibly by discouraging a man's negative actions, his pride may not admit it, but the thought of you beclouds his heart. He takes note of all your moral values and will seldom violate the standards you keep. For the most part, he will take you seriously because he knows you are the only one who mean well for them. 

He will not only respect and prefer you. He will worship the ground you walk on.  

  1. Physical Attractiveness
You can joke with everything with a man but never joke with your looks. You know the saying, “men are moved by what they see.” The way you look and carry yourself is one primary virtue a man want from a woman in a relationship. Most women complain their husbands don't have sex or share intimate moments with them. It could be due to how you look physically. A husband can easily resist an unsexy wife.  

Some men may not have the courage to tell you how shapeless you have become for the fear of hurting you. Some like me, are very open and will look into your eyes and let you know straight away.  Never allow that to happen.  

Start taking care of your body. Cut down on your cabs and visit the gym. Whatever you have to do to look good, do it if you want to become what every man wants in a woman.    

What A Man Wants In A Woman In Bed

  This is strictly for married couples. There are many things a woman can do to begin to win a man's attention in bed. There are  20 fun things a couple can do in bed to please each other, but beyond that, a man wants a sexy wife in a sexy nightgown. Sometimes, he wants breakfast in bed. At other times, he could desire to joke, play around and hear sweet stories. If you can dance as well, it can be an added advantage.  

What are the top 5 things a man looks for in a woman?

  There are many things men look for in women. Some are general, and some, unique depending on the man.

  In my opinion and based on research, most men desire the following as top-five priorities in their wives  
  1. Respect: Respect makes men feel manly and in control
  2. Maturity: Maturity communicates how peaceful and understanding a woman can be under certain circumstances.
  3. Physical beauty: Good looks make men feel they're on top of the world and can introduce you to anyone.
  4. Great sex: Great sex keeps men sexually satisfied all the time and makes them want to come back home quickly from wherever they've travelled to.
  5. God-fearing: though this should be the most important thing a man should desire, many people don't even consider it when making relationship decisions. This is why I mentioned it last. Because this is missing in many marriages, divorce has become a frequent occurrence.

What a Man Wants In a Woman Physically

Physical attraction is the first thing men many men, including clergies, look out for. When they are drawn closer by looks, they begin to consider more important things. This is why the way a woman looks physically matters a lot.   

A woman's attractiveness acts as a magnetic force that pulls men to her. However, it is not every appearance that triggers a man's interest. A woman who is nude or dresses indecently, can't attract a responsible man for marriage. Also when she looks too decent or should I say, local in appearance, men are scared as well.   

Physically, a man wants a woman who is modest in her dressing, who knows how to take care of her body. 

What A Man Desires Most In A Woman

Amongst everything we've seen, respect and understanding are what a man wants most in a woman. Many women are willing to give sex, but only a few are willing to understand and respect. While sex is important to men, beyond it, they need a woman who can create a peaceful environment where love and happiness can thrive.   

Take Away Quote 

The world is almost empty of marriage celebrations because too many women have become eat-meat rather than help-meet and men have become abusers rather than nurturers. 


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