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Friday, August 28, 2020

3 Dangerous Types Of Dating In The 21st Century & One Best Type



Different types of dating have been defined by different people. Most people only talk and write about the positive aspects, but seldom talk about the negative ones and the debilitating impact they can have on people. 


We cannot say we have fully grasped something we do not know its negative and positive dimensions. 


 In this article, I revealed what many people are silent about; the 3 types of dating in the 21st-century everyone must avoid.


types of dating

 You will also learn about the safest and most important types of dating.


Do you also know that there are different dating types to enable you meet a new match?


Let’s check them out as well….


The following areas are covered.

  • 3 dangerous types of dating
  • The best and safest types
  • 7 dating types to help you meet a new match
  • Reasons people should date



Many years ago people dated and enjoyed dating because they dated with the same mindset and goal in mind which is; looking for the right person of which they succeeded.


But dating this time around is different. It is characterized by disappointments, excessive gratifications, pains, and compromise and hasn't done much to create the needed satisfaction humanity longs for.



There are five types of dating people go into which I have depicted below, but the first three are dangerous and can be deadly.


1. Pleasure Dating


Danger: Hinders self-development.


This is the kind of dating where two people who are fond of each other do a lot of things together. They can go see movies, do picnics, travel on tour, and even have weekend getaways.


Commitment is less in this type and expectations are low. They may or may not call each other every day because they are not obligated to and no one has the right to complain.


Sometimes, pleasure daters cross the boundaries into having sexual intimacy and romance which may result in unwanted pregnancy even though they have no intention of getting married.



The danger of pleasure dating is, since the two people involved date for the fun of it, they rarely attend to more important things with their time since the most part of it is dispensed on catching fun. As, a result, the chances of engaging in more product and self-development activities are greatly hindered. 


Also, someone who dates another for fun may have a serious date already; as a result, stand the risk of losing a genuine and more important person in their lives which ultimately can keep one unmarried for a very long time. There is  "The right way to date if you want to be married"

2. Survival Dating


Danger: Death, losses and moral compromise



The 21st century comes with a lot of challenges which are majorly economical. The world is now a global village for survival of the fittest. When anyone feels he or she is not fit enough to survive the right way, they do it the wrong way.


What point am I trying to make? The vast majority of people date to survive. They don't like you, they are not looking forward to a future with you; all they need from you is your credit card. 

types of dating


Though men are guilty of this type of dating, women are particularly renowned for it.


This dating type comes with a lot of consequences. It breaks homes; separates couple, and destroys the destiny of children who may suffer the aftermath of a divorce that may arise when married couples are involved.



Dating for survival is the riskiest of all.  It can get so violent that one is killed or disfigured by acid splash especially if the person you are dating is either married or is dating someone else who is an insane jealous lover.

3. Sex Dating


Danger: Unwanted pregnancy and STD’s



Do you know people date for sex?  I think I am too polite. Put another way, do you know people who are already in a serious relationship or are married, date other people just for sexual pleasure?


types of dating

Many years ago before I started following Christ, I used to date a girl who had a guy she was to get married to. On one of those days, one thing led to another and we made love. After that sex, she told me she was contemplating breaking up with the guy. When I asked why, she said, “what we had was the kind of sexual experience she always craved for that the other guy was boring in bed.”


You see what I mean? This is just a part of the many proves that people date just for sexual gratification. 


Married women, married men, young boys, and girls, teenagers, everyone craves good sex and if they don't get it, they seek it elsewhere.



People who embrace this kind of dating must be ready to dance to its deadly tune such as unwanted pregnancy, abortion, loss of womb, STD's, and even death.


The following are the best dating types. They come along with a great deal of fun as well. They seek the best for each other and have many positive sides and objectives.


 1. Marriage Dating


Do you want to be married? Are you asking questions like, why is he taking long to propose? How can a woman get a man to marry her? How do I get him to love me?


 If these are some of the questions you ask, the answer is quite simple—you do not know how to date for marriage.

The 3 posts below are detailed enough to help you with dating and finding true love.    

"How to date if you must be married"

 "What every woman wants in a man." 

 "What every man wants in a woman."



People who date for marriage have clear expectations of each other. They are on one mission—character exploration.

Tim and Olive blog in their article, 
" 4 types of dating" called marriage dating, dating to decide.

Indeed no other diction can be better than this. People dating for marriage are actually dating to decide. They do so by using your attitudes, actions, words, and even disposition as yardsticks.


Marriage dating is in two parts—dating to get married and dating after marriage.



I have come to realize that couples who date even after marriage may likely never cheat.  This so true because one of the things that kill a marriage relationship is the lack of fun. 


Dating can be a very sweet and simple way to add fun, build a deeper intimacy, and add excitement to a marriage relationship.




2. Business Dating


Have you ever met someone who shares the same dreams, ideas, desires, and has the same business perspective as you? You may likely be drawn naturally to date such a person over and over again.


When two people whose ideology and values for business align, they often meet to share ideas and look for the best way forward. Over time, such people can build trust, pull resources together, and start up a business after some level of trust is established. 


This is the breakdown In this type of dating; People  meet on a day, discover a common business interest, schedule a series of dating appointments, build trust over time, combine resources, invest, and earn.


Whether you are just getting out of a failed relationship or just tired of being single, there are ways you can get to meet a new match.  


One thing to bear in mind is, these various platforms to help you find a match were never designed to make any decisions for you. They just serve as meeting points for people. You have to make your choice by first understanding how to date to find the right partner.



The power to know who is right for you lies in what you already know about finding the right person.


Here are 7 types of dating to help you meet someone new;



Speed date was designed to allow you meet many people one at a time. It runs on an allotted time with someone and when that time elapses as indicated by an alarm, another person is sent to your table.


The idea of speed dating is that one can have several short dates with many people in just one day.


To be successful in speed dating, you have to make the most out of the little fragment of time allocated to you. You might get ten or fifteen minutes with one person before the next person is sent to your table.



The disadvantages of speed dating are;

  1. It comes with too much pressure due to the very little time allotted to impress a person.
  2. You might also lose the right partner for the wrong one whose great social skills caught your attention.
  3. One might be perceived as being desperate


Online dating is the most popular dating types in recent years with many internet match-making websites available.

In this kind of dating, people use online websites or applications to find other singles who are also interested in dating.

Like Victoria Millan said in her post,"  Types of dating in the modern age"


In the western world “going steady” is steadily becoming a thing of the past. The worldwide web has opened up communication to a point where relationships begin entirely over the internet and the couple doesn’t meet until they’ve already begun “dating”.


What Millan said is actually what is prevalent in this computer age and forms the reason there seems to be a clear shift from the real intent of dating, resulting In disappointments and heartbreaks.


No doubt, there are a lot of people who have found true love and life partners through online dating, but not without its own fault as well.

The disadvantages of online dating are;

  1. One can be perceived as being desperate.
  2. They are infamous for finding someone to hook up with. No intentions of a serious relationship.
  3. Scammers and dishonest people use it for their selfish ambition.


The name says it all.

In this type of dating to find a match, you go out with someone you are totally oblivion of.


In blind dating, you don’t know the person, you have not seen the person and in extreme cases, you don’t even communicate with the person until the scheduled date.

It usually happens when friends try to set up two persons that they believe may make a great match for each other.


The disadvantages are;

  1. It is a little bit awkward because you don’t know who you are expecting
  2. People involved  maybe disappointed when they finally meet
  3. Not good for people who have a high preference for looks




Have you ever gone out on a date and you bring a group of friends who are single but probably don’t know each other? Then you have double-dated.

A couple might invite some friends to the beach, mall and party just to hang out and have fun with the intention of match-making their invitees.

This is one of the best ways to match potential partners. Many people have become couples by being set up by their friends in this fashion.


The disadvantages are;

  1. The match-making couple may become a bad influence on the relationship, if they are bad.
  2. It gives no room for those who wants to find their partner all by themselves.
  3. There are Interferences by a third party




This can also be called, “dating to test.” This is what many people who have more than one potential suitor do. They date multiple people without any serious involvement or strings attached just so that they can finally settle with the one they think is right.

The disadvantages are;

  1. Some people date casually just to satisfy their sexual desires and have fun.
  2. Casual dating can leave one in a state of confusion since you have to make a choice amongst multiple people.
  3. The chances of developing affection with many persons are high.
  4. May damage your reputation if not handled properly
  5. Is not very advisable if you are in search of true love





Most people don’t like the idea of going on a date alone or just with one person, hence the need for a group date.


Group dating is a situation where an equal number of single guys and girls go out together on a date.  Sometimes, this number may not be even, but it only makes sense if it is.

Everyone on a group date will hang out somewhere, sometimes in pairs getting to know each other better.

It can be a great avenue to meet someone you can date on a more personal, one-on-one level.


The disadvantages are;

  1. Most people see group dating as a fun thing, not love-finding thing.
  2. It can build an emotion that may never be satisfied.
  3. May lead to unfaithfulness when those who are already in a relationship begin to find others attractive.
  4. May create an avenue for relationship and marriage issues.




This is the end goal of dating for many people. It is a very intentional type of dating where two people are exclusively dating each other in the hope that a serious relationship which may culminate in marriage will emerge.


 The idea of casually dating multiple people may not be appealing to most people. In such a case, committed or serious dating becomes the next best option.

The disadvantages are;

  1. If heartbreak occurs, it is usually very deteriorating and may even lead to suicidal thoughts.
  2. There are high expectations that may not completely be met.
  3. There is the risk of hatching all eggs in one basket.




 Some of the benefits one can derive from choosing the right type of dating and dating the right way are;

  1.   Dating helps discover common grounds for compatibility
  2. Dating helps one meet people of like minds, values, ideologies, and common interest
  3.  Dating can be a starting point for a long-lasting relationship and lifetime commitment
  4.  Dating can be a good ground for business initiative
  5. Dating the right people can be uplifting. It can be a source of encouragement, assistance, and special favors.
  6. Dating can help one heal from emotional traumas, heartbreaks, and disappointments
  7. Dating can help build a lifetime friendship
  8. Dating can save one the many stress of wrong relationships
  9. Dating serves as a learning point and a place to build good relational skills
  10. Dating makes one wiser and smarter in making marital decisions and in building genuine friendship.





A huge number of people make a lot of mistakes when dating because they lack an understanding of the purpose of the different types of dating that will enable them to make informed decisions.


Isn't it only wise to know that an understanding of the danger that comes along with something makes it logical enough to arm oneself from it?




  1.      Understanding the negative, not just the positive side of a thing is the key to total freedom.
  2.      The 21st century has affected a lot of things; a wrong dating mentality born by erroneous ideology is one of them.


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