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Thursday, April 14, 2022

15 Smart Ways To Date Without Getting Into A Relationship

How To Date Without Getting Into A Serious Relationship

Have you ever met someone you like, but don't want a serious relationship with? Sometimes, people meet a person they really love to have a serious relationship with but do not due to fear of uncertainty.  Instead, they prefer to just date casually without getting into a relationship. In other words, they prefer no strings attached for a couple of various reasons.    

If you are in this category of people, this is the article that will make a huge difference. I have enlisted 25 casual ways to date smartly without getting into a serious relationship.  

how to date casually without getting involved

What Is Dating Without A Relationship?

There are different types of dating. People date for a couple of different reasons based on individual desires and agreements. One of such reasons is to assess marital compatibility before getting into a life-long relationship.  

On the other hand, folks also date just for the fun of it, Or for any other reasons other than being emotionally attached and committed in a relationship. This is called, “dating without getting into a relationship.”  

Can You Date Someone Without Being In A Relationship

 “ Can you date without wanting a relationship?” It seems to me like a lot of people, specifically, women, don’t think this is possible. I can relate to such concerns though. They are too emotional so can't imagine having a date without any serious emotional attachment.  

The answer remains YES! You can date someone and not be in a relationship. It all balls down to what you want.   

Though it is possible to date casually without emotional attachments, it is not automatic. You have to have a DTR( Define the relationship). DTR is like your guide and guard. It is your road map of do’s and don'ts as the relationship proceeds. This is what actually puts your emotions in constant check.    If you don't set this guiding compass and commit to following it, you may turn your casual relationship into a serious one in no time.  

How To Date casually Without Getting Into A Relationship (Things you need to know)

Do you intend dating but not looking for a relationship? There are rules you must abide by. YES! There are a few laws to dating casually if you desire not to suffer heartbreaks. But there is something more imperative you have to take note of. Actually a question you have to answer: “Is casual dating for you?” 

 Every now and then you find everyone you know hooking up with someone and you feel it’s a tide you have to slide with too. Should you just go ahead and do it because others do? Always, before you make a decision,  learn to ask yourself if something is right for you or not. 

 There is no gain in frolicking around or going on multiple casual dates just because others are doing it, especially when you don't feel like it. 

 With this in mind, let us assess some of the advantages and disadvantages of going on a date without getting into a relationship.  This will help you weigh your options so you can make an informed decision.  

Advantages And Disadvantages  of learning how to date casually without getting attached

  Everyone does have his/her degree of comfort when it comes to the subject of commitment. Some people desire commitment, and others run from it. So, before you start to figure out how to date without getting into a serious relationship, you may have to sincerely take out some time to find what the pros and cons are before moving down this lane. 


Here are some pros to knowing how to date casually without getting attached or being involved in a full-blown relationship.

  1. You won't Have To Cage Your Options
Probably you come across someone you like. This person strikes your fancy, but perhaps, you don’t like them enough to get committed. There is no drive, inner belief and conviction that they are the kind of people you would like to spend the rest of your life with, though you enjoy their company. 

 Since it's casual dating, you are at the vantage of keeping your fingers crossed for the right person. With such an uncommitted, unattached relationship, you don’t have to sacrifice your needs just to satisfy a person who is not the man or woman of your dreams.

  1. You Could Build Strong Friendship
Every dating that doesn’t end in a serious relationship does not have to sour. Great friendship can be built, instead. We must not cultivate that mentality that everyone we meet or go out on dates with must be our lover or a life partner. Sometimes, true friendship is better than a committed relationship. Casual dating can be more fun, peaceful and refreshing than a serious relationship.  

  1. There Is Diversified Attention
There are much better options than being in a romantic relationship. No doubt, serious relationships are good. But they don’t have to be the prime thing that revolves around your life. 

 Luckily, when you are dating someone casually, you have the chance to focus your energy, attention and worries on other areas. Instead of vesting your entire time in one person, find ways to date without getting into a relationship. 

You can take cooking classes, find a hobby, sign up for a vocation, and travel. Better still, register for dance, drama or singing classes. In a nutshell, just find ways to find happiness.  

4. You Can Be Your Own Best Friend   

 By being in a casual relationship, you have the opportunity to become your own best friend. It affords you the chance to meet the single most important person in your life, “ YOU.”

 Many people don’t like being alone. Look how bad it is: Some people would rather be in a bad relationship than be in no relationship

For instance, I counselled a guy who told me how in love he was with a certain girl. According to him, he paid the girl's fees and catered for her basic needs. In spite of all these, the girl did not love him and he still was afraid to lose her. It is clear he hates himself to the point he doesn’t want to be alone with himself. He can't imagine a life outside this girl. 

 If you are like this man who dislikes being alone, it will be very difficult for you to date someone casually.

  1. Freedom From Sexual Pressure
This is a key advantage of learning how to date without getting into a relationship.   Isn’t it funny how people in a relationship think they are sexually obligated to each other just because they are in a serious relationship? Some people even threaten to end the relationship when one partner denies sex. They conclude that it is their right to be intimately and romantically involved.  

 But when it’s a relationship without any strings attached, you can boldly deny sex until when the time is right: after marriage. 


There are two sides to anything in life. Dating casually is no exception. There are some disadvantages to dating casually without getting attached and intimately involved. 

Check them out...

1. It Is Emotionally Frustrating

When dating someone without any intention of committing, sometimes it can become emotionally frustrating. You may feel some level of emotional loneliness since your emotions are not supposed to get entangled. 

 When you’re in a casual relationship, you actually enter into self-agreement to annihilate any form of affection or deep emotional connection. This is the reason it is called CASUAL. 

Sadly, if you’re the kind of person who gets attached cheaply, this type of dating might not work for you. It is only serious relationships that afford people the chance to develop mutual feelings for each other.   

2. High Possibility Of Developing Feelings 

 Even though we have the power to control our emotions, we can’t control the development of our emotions. While dating without getting into a serious relationship, have an open mind that anything can happen. 

Your emotions can develop to the point that it breaks those self-implanted walls that resist you from being affectionate. When this happens, you may begin to consider a serious relationship and kiss your casual dating goodbye. 

 There is a bad side to this. Whether it is you or the other person, things can get very bad when there is a mutual agreement that forbids a serious relationship. You may feel rejected which could lower your self-esteem.
  1. There Is No Sense Of Responsibility Or Obligation
For those who don’t like being responsible for another person, here is your goldmine.  You don’t have to feel it’s your duty to buy her cream, clothes, shoes or give her some pocket money. 

 Unfortunately, sometimes, you may want the person you are dating to be there for you when you need someone to talk to, confide in or provide certain aid. 

   Maybe you just rented an apartment and the WC is bad and you need someone to help you out.  But when dating someone casually, they are not responsible for you, so are not obligated to do any of those things for you. 

This is what you need to put up with if you desire to date without getting into a relationship.   

4. There Is No Guarantee 

 You might be all lost in the assumption that you will have a date every weekend, but you can’t completely rely on the people you date casually. 

 For instance, it may sound awkward asking your casual date to accompany you to an event that couples usually go to together. It could cause some confusion and lead to dissatisfaction. 

They may never agree especially when there is mutual consent to keep things casual and unattached.   

5. Undefined Expectations

YES! It is true you are just casually dating someone, but what exactly are the boundaries for you? What rules and regulations govern your friendship? Is it leading to something serious in the near future?  And How often will you see each other? 

 You have to be open enough in communication so as to be as clear and specific as possible. 

Sadly, expectations can be very hard to manage. In spite of that, it is better if both parties are on the same page. 

15 Ways To Date Casually Without Getting Into A Serious Relationship

How to keep a relationship casual when he/she wants to be serious. 

Dating someone Casually may seem easy, but it's actually not. We’re emotional feelers. You can’t just padlock your feelings and expect they will remain so forever. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t casually date? 

You can still date without any romantic attachment or emotional involvement, but you have to be prepared. If you want to date and not be in a serious relationship without knowing the consequences, you may really get hurt. No one wants that to happen.   

But today is your lucky day. I’m going to help you out and teach you how to date casually without getting attached. 

1. Determine How Ready You Are 

 Sometimes people get into casual dating in search of a sex partner or someone to help them curb pains from a past relationship. In the real sense, they are not ready for casual dating. They just desire someone to help them get over the hurts of a bad relationship. This can be a huge disaster in the future. 

 To leverage the bright sides of a casual relationship, you have to decide beforehand how ready you are for it. You have to make sure your decision is not motivated by selfish reasons. And you have to map out a blueprint for navigating the relationship.   

  1. Be On The Same Page
To date without getting into a relationship, you have to be upfront. Before you set out to date casually, ensure they’re on the same page and desire the same things as you. To do this, communication is the key. It is better to be upfront from the beginning, and be as clear as possible so that everyone knows what he/she is getting into. 
  1. Don’t  Overthink Things
Are you still wondering how to date someone casually without getting emotionally attached? 

Just do not overthink things. It is a mutual agreement to become casual dates, meaning you are both left to do your own thing your own way. Don’t ponder over the other person’s actions. Refuse to feel like butterflies are moving in your tummy. Stop remembering how fun and caring they are. Just do your thing, leave and forget you ever went out on a day.
  1. Define Your Limits
Casual dates are supposed to have fun, and go their separate ways until they meet again. However, going on another date doesn’t have to be on schedule. This is particularly true for very emotional women. They need to set such limits so that they have enough time alone to release the affection they’ve built over the last date.

 Spending time consistently with a casual date can lead to something more serious than you think. It could turn your casual dating into a serious emotional relationship. The more you see them, the more likely you’ll get into a serious relationship.

5. Don’t Over-Chat 

 You are free to discuss when you go out on dates, but afterwards, you should not be spending the rest of your time on social media chatting or texting each other. Your relationship is not supposed to be anything above casual. 

6. Keep It Dark 

 Don't tell your casual dates your deep secrets. Keep the conversation simple and straightforward. 

 Saying things like, “I had a hectic day at work,” is ok. But sharing your family history, past relationships or asking questions that are very personal is crossing the line. Your dark secret could become public property.

  1. Enact Your Rules
Rules are not exciting. They are difficult to follow but need to be in place. The reason is that rules simplify life. If you can obey them, they can be a great source of blessing, peace and satisfaction. 

 We are dealing with feelings here. For that, you need all the emotional control you can get. To make it easy, make rules to help police your affection. They are a good source of do’s and don’ts. 

 You don’t want to get attached, so rules are a good way to draw the boundary line. Set boundaries such as:

  • No sleepovers
  • There will be no sex
  • Never going to kiss
  • Dating frequency( every two weeks, monthly etc.)
This is very important when you are learning how to date casually without getting attached.

  1. Detach If Feelings Develop
Understand that we are humans. Though setting rules will help, however, there is a high chance that you might still catch the feelings. 

The minute you feel like you desire something more than a casual relationship, talk to your partner. It could be mutual, or not. You two can both reach an agreement as to the way forward. 

 But, if the feeling is not mutual, it is advisable you detach and go your way before you make a fool of yourself. 

9. Be Sincere 

 You have to be sincere in any relationship. You know the popular saying, “honesty is the best policy.” 

 This is only a casual affair. You both are totally in sync with what is going on.  But, if you’re not honest and open, especially about your feelings and wants, it may end badly.

 But who should you be honest to? Yourself and your partner.   

 If you start to develop some feelings or want an end to casual dating, don’t be a child. Inform your partner.

  1. Possess a Zero Expectation Mentality
Expect nothing from your casual date. It makes you immune to hurt. In casual dating, you have no right to be jealous and demanding. Expect absolutely nothing even money. You cannot go into casual dating expecting something serious to happen. 

11. Ensure To Multi-date 

 To avoid getting attached, date other people. Doing this will keep things simple as your attention will be diversified. This is one way to curtail your high expectations of a person. 

12. Don’t Be Futuristic 

 If you want to really date without getting into a relationship, keep everything in the present. Don’t have any future plans mapped out with this fellow. You can plan a couple of days ahead but keep things simple and without any sense of obligation.   

 Living in the NOW is a mindset you must have when casually dating someone.   

13. Analyze Your Feelings 

 After much dating, consult with your feelings occasionally to make sure they are still within the safe zone. 

The common mistake casual daters make is engaging with things that build feelings but never making time to analyze the state of their emotions. After a while, they fall in love and wonder how come.

 It is better to monitor and guard your feelings than it is to try to break them off after they're already developed. 

14. Be Your Own Best friend

Never seek to derive satisfaction from anybody other than yourself and God. Anyone else that’s your source of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction will rule your life and mess with your feelings. 

 Sometimes, take yourself out on a date, learn how to love yourself and derive your own self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. 

You actually train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.  

15. Accept Your Fate

You may have learnt how to date without getting into a relationship, but along the line discovered it wasn't for you. No hassle! Don’t feel bad or think you are an alien. You are a complete human and there are others like you. Accept your fate. 

Instead of trying out casual dating, look for those whose desires resonate with you and begin a serious relationship.   


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