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Friday, March 18, 2022

3 Quick Things To Do When Communication Breaks In Marriage

What To Do When Communication Breaks In Marriage

They say communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. For me, That's not always true. Beyond communication, the attitude of those involved is more important than communication. This is because, I discovered that no matter how involved a married couple is in communication if they are sentimental and noncompliant, their communication will prove ineffective. This ineffectiveness and inadequacy in communication is the reason I want everyone in a relationship to know what to do when Communication Breaks In Marriage. Actually, 3 Quick Things To Do When Communication Breaks In Marriage.  
How to restore broken communication in marriage

What Is Communication In A Relationship?

Communication is simply information transmission between two or more people with the sole intent that all parties involved fully understand the intended message and respond with the intended feedback. 

  There are three main parts to communication: the sender, the channel and the receiver. It is when the sender's message is decoded and understood by the receiver, with appropriate feedback or reply that we say communication is complete.    

There are various forms of communication such as verbal, written and nonverbal communication.  

   In an official environment, verbal and written communication methods are common. But in a relationship of love and intimacy, it is the verbal and nonverbal communication methods that are common. It is actually the nonverbal method of communication such as gestures, body language and signs that really shows if a couple is truly best friends of each other. Anybody can talk and understand each other, but only truly intimate couples can understand each other's body language and gesticulations.

The importance of communication cannot be overstated. It is communication that can save your marriage when all else is against it. If there is hidden trouble and ill-feeling in the heart, it is adequate communication that can expose them and help clear the air.

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What Causes a Lack of Communication In a Relationship?

  Lack of communication, also called communication break down is unhealthy in a relationship. When Communication Breaks down, a marriage suffocates. It's only a matter of time, before divorce sets in. However, a knowledge of the causes of lack of communication will help curb the chances of it occurring.  

Here are some of the major causes of communication barriers in marriage:

  1. Infidelity: when a married couple becomes unfaithful to each other, they begin to lag behind in communication because they always spend time with someone else.
  2. Career: Sometimes career couples can travel for weeks for work purposes. Some of them preoccupy themselves with work even when they are at home.
  3. Misunderstanding: part of the job of communication is to solve the problem of misunderstanding. But when a couple is unwilling to understand each other, a Communication breakdown can result. For single guys seeking to win that stubborn girl's heart, it is communication that can help achieve that in no time. 
  4. Disagreement: arguments and quarrels are the commonest ways communication Breaks down in marriage.
  5. Incompatibility: when a couple is not compatible, they find it difficult to flow in communication. 
  6. Personality type: A partner who is phlegmatic or an introvert, can hinder the possibility of effective communication. 

What To Do When Communication Breaks Down In Marriage

  There are 4 quick things to do to fix broken communication in marriage.

  1. Find It
Straight to the point, you have to find out a few things about the reason for the breaks in communication. Find out:  
  • What was communication like before the sudden break? If communication was intimate and intensive before, then something is definitely wrong now.
  • What is the likely reason for the sudden break? Was there a misunderstanding? Is it workload, infidelity or just a mood swing? Could it be that there are some reservations a couple has about each other due to hearsay or cheap gossip?

      2. Discuss It 

The next thing to do when communication breaks down in marriage is to discuss it. This is where partners have to engage in a heartful, intimate and sincere conversation. 

The most frustrating thing about communication is when a partner is not willing to open up. Have you ever asked a question and all you get is silence? That really hurts and annoying at the same time. That is not what you want to do here.   

The discussion phase is dedicated to quality, heart-pouring communication. Not the usual superficial YES and NO answer.    

While discussing, it is imperative to realize that a partner who really wants to end the relationship may not want to open up. They would want to frustrate you by their silence to the point you give up and call it a quit. Sometimes, there are no occasions that should warrant broken communication. If a partner is not bold enough to end the relationship, he or she may thwart all efforts of restoring communication back into the marriage by being silent.    

how to restore a broken communication in marriage

On the other hand, a couple who truly desire to act to restore communication when it breaks in their Marriage will do everything within their powers to see things work again.   Some of the questions in point 1 can be addressed during communication.           

3. Manage It

After finding it and discussing it, it is time to manage it. There is no way a couple who really wants to fix the problem of lack of communication in their relationship, who engage in quality conversation can't find the reason for their communication break down. The moment a couple comes to terms with the root cause of their broken communication, it is time to manage it.     

Is it stress from work, quarrels, misunderstanding, infidelity? This is the time to manage the situation and ensure it doesn't reoccur. don't forget, unsentimental communication is the key.   

What Happens When Communication Breaks Down In Marriage

  God created us as relational entities. For this to happen, communication is paramount and therefore a non-negotiable requirement in our relationship with one another.  

Communication is so imperative to the extent even the deaf and dumbs are not left out.  Educationists have defined ways to communicate with the deaf and dumbs, just to avoid communication breakdown and get them involved in daily activities.   

When Communication Breaks In marriage or when there is any kind of barriers, a lot can go wrong in a short while: For instance, there can be:

  1. Distrust: the first thing that will go wrong is that a couple will begin to suspect each other in the area of infidelity. This is because communication breakdown in a relationship may sometimes be wrongly interpreted as losing interest in the relationship.  
  2. Misunderstanding: Due to a lack of effective communication, a couple can begin to misunderstand each other which could result in quarrels, fights, and even divorce. This is why the first thing to do to fix communication breakdown is to create a platform of understanding.
  3. Tension: Where there is no communication, there will be tension. A couple who don't understand each other will be afraid to behave, act or say certain things for fear of annoying a partner.
  4. Frustration: A married couple can't seem to get along no matter how hard they try simply because they don't understand each other. After a while, the situation becomes so overwhelming that they become frustrated and seek a divorce.
  5. Lack of intimacy: When misunderstanding, quarrels, tension and frustration are the order of the day, there will be a lack of intimacy on spiritual, mental, emotional and sexual levels.
  6. Loneliness: Think about it, loneliness can still exist even when there is communication, how much more during broken communication.

Signs of Poor Communication In Marriage

The signs of poor communication are very easy to fish out. Even a child can notice them.  

Some common signs of bad communication in marriage are:

  1. Silence
  2. Criticizing or belittling each other.
  3. YES and NO answers
  4. Being defensive during communication.
  5. Giving  cold shoulder
  6. Passive aggression.
  7. Assuming you know what’s on your partner’s mind.
  8. Unresolved arguments
  9. Lack of compromise.
  10. No desire to share intimate moments

Can Marriage Last Without Communication?

  Straight away, A BIG NO! Asking if a marriage can last without communication is like asking if fishes can survive without water.  Many broken and unharmonious marriages today can be traced down to the issue of inadequate communication.    

Whether on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or sexual levels, communication is a vital ingredient. This is why a couple who wants to stay long in marriage must do everything within their powers to restore communication when it breaks in their marriage. 



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