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Tuesday, September 15, 2020


At the novelty of any marriage relationship, keeping emotion and intimacy afloat and alive isn't a hard thing to do; hence enjoying sweet sex in marriage is easy to come by.

But as time goes on, as more responsibilities that come with making and raising children, setting routines and managing office jobs set in, the drive and desire for intimacy and the urge for great sex depletes.

The resultant effect being that married couple begins to cheat or derive sexual pleasure outside the marriage due to boredom and sexual dissatisfaction. A couple who once knew how to enjoy sex is now learning how to spice up sex in marriage.
5 enemies of sex in marriage

According to Sheri Stritof of VeryWell Mind Blog in her post " How to keep your sex life healthy in marriage", As the years go by and you get older, your intimate relationship should get better.”  And I so much believe this statement.

Unfortunately, the 21st century and all its distractions, difficulties, and high demands of responsibilities for survival seeks to oppose such intimacy.

The tensions, chaos and unreasonable demands it brings with it squeeze out a couple's inclination to enjoy sex, romance, and intimacy to the fullest. 

This article is to expose the 7 major enemies or problems of sex in marriage and to prepare your mind, heart, spirit, soul, and body  for an incredible sexual explosion.


Thinking sexless matters while having sex is one of the major causes of sexual dissatisfaction. A man is making love with his wife and thinking about a target or an objective to meet at the workplace. On the other hand, a full housewife is beclouded with the thought of many domestic itineraries and the challenges of raising and managing kids.

Taking thoughts other than sexually related once when making out is a common happenstance in depressed or troubled marriages that steal fun, hinder great sexual climax and cause a very poor orgasm.

Great sex demands bonding on every side including alignment or unison of thoughts, total focus and mutual happiness.

If you, therefore, want to leverage on the fun that sex brings, then don't waste your time thinking about troubles or some workplace demands or targets during sex. Troubles can varnish away but if your spouse derives pleasure in the arm of another person following that sex with you does not appeal anymore, you may never recover from such a wreck.


The inability to build friendship is one of the biggest problems of sex in marriage.

To say you want to build an exciting sex life without friendship is like a dog without teeth. It will never work.

The first thing friendship will accomplish in a couple's sexuality is to create deep intimacy and a great connection. This is why it is popularly believed that friendship is the bond that ties couples together.

The typical way unfriendly couples do sex  is to zip down, insert the banana, and after a few minutes or so they withdraw, zip up and that's it.

It's ok. Keep acting this way, but be rest assured that by the time another bad, sexy, romantic looking man hit it hard on her in a way she goes crazy, she will fall head over heels in love with him and by that time, it doesn't matter how big your banana is, she will gladly leave you for a more satisfying, intimated, cuddling and friendship-based lovemaking full of romantic discussions and naughtiness.


5 enemies of sex in marriage

Can you remember those times when you were just alone, the things you did around the house when no one was around?

 You would have sex and enjoy the romance and pleasure that comes with it anywhere around the house without fear of interference--balcony sex, bathroom sex even pool sex. You could literally stay anywhere around the home and enjoy great sex morning, afternoon, and night.

Now, you rarely do those things because everywhere you turn to, people are around. The kids are watching, the maids are watching, other domestic staff and family members around are watching and it has really deprived you of great sex in marriage.

While children and other people around are a necessity so cannot be done away with, there are still great ways to enjoy uninterrupted sex together anywhere, anyhow, and anytime.

 Take the kids to see grandma and Grandpa, give the maids and everyone else a day or two days off, and have fun. Better still, take a weekend getaway to a nice resort once in a while. It is that simple.

The last thing you want to do is give excuses for not enjoying great sex your way. You can still achieve your fantasies.


Any job that steals happiness away  from your marriage is not worth it no matter how much you are paid. 

You cannot quantify the level of damage it will cause if such job begins to affect your sex life and family life in general.

Demanding jobs have crushed a lot of marriages and wrecked the destiny of many children who suffer the fate of a divorced home due to immorality on account of a couple seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

 There are jobs that require a person to travel for days, weeks, and even months leaving a sexually driven partner behind who ends up cheating. Also, most married men whose job requires them to travel, have had to start another family elsewhere.

Still, some jobs even if they don't require one to travel, are so tasky that couples become famished when they get back home thereby making it difficult to enjoy great sex. 

settling with such a problem because you think it's beyond your control will wreck the marriage. What you can do is to make good use of the weekends. Make it a dedicated and intimate sex day.


5 enemies of sex in marriage

There are a different variety of things people can learn to spice and spark up their sex lives. The problem is, only a few people have learned this.

Most married folks are archaic and primitive when it comes to lovemaking. They don't know how to romance, they don't know where, how, and when to touch each other for a great response.  Some don't even use different sex positions because they don't know how to.

Things like understand a woman's or a man's body and how they react during sex should be a must for every one couple to learn if sex life must be enjoyed.

Being an illiterate of these things can affect the funs that come along with sex. You might just be scratching the surface whereas a lot of opportunities are available to help you enjoy sex in the most intimate and deepest level.

Gain education therefore on how to add romance, fun, kissing, foreplay, and caressing in your sex life. Consult with a sexologist. 

If you must spice up sex in your marriage, you must strive to avoid these enemies of great sex I have mentioned so far.


 The problem of sex in Christian marriages is something Christian couples should give great attendance to.

Many Christians don't enjoy sex and it is due to a misperception or some religious indoctrination and belief. 

What is not perverted about sex is perverted to most Christians and a great abomination yet even the bible did not specify such.

Needless to ask the reason why divorce has taken over many Christian Marriages. When a Christian couple finds great sexual satisfaction outside, he or she tends to come up with excuses why the marriage has to end all in a bid to elope with a lover whose sexual prowess is enjoyed.

There is no bible verse or scriptural reference that depicts how sex can be indulged in. God in His wisdom gives the leverage to do a lot of things including fingering, oral sex, and trying out different sex positions, and yet Christians do not want to explore.

Most Christians believe oral sex is a sin but isn't it clearly explained by the words of Jesus Christ that it is not what enters a man that defiles but what comes out of a man? This is recorded in Matthew:15:17-28

Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

OVERSPIRITUALITY (This one thing is why many marriages fail) is the reason why most Christians don't enjoy sex to the fullest which gives room for adultery that was never premeditated.

Christian couples should open up and have fun. After the children come, and friendship is built, don't murder sex yet. Fire up your married life by enjoying sex with your partner to the brim.

Don't allow a poor sex life to ruin your marriage with infidelity when your partner embarks in an  unending search for sexual satisfaction outside the marriage.


There is no international regulation for sex matters to specify the number of times a couple should have sex. If there were, their specifications would mean nothing because everyone has different energy levels and a varied drive for sex.

However, while there is no specific number, having sex 3 times a week can be great but there is nothing as great as having it at your own frequency.

There is no problem or danger with having sex often times a day as long as you feed well and take the correct supplements and fruits that support sex organs, cells, and tissues.


Man is a sexual being. Everyone is wired with the inclination, drive, or proclivity for sex.

I believe that for God to give us such drive for sex, means that sex is very vital and an essential aspect of man's existence.

Some of the importance of sex in marriage are;

1. Great sex can be a means to resolve some marriage issues
2. Good sex can release tension
3. If you are losing focus and you really  want to calm down and relax have sex
4. Sex has a significant impact on the brain that keeps one mentally stable
5. Great sex may be able to keep one from cheating. Not a guarantee.
6. Good Sex can make married couples happy
7. Sex can promote love and affirmations in marriage


If you can get burnt when you play with fire, you can wreck your marriage when you play with sex.




                                         THANK YOU.

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