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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

6 Simple Ways Career/Busy Parents Can Bond With Kids| Parenting Advice

 I am certain this is the best parenting advice you can get as a career parent.

Have you ever been at work and imagined you were at home bonding with your kids? As a parent Have you wondered why whenever you go back home from work you usually don't get that unending daddy welcome, daddy welcome treats from your kids, with the kids jumping about and happy you are back? What about whenever you try on a weekend to bond with them. You take them to the play park, buys them gifts, and play with them, but instead, they prefer the maid do these things with them. How do you feel about all these? I understand.


We live in a society where the job we do and people we work for don't care about our homes and families so they inundate our everyday life with tasks and activities  leaving us care more about jobs and less about our Loved ones.

In this article, I intend to reveal how parents can balance things out using some key principles of healthy parenting. As you read on, you’ll realize, this article is one of the best pieces of parenting advice you have found as a limited-time career parent.

Parenting advice for bonding with kids

When both parents need to be  fully involved in raising the kids physically, materially, emotional and psychologically as opposed to the traditional method where  father provides and mother nurtures, then time has to be an invaluable requirement.  

This article considers the busyness that comes with being a career parent, and as such outlines ways such parents can still bond with the kids in spite of the many busy schedules and time constraint. 


Understanding how to fill up those spaces that only parents should fill up in a child’s life will go a long way to help assuage THE DEADLIEST PARENTING MISTAKE MANY PARENTS ARE GUILTY OF.

The things I have outlined in this article to do as a parent are absolutely convenient and require less time and are really necessary for the best interest of the Kids.


         1.   AFFIRM AND MAKE A CALL.

This is the first task you begin the day with. You affirm and you call. What do I mean?

As you wake up in the morning, no matter how early you have to arrive to work, form the habit of affirming your family first. Most times, only husbands and wives do this to each other. Now, that you really have to bond with the kids, you have to give them as many affirmations as necessary. As you wake up in the morning,  let them know you love them and that you are going to miss them. Surprise them with gifts and don’t fail to keep to your promises.

Another thing you might want to do, is call home to speak with your kids. This is called, “ Tele Bonding.” Spending a great deal of time over the phone with your kids can create a very strong bonding. They will live each day anticipating your calls. Whenever they get sad, they’ll remember there is a soothing voice that always calls and makes them happy over the phone. Before long, they’ll be the ones calling and wanting to hear from you. 

This is probably the most valued parenting advice for any career parent for a quick and strong parent-child-bonding.


         2.   LET THEM UNDRESS YOU

I know your partner always wants to be the one to open the door, hug you, collect your briefcase and undress you after a long day at work. But now that you have to bond with your kids, some of these might just have to change. The kids have to be responsible for some of these daddy/mommy welcoming packages.

You might want to let your child take the briefcase upstairs, take off your shoes and unbutton your shirt.

 Every time this happens, give that child a very big and loving “Thank you.” and don’t forget to buy him gifts occasionally particularly for this act of love and kindness.

Doing this, not only create that bond between you and your kids. It also teaches them love, care, empathy, and kindness.



 Outline the tasks at home especially those that relate with your kids and commit to do the least you can as you return every day from work. It can be helping them out with their school assignments, bathing your kids while you tell them a story or joining them to watch their Favorite TV show.

This is so important for the emotional stability and psychology of the children. It can as well be an avenue of heart-to-heart communication with your kids. It can be the only time they have to feature you into the happenings of their lives; their experiences at school, and their perception of the maids or any other visitor you may or may not know of.

If you must develop a HEALTHY PARENTING STYLE, then you must be a listening parent and a great communicator.

This parenting advice is second to none, so you can’t afford to waive it. 


When kids see both parents doing chores together, they feel an atmosphere of love and care. Such feelings ultimately make them realize that they are loved by both parents equally.

 Children are very observant. If they notice that only one party is doing all the chores and this party complains of being tired to help them out in some other things( school assignments etc.), they tend to feel that the other party is selfish, wicked, and careless, which is not healthy for them. When children begin to think in such a way, they begin to ask surprising questions, become isolated, depressed, and start demonstrating poor academic performances. 



 Don't come back home and say “ I never knew you are in the school baseball team” or “ I can't come to watch you play your game. I have some friends to meet up with.” This is against the rule of bonding, yet many parents are guilty of it.

It is disheartening how many parents don’t know a lot about their kids’ life; school life, personal life, interest, likes and dislikes. This can leave children thinking that they are the least item of priority in their parent’s scale of preference.

The main essence of this rule is to make children realize how loved and prioritized they are. If you make them believe they are a second priority, they’ll grow up to make you their last priority. 


5       6.   WEEKEND TRIP

Another very powerful parenting advice is this.

Don’t be a boring mom and dad at the weekend.  You can make the house lively by dancing and singing together as a family. You may also want to bake together, or go out to the play park or do a picnic together. Whatever you want to do, do, but make sure you are not boring. Children like fun and the easiest way to bond with them is to do with them what they like doing.


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