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Sunday, May 23, 2021

10 Hidden Dangers Of Dating Older Women|If Only You knew.


I’m not against men dating older women. If you choose to get married to an older woman as a man, there is nothing wrong with that. No one has the right to judge you or decide who you marry. However, What I am really against is the intent. Are you just dating for the fun of it? Is it because of money, social class, or for other selfish reasons? Then be ready to face the following dangers!


dating older women


The beginning of a thing is not the problem, but the end. It begins as a joke but when the time comes when you decide to end and focus on serious relationships, she begins to threaten you. Many young men have died in an attempt to break away from their old lady sugar mommy. Be careful. Check out the 3 dangerous types of 21st-century dating that can ruin your life.


Older woman-younger man relationship can lead to a snaillike life. You will hang in there for the rest of your life; no marriage, no children, no investment and nothing of worth to live for. The danger is, even if you were given the chance to leave at your will, you wouldn’t want to, because leaving means letting go of the debit cards. 


Another danger of mature women dating young men is that it becomes an addiction to the men to the point they find it very difficult to break away. Like Paul said in the bible(paraphrased), I want to, but I just can’t.



I know many who are not yet married though have all the monies in the world. You care to know why? They are dating older women who serve as their money bag.

Even some who dare to get married can’t manage the home. While they are now in their 50's, their first child is a year old or less. By the time the child grows into an adult, they’re dead and can’t reap the fruit of their labor.


It is very risky when you have a relationship with an older woman and still keeps a wife at home.  It is even riskier when you have children. You can imagine the emotional negligence, sexual starvation, lack of care and attention which ultimately will become a bad influence on the kids. It is tantamount to not having a father and a husband figure at all.


You are simply a gigolo when you date an older woman with an intention not less of the desire for filthy lucre. Making money in such a way is illegal in my opinion and it is due to greed and laziness. It reveals how morally bankrupt you are.

young men dating older women


For the most part, dating an older woman is not born out of genuine love. Something other than affection instigates it—money, connection, social class, contracts, and many more. You would have become a master in the game of deceit by the time you date older women for about 2 years with your fake intentions. This is how most good and loving guys turn out bad.  Worse of it all, it can greatly affect your relationship in years to come.


Many young guys dating older women lie to themselves. They know their affection is unreal. The danger of this is, as you continue being deceptive with your emotions, in the long run, it destroys your ability to show genuine affection when you get into a serious relationship. You get confused about if what you feel is love or infatuation for your young sweet fiancée. Besides, this can make you make wrong and poor emotional decisions in life.


Conversely, you should learn to put your real emotion to work and not fake it. Unfortunately, faking emotions is what comes with dating an old woman.


When she is in control, you become the feminine. You are controlled and tossed to and fro like a maid. You will begin to hate yourself and what you do but finds it hard to stop.


People will tag you all manner of names just for the simple reason of having a fling with an older woman. You will be disdained and rejected by society.



Should a younger man be dating an older woman with the right intention of marrying her, then a few tips will help in that light.


There is a right way to date if you want to have a successful marriage and there are 6 vital things every woman wants in a man regardless of age, culture, religion, and background. You may want to check them out.


Below are 16 tips for dating older women.


  1. She can make you happier than a young girl: A more understanding and loving old woman can make you happier than a foolish young girl.
  2. You need to careless of what society thinks: The fact that you decide to date an older woman, means you must have already settled things with the society. 
  3. Don’t mock her with her age: Don't constantly remind her that you are in charge.
  4. Learn to manage her ego: Due to age difference, her ego may set in at times. Don't remind her you are still the boss. learn to manage the situation.
  5. Understand her completely: Understanding is the bedrock of any relationship.
  6. Don’t fail to flaunt her: Let her know you will not hide her and talk less about her because of her age.
  7. Don't tolerate those who abuse her: Keep away your parents, friends and other relatives who remind her of how old she is.
  8. Respect her: Not because of age, but because every one deserves it.
  9. Let her know you are proud of her: She wants to know you value her.
  10. Listen to her: She values effective communication.
  11. Defend her if the need be: She needs to feel secure even though she is older.
  12. Don't be ashamed of her: You'll destroy her ego and self-esteem.
  13. Pet her and treat her like your little baby: No matter the age of a woman, she still likes to be treated with care, tenderness and love.
  14. Affirm her: Age does not take away her femininity.
  15. Buy her gifts: Every woman likes that.
  16. Don’t waste her time: She's not getting any younger. Marry her as quickly as possible.




Dating older women like I said early is not a bad thing to do. It all balls down to intentions. If once intention is right and genuine, then a younger man can date an older woman.

Also bear in mind that if such an affair lead to marriage, then there are a few tips for dating an older woman like I have listed above.



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