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Thursday, October 29, 2020

5 Proven Christian Dating ADVICE For Singles To WIN A QUICK MARRIAGE TICKET


What an excellent God we serve. What a perverted world. Man has abandoned the rules of the creator, now he is all about his own rules. Little wonder the amount of incessant chaos that has ripped the world off its order, glory, and bliss. The worst is that it has affected mankind in so many ways including Christian dating. Many Christians do not even know of the 10 critical questions you should never skip on a first date talk more of other really deep insight about dating.

christian marriage advice

The way Christians are surrounded with all manner of people—friends, family, mentors, preachers, and leaders who have diverse beliefs about dating, call for the need to truly know how to date as a Christian because you don’t know what to believe anymore. All these intricacies also contribute to the reasons why many Christian marriages fail.

 If this person sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

Below are the 5 most important Christian dating advice if you sure don’t want to lose your faith while dating.

You may be quick to say that you are dating a Christian or you hope to date a Christian, so you don’t see the need for this advice. Before you settle your mind on this, don’t forget that Christian dating boundaries are a necessity if you want to defeat the temptation lurking around the corner so you really need this advice.


Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency [is] of God

Embedded in this bible verse, is the most important law for any Christian who is aspiring to date or for any kind of Christian relationship.

Dating as a Christian with full conviction that your sense of value or worth comes from your maker and not anyone else is the first and most important thing to consider before initiating a dating relationship. It will protect you from abuse or any unforeseen emotional damage or heartbreak that may arise.

Christians who do not settle this first are vulnerable.  They’ll open themselves up to the dangers only the unbelievers who don’t apply God’s laws are meant to suffer, when in fact, our God has enacted laws to protect us from any relationship and dating troubles which we have failed to apply.

The book of Matthew6:33 admonishes that we seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness first and everything, including dating, shall be freely giving to us.

I believe that until you mature in this area of being GOD-Sufficient, God won’t trigger that green-go-ahead traffic light of your life.

Imagine the life of compromise, immorality, disgrace, and abuse you would live if you started dating without ironing things with God first.

with this in mind, do you still think you don't need this Christian dating advice?


After you have loved your maker, derived your sense of worth and significance, and have given Him the first place in your life, it is now time to put yourself in check while dating as a Christian.

Today more than ever before, with the whole ecstasy, beauty, and flamboyance that feature in dating, it is easier to start making mistakes and misbehaving when instead, you should be setting Christian dating boundaries.

I know you’ve settled things with God; I need you to understand that, he won’t come down from heaven to stop you from making any heinous mistake. 

This is why you need all the good Christian friends, relatives, and mentors who you must be answerable to and seek advice from. Choose people who you know love you enough to tell you when you are making a mistake or drifting away from God’s will.

This is what actually makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy Christian dating relationships.

Setting dating boundaries as a Christian is vital. Too many Christians have drowned in their own self-overconfidence because while dating, they refused to set boundaries.

Temptations are not what you should call for. When it comes to the battles of the mind, don’t try to defeat the devil because you can’t. Satan is an expert in feeding your thoughts, minds, and imaginations with all sorts of garbage that will harm your entire Christian life.

This is why you need to learn to set boundaries that will protect you from being too forward, too involved and too naughty.

Some good boundaries you can set while dating as a Christian include;

A. Emotional boundaries: As you begin to notice how intimate, involved, or fond of the person you are becoming. You might want some detachment before you begin to compromise.

B.  Conversation boundaries: As a Christian, you have no business on sex and romance related discussions in others not to be tempted.

Also, You may want to set boundaries on your words and promises as this will help you to stand out and be perceived as a true Christian who means what he says and says what he means.

One other thing is, until you have made the decision to commit, you should not let your date know the details of your future goals and aspirations.

C.  Dressing Boundaries: You claim you want to date as a Christian and that you need all the Christian dating advice, but here you are, all dressed up so sexy going out on a date. Who are you deceiving? If you are a true Christian, consider the way you dress for so shall you be addressed also.

D. Venue Boundaries: When a guy wants sex and romance, he becomes tricky. Don’t mind him. There is nothing like “House Dating” so don’t go to his house for a date. You can get lured or get raped.

You also don’t want to go to places that may undermine and question your Christian faith such as clubs, or in the midst of smokers, drunks, and prostitutes.

There are two voices that speak to you as a Christian—that of your father, and that of a stranger. Short the voice of the stranger.

When Satan sees an opportunity to jeopardize a believer's faith, he pays close attention, waiting patiently, and speaking louder than before. Don’t give him that satisfaction.

It is very easy to misbehave while dating as a Christian since dating is a ground for plenty of fun and excitement. Under such circumstances, you may forget who you are and give Satan the room to discredit your Christian purity.

In any relationship, dating relationship inclusive, you have to consider compatibility. Dating can be a good avenue to check it out.

There is much compatibility you can look out for as a Christian when dating. Some are inconsequential so may not really impart negatively on long term relationship like marriage. But there are a few others tagged “PRIME.” You have to look out for these once; one of which is, religious compatibility.

Religious compatibility that encourages dating a Christian is very crucial to save you the trouble of ending up with someone who would require you to serve a foreign god.

In case you are not sure of the faith of a person or how serious of a Christian he or she is, you might need the help of some free Christian dating apps and websites.

There are tones of Christian dating apps and websites for free you can sign up with. Some of them like the popular ones I have shown below have had significant impacts on the dating life of many Christians.

Free dating app like CROSSPATHS, “Is a thrilling Christian matchmaking dating app, designed with the latest tools that analyze thousands of other Christians’ profiles and connect you with the most suitable match.

Other apps are, Match, Zoosk, Elite Singles, OurTime, Christian connection, Christian café, Christian mingle, eharmony.




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