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Friday, October 29, 2021

How To Raise A Christian Child With Good Values(5 Biblical Steps)

How To Raise A Christian Child

The negative things you see around these days—the social vices, sexual pervasion, drug and alcohol addictions, killing, armed robbery, fraud and many more are not accidental. They don't happen because they must happen. They are the direct results of negative parenting. Unfortunately, even children raised in Christian homes are victims. This ought not to be. There is a predetermined pattern to raise a good Christian Child according to Proverbs 22:6:  

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  

When some vital stages or processes are omitted in the course of raising a child in a Godly manner, inappropriate Behaviours should be expected. 
how to raise a Christian child    

Who Is A Christian Child?

A Christian child is a child trained with Christian values and modelled after Jesus Christ. It has very little to do with the home children are born into. This is because there are children born into Christian families who don't depict Christian values. I have seen many pastors' kids who are public miscreants and show non-compliant behaviours. So, Christian parenting is more about character cultivation than it is, a family's religion. 

   To bring up a child in a Christian way, here are some steps to take: 
  1. Be a Replica Of The Foundation
Before you can raise godly children, you must be a godly parent first.  You can't build a faulty foundation and expect a healthy foundation from your children.  

Here is a golden rule Jesus meted out for all Christian mothers and fathers in Matthew 7:3,

"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"   

The easiest way to lead children and get them to comply is by setting good examples. They learn better and faster that way. Anything contrary will affect them badly. For instance, if a father smokes, there is a high chance that when a child comes of age, he could do the same. The father won't be able to gather enough courage to ask him not to, seeing that he does the same.  

How can a parent be a replica of the foundation? By living the Christian lifestyle which includes honesty, love, praying, fasting, attending services etc.

  1. Build The Foundation
After becoming a parent who leads by example, it is now time to teach them how to live by example. That you portray good Christian values for children to see is not enough. You have to ensure they cultivate these values as well. This is what it means to raise a child in a godly manner. You don't want to assume they'll act appropriately, just because they see you act that way. Most Christian parents with high moral values have children with low moral values. This is the reason you have to help children replicate good Christian standards. How can you achieve this? 

   First, Jesus is the foundation, so introduce Jesus to them. This means, lead them to Christ if they are sensible enough. In my opinion, children from 5 years and above are sensible enough for salvation. If you must raise a Christian child, he/she must first know Christ.    

    Second, ensure they start living the Christian life by monitoring, correcting and disciplining. Always remind them whose children they are when they behave out of character. Let them know that as children of God born into the kingdom of light there are things they are not supposed to do.

  1. Ensure Consistency
It is easier to begin something than to be consistent with it. Starting is not the problem. Consistency is where the challenge is when raising Christian children, and I think this is the missing link in Christian parenting today. Many people devise great means and define good strategies to bring up a child, but are unable to follow through to the end. As a Christian parent, you must be consistent with the standards you predefined against which you match your children's character. What this means is, you must never be weary of correcting, directing, instructing, monitoring and disciplining.  

    One reason why a parent must be consistent is that consistency creates a clear direction. Inconsistency, on the flipside, leads to vagueness which confuses children. Today you discipline a child for something wrong, the next time, you don't and he feels everything is ok. After a while, he carries on that negative lifestyle, and he takes you for granted. That's how non-christian values are formed.      
  1. Take Advantage of The Various Christian Ordinances
There are different Christian Ordinances available to raise a Christian child. Fasting, praying, meditating the word, weekly activities, offering and tithing are some common ones. Ensure they build their lives around them.

  I have seen many Christians who find it hard to share. This could be because they weren't trained to give.  The act of charity and kindness was not on their bucket list. Some children are too food-conscious. They can't fast even in the phase of adverse circumstances. Some still, are myopic of God's word because they perhaps weren't taught to study and meditate on them. Some children prefer going to clubs or birthday parties to going to weekly activities.

  1. Teach Them Scriptures About Discipline
To really raise children according to the bible teach them scriptures that talks about discipline.   

    Do you know what I really like about children? When they tell a fellow child, " Jason, don't do that. Don't take what belongs to another person. It is a sin. The bible says we should not steal." Isn't this what every Christian parent wants? Well, it doesn't come so easy. You can only raise a child like this if you personally teach them some of the bible verse that talks about discipline. In addition, have them meditate on them morning, afternoon and evening.

Raising Christian Teens

Now the big challenge. How can I bring up teenagers in a Christian manner? 

   The training pattern of children and teenagers are a far cry away. The methods and parenting styles must differ in many ways. For one reason, as long as they were toddlers or kids, you had absolute control over them. But now, they are teenagers, they want to make their own decisions and be in control. They think they are sensible enough to make independent decisions.  

When children grow to become teenagers, raising a godly family becomes a bit difficult. Because you don't know the direction their self-made decisions is leading them to.   

To raise a Christian child who is now a teenager, consider the following tips:
  1. Communicate more with them: understand their needs. Discuss sex and peer pressure with them. Enlighten them on the dangers of premarital sex, drug addiction, social media addiction and more. Do these on a regular basis.
  2. Don't cage them: The worst mistake to make as a Christian parent is to build walls around your children as a way to protect them and keep them Christianized. If you are a great parent you should trust that your teenage children can make good choices outside and not cage them. A bird you cage if released will do everything possible never to get caged again.

Your duty is not to cage but train up children in a way that when they grow, they won't depart from it. The true test of good parenting is how they behave when they actually go out and relate with others.

How To Raise A Christian Child In Public School

A public school admits all manner of people. Children from all walks of life regardless of behaviour type are all gathered together. This is why character scrutiny and aptitude test are not a thing for public schools.   

A school where the good, the bad and the ugly constellate under one academic umbrella demands drastic measures in raising a Christian child.  

Consider the following tips:
  1. Always remind them of who they are before they leave for school each day.
  2. Ensure they join the school Christian fellowship if any
  3. Pray and take out time to fast every month for them.
  4. Teach them how to make good friends and influence bad friends positively
  5. Enlighten them on some popular social vices like premarital sex, drug, alcohol and social media addiction

What Are The Attributes Of A Good Christian Child?

After raising a child in a godly manner, how do you check his/her godliness? 

Look out for these Attributes:

  1. Respectfulness
  2. Charity
  3. Love to study God's word
  4. Prayerfulness
  5. Purity

How Can I Help My Child Grow Spiritually?

In biblical parenting, spiritual growth is key. Bringing up children in a Christian home demands strong spiritual maturity as a parent.    

A child's spiritual growth is one proof that you have done justice as Christian parenting in raising up your child.  

To raise up a Spiritually mature child, you need to first understand what constitutes spiritual maturity.  

According to the bible, we grow spiritually when we obey God's word. This is why bringing up children to obey God's commandments is the route to maturity. You can do this by motivating them to study God's word and acting in line with what God says. For instance, if they won't share, point them to a scriptural reference where God asks us to share. 

How Can I Be A Godly Mom?

Do you want to be a godly mom? I can understand. Every now and then, to-be mothers ask, “What does the bible say about being a good mother?” here is what it says:

Proverbs 31:25She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.   Proverbs 31 is the virtuous woman’s anthem. Every quality you need in a good Christian woman is packed in here. However, my particular concern is in verse 25 precisely the part that says, “She laughs without fear of the future. 

The difference between a godly and a worldly parent is rest. A godly mother is not afraid of the future. She is not anxious because she is certain; her children will turn out well.  

The joy of every Christian mother is to raise a responsible child that will promote the values of Christianity. But that won’t be possible until you become a godly mother. 

How then do you become a godly parent? 

 Firstly, you become a godly parent by being a Christian first. After which, start living the Christian life. 

   The cheapest way to raise children or teenagers is by motivating them with your character. Not by demanding from them to act in ways that you don’t. This is why you must cultivate some Christian values and start practising the Christian faith. 


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