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Sunday, October 3, 2021

100 Questions MARRIED COUPLES Should & Should Never Ask Each Other

Questions For Married Couples

If you were to ascertain by statistics the number of couples who intentionally engage in periodic marriage questions and answers together, you would be shocked at the result. Sadly, not many people who are married know that there are questions for married couples that should be asked occasionally to heighten the overall health of the union. 

The demands of today’s society get married couples too busy that effective communication in marriage is almost non-existent.  Even the little time life avails for communication, some husbands and wives don't make the most of it. They instead ask the wrong questions, of which the majority are simple yes or no questions instead of open-ended ones. 

There are a ton of good questions to ask about marriage that husbands and wives should take advantage of.  In general, they are grouped into two main categories: healthy and unhealthy questions.  

questions for married couples

  1. Healthy Marriage Questions

Healthy marriage questions are nice, cute, and romantic questions married partners can ask each other. The reason being that they are questions that build intimacy and strong connections between a husband and wife. Not just that, they are also good fun questions that can leave married folks cracking each other's ribs. What's more, they are also useful for marriage counsellors in their interview sections with married couples.  
  1. Unhealthy Marriage Questions

Unhealthy marriage questions are those that undermine the capacity to build, restore and sustain love and intimacy. This is because they act as shut circuits to the deep connection that should rather bond a couple together. On top of that, they're love-stealing and peace-eating questions that only generate anger, tension, and resentment.  

Because these sets of questions are not good, they are worth waiving off. In other to do this, It is imperative a couple understands that they exist, otherwise, how can we arm ourselves against enemies unless we know that they exist, to begin with.   

Before we take a holistic view of this subject of fun and lovely questions for married couples, let's assess some of the significance of marriage questions.  

Why Married Couples Should Be Asking Questions: Importance Of Marriage Questions For Couples

  Over the years, I have come to realize that many people who are married don't really know themselves as they sometimes portray they do. I said this because, on many occasions, I discovered that some of the major issues that arise in marriages would've been avoidable if only the couples involved gave attention to minor things such as asking the right questions and given appropriate responses.

For instance, the first thing that will happen when some of the good questions spouses should ask are overlooked is that a husband and wife will start living in assumption: an elusive state where they think they really know and understand each other. 

Assumptions are the reasons a couple seated just in front of a marriage counselor is surprised at what they say and expect from each other. They are in shock because they never said these things to each other before now. Often times you hear things like, " but you never told me this. Is this really what this is all about? Then there is no problem. I will happily do it." 
This is why to escape vagueness in a marriage, things like this should be avoided.  Every husband and wife owe each other a matrimonial duty of quality communication through asking intimacy-building questions.  

 There are many frequent questions about marriage that a spouse should be asking. And when they are asked, the following happens:  
  1. There is clarity and understanding
  2. There is bonding and intimacy
  3. There is an appraisal of the marriage state
  4. There is an input of new ideas
  5.  There is appreciation and recreation
  6.  There is fun and laughter
If counselors can use some of these questions as interview questions, you can as well.

Questions Married Couple Should Never Ask Each Other

  At the beginning of this article, I talked about unhealthy marriage questions. Well, here they are. 

They are questions not to ask a partner.  They will never strengthen a marriage. Instead, they wreck it.  

To illustrate further, have you heard of instances where a couple who were once in love suddenly turns out to despise each other? For the most part, things like this happen because wrong questions like the ones you will see shortly are asked in place of the good ones a partner should ask. 

   If you are married, never ask these questions even if you are tempted to. The thing is, to you, these questions may not be wrong in and of themselves, but the fact still remains, they will create a certain impression in the heart of an unreasonable partner and can be a platform for many misconducts, misunderstandings, and damages as a result. These are questions that should never be asked. They need to be avoided at all costs.  

Check them out…
  1. Do you think is right to quit my job to make out more time for you?
  2. What is wrong with you?
  3. Must I be in the picture before you know what to do?
  4. Between me and the kids, who do you love the most?
  5. Between me and your mother/father who do you care for the most?
  6. Why didn’t you do exactly what I asked you to?
  7. What would you do if you caught me cheating?
  8. You know I can blame you for all the hitch we've been facing, right?
  9. How many men/women did you have an affair with?
  10. Are you sure you really want this marriage to succeed?
  11. How many people did you have sex with before me?
  12. If you knew it would make me uncomfortable, then why did you bring it up?
  13. Is there anyone you deeply loved that you wished you got married to?
  14. Why don’t you always give me what I ask for?
  15. How would you feel if I said I love my mother more than you?
  16. Why don’t you treat me like Ben treats his wife?
  17. Who gives you the right to do this without my permission?
  18. Don’t you realize I’m the head of this home and I paid your pride price?
  19.  Who told you I can't do it?
  20. Why can't you just keep your mouth shut?
  21. Did I ask you to do it on my behalf?
  As we now have grasped a few questions married couples should not be asking, let us delve into those that should be asked.  

Good Questions For Married Partners

In case you are wondering, " what questions should couples ask each other?"  I have a dozen of them in right here.  

In this section, you will discover some relevant questions married couples can ask each other, ranging from fun, romantic, and intimacy questions. 

Marriage Questions A Husband And Wife Can Ask Each Other

Communication is key in any relationship that will survive tempest and turmoil. Not just communication; effective one at that because in this will couples begin to ask the questions they should know about each other for maximum knowledge. 

   A few questions in a minute’s conversation can make all the difference in any relationship. Great marriage questions and appropriate answers can become good conversation starters.   

 Below are some important questions couples should  be asking frequently to strengthen their marriage  
  1. In what ways can we strengthen our friendship bond even more?
  2. If you were to assess my role as a wife/husband, what would be your conclusion?
  3. With all frankness, do you enjoy the meals I make?
  4. If you had the chance to change one thing about me, what would it be?
  5. Are there ways you think I can show you more honor?
  6. How have I been of help to you since we got married?
  7. Is there anything I can currently help you with?
  8. Are there things you really want me to start doing?
  9. What has been your most exciting moment in our relationship?
  10. What are the things you think I should be more understanding about?
  11. Is there any special way you would want us to celebrate our next anniversary?
  12. What changes have you observed about me since we got married?
  13. Are there things you wish for that I have not fulfilled?
  14. Do you like the way we raise the kids or do you have a better alternative?
  15. How do you feel when ask you to do something even when you are tired?
  16. If we were to invest, what would you suggest we invest in?
  17. Are there things I used to do that I no longer do?
  18. What are your biggest fears about our marriage?
  19. Do you think we trust each other enough?
  20. Is your love and trust for me growing stronger?

Romantic Questions Married Couples Can Ask Each Other

marriage questions a couple can ask each other

Though we live in a society where sex is overrated, romance and intimacy are crucial aspects of marriage. As a result, I put together 20 fun and romantic things a couple can do in bed besides sex. You may want to check it out.  

What is marriage without intimacy? Intimacy issues are one reason many married couples, both old and newlyweds book counseling meetings with counselors who conduct Q and A sessions for them.   

What do these counselors do really? Nothing special. They use couples' questionnaires about each other to bring problematic marriages into alignment. If a couple would engage the concept of asking intimate questions like these counselors, they would be achieving the same result without any kind of consultation. 

The best you can do in terms of conversation as a partner is to apply these interview questions about marriage. That is, become your own counselor.    

Here are some romantic questions married couples can ask. I have sectioned them into two categories: Romantic questions to ask her and romantic questions to as him.  

Romantic Questions To Ask A Wife: Questions To Ask Her

  Do you have a wife who is always unromantic so you're asking of some lovely questions to ask her just so she could respond favorably? There are a good number of marriage questions to ask her for greater romance and endearment. Before this, let's understand women's emotions in brief.

   Women are emotional feelers. Their emotions whether positive or negative primarily come to play by what they hear. This is why what you say to a woman or the questions you ask her will always have the greatest impact on the marriage.

So what is the state of your wife's emotion? Is she sad because you say things you shouldn't be saying or asking questions you shouldn't be asking? Whatever you say to your wife, bear in mind that she stores it in the bank of her mind for long. If peradventure she decides to spill it out, there may be damages you never bargained for.    

Here are 12 romantic questions to ask a wife instead of annoying her with your manly and authoritative questions.  

  1. How different is our emotional connection as a married couple compared to before?
  2. Would you prefer we make more babies?
  3. What have you always fantasized about marriage that you wish to try out?
  4. What is an ideal gift for you?
  5. If you were to make a wish now, what would it be?
  6. Do you think we have been intimate enough?
  7. What is your primary love language?
  8. How can you rate our sex life?
  9. If I asked you to kiss, hug me and affirm me every single day, would you?
  10. Are there times you wished I was around and why?
  11. Have I been affirming you enough?
  12. Describe your ideal date night or weekend with me?

Romantic Questions To Ask A Husband: Questions To Ask Him

Make no mistake about it. Men are not just logical creatures; they are very much emotional as well. This is why one of the most important questions to ask in marriages are romantic questions for husbands. 

   The reason especially wives should be asking their husbands some of these marriage questions for couples is because men are those in relationships who easily become unemotional and lose interest quickly.

 Nonetheless, with good romantic questions for husbands, affections and intimacy can be ignited and kept alive forever.

  Here are 12 romantic questions to ask him to keep things interesting and fun.  
  1. What do you like most about me?
  2. What do you really love about me that I no more do?
  3. What more do you desire in our sex life?
  4. If you were to name two special things about our relationship, what would it be?
  5. Do you still love me as much as you used to?
  6. What would you do if I asked you to stop a trip and spend time with me?
  7. What do you find special and unique about me?
  8. What would you do if I ever leave you?
  9. What is your take on divorce?
  10. How did you feel when you first met me?
  11. What other ways would you love to have fun?
  12. How about I ask you to go everywhere with me, will you?

Fun Questions For Married Couples

There is something I have come to realize in many marriages. I notice that before marriage, couples often cultivate a friendship-based approach. That is, they act as genuine partners, grabbing all the fun they could lay their hands on and enjoying great excitement. However, after marriage, as time passes by, they tend to shift approach. That is, they now view marriage as a master-slave relationship where everyone grows cold and acts too mindfully, carefully, and fearfully. That's not an ideal marriage. 
Nevertheless, there are good funny questions to ask a partner to lighten the mood and cheer the face. So, let the euphoria begin now! 

Are you a married man or woman?  Here are some fun questions for married couples. Use them to create all the fun, laughter, and excitement you deserve.   
  1. Are there still spaces in your heart I’m not occupying?
  2. What are the things you are uncomfortable relating to me?
  3. If you were to be blindfolded and four ladies were standing in front of you, how would you recognize me?
  4. When was your most embarrassing moment?
  5. Would you rather have great sex once a month or mediocre sex once a week?
  6. Can you stay without sex or sex without you?
  7. If I were to change my sex tone, which animal would you want it to sound like?
  8. Which will you choose? A billion-dollar or my heart?
  9. How would you react if I earned more salary than you?
  10. If we switch roles, which particular task will you react against?
  11. What do you think about fighting and making up with sex?
  12. Have I done anything that made you feel insulted before?
  13. If you could ask for anything and have my answer sincerely, what would it be?
  14. What would you do first if you won a jackpot?
  15.  How would you feel if I told you I loved my mother more than you?
  16. What is your most important belonging?
  17. If I were to penalize you for something you did wrong, what punishment would you recommend?
  18. What do you think you can do to really make me feel hurt?
  19. What do my eyes say?


So far, we've established that there are healthy and unhealthy questions married people are exposed to. Spouse's choice of questions, however, will in the long run determine the fate of the marriage.   My advice is, rather than waste time on what can't add value to your marriage, invest it in asking some of the vital questions married couples should be asking as we've seen above.   More than 50 percent of what keeps a marriage alive is effective communication. Take advantage of it before someone external does.  


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