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Monday, October 4, 2021


How to Win a Man's Heart for Marriage

I have been dating this guy for years. I do his laundry, cook his meals, take care of his home, gratify him sexually and even go as far as assisting him financially all in a bid to win his heart and convince him to marry me. In fact, I virtually do all he asks me to, but all to no avail. How can one win a man's heart for marriage? What do I do to win a man's love? How can I get a man to commit to a relationship?

  Are these perhaps the same questions in your mind? I will show you a compelling way to win him over regardless of how tough he is. 

Also, If you are wondering how to win a man's heart back again? After you understand and apply the principles in this article,  it doesn't matter if he is mad at you, you will easily win back his heart.  

A little disclaimer: This post is not about strategies to get a married man to chase after you. If the man is already married, I suggest you find your own man.  

Before we learn how to capture a man's heart and make him love you forever, let's see what you are perhaps doing wrong that has kept you from winning his attention. 
how to win a man's heart for marriage

Why You Are Not Winning Your Man's Heart for Marriage?  

Wondering why you can't win him and keep him happy? You are probably focusing on the things you shouldn't be doing instead of those you should do to capture his heart. There are ways to create a desire in someone's heart and make him keep chasing after you even when he is not willing to.  

From observation and personal study, Out of the number of women who cook for a man, do his laundry, clean his house and meet his sexual needs, only about 5 percent end up with these men. This means that men are interested in the 95 percent that don't appear so cheap and bugging. But where are these 95 percent? Almost extinct. But good news. you can become one of them today. 

   There is a whole lot that is wrong with the approach of being possessive. You can't already act like a wife and then expect to be made a wife. You've already assumed that role. Not just that, you've made him your husband already. So, he sees no reason spending a huge amount on a marriage ceremony just to become what You've already made him. You can absolutely win a man's heart without sleeping with him or doing all those wifely, domestic stuff.

  I do not know where young girls get the above approach from. Wherever it came from, it is erroneous. If a woman is going to win a man's love especially when there is competition, then she has to do something differently. She has to do the "undone." 

    There is a right approach to everything, including capturing the heart of a man and getting him to love and trust you. With the right approach, you are sure to win any man's heart even if he is not ready to open it. 

   What I’m about to reveal in this article are the hidden secrets to capturing a man’s heart forever. 

How Does a Man Want You To Win His Love and Trust?

  A woman can be fun to be with, domesticated, and expresses great sexual prowess, but until she proves to a man how responsible she is, she may not be married any time soon. If she does, I see doomsday coming because no one breaks a law and not get broken in return.

You may be asking, if assisting a man domestic wise and making love to him isn't going to please him to marry me, how then can I do that? Well, to win a man's heart for marriage and get him to love and trust you forever, sex is one thing you should never contemplate. 

   We have already seen that food and sex are not the means to a man's heart, sadly, many women have come to hold this lie so dearly. Sex especially makes a man think a woman is loosed and immoral.

  There are ways to win even a stubborn man's heart that men in general like.   

First, let me start by saying that almost all men are looking for who to marry. No matter how irresponsible a man is, he is looking for a responsible woman to marry.   

A man can even be dating someone but keeps looking elsewhere for his missing rib. Why this?  Because this other girl doesn't know the things to do to win his heart for marriage.   

For a man to be dating a woman and seeks elsewhere for who to spend his life with proves that there are vital things men are looking for in a woman. Any woman who discovers these things will surely win a man’s heart over another woman who doesn’t. One of these things is motive. Motive is the secret code to unlock a win a man's love faster. 

Capturing his Heart for Marriage Through Motive 

The easiest way to make a man lose interest in you is when you allow him to discern your thoughts and motives. If you are a woman seeking to capture a man's heart, this is one area you must avoid. If your plan is to win a man's heart in bed through sex, then you have already lost the battle.  

Look at it this way. If a man who's interested in having sex with you keeps showering you with expensive gifts and flowers,  you don't need a prophet to tell you his intentions are not pure. He's doing those things because he wants sex in return.  

Similarly, when a woman does everything a man asks of her, ranging from sex, laundry, and housekeeping, the man perceives that as desperation. A woman actually sends signals of desperation whenever she hardly can say no to a guy even when he expects her to. These are the things that actually make it difficult for men to choose who to marry. By acting this way, you make it extremely difficult to be trusted. 

   Unfortunately, these are the things many women do.  The manner they conduct themselves during dating or courtship will never strike a man’s fancy for marriage. It will never ignite a man's desire for you. 

     A woman who tries to win a man’s heart that way will only end up hosting a pity party for herself because when he finally leaves, he will feel no other thing for her but pity.    

 Any attitude can attract a man for sex and fun but only special attitudes will attract him for marriage.    

   What you will see shortly are keys to winning a man’s love forever.  It is not one of those dating tips that revolve around the internet. It is rather a set of principles that when applied correctly will cause men to start running after you.  

5 Ways to Win a Man's Heart for Marriage

  The winning of a man's heart for marriage requires some principles. Until your caring ways touch the core of his heart, your victory is not in view.   

Let me show you by these principles how to melt a man's heart and win back his love and trust instantly. These principles will not just help you attract him, but build a lasting marriage relationship with the love of your life.  
This is where most young girls miss it. A man doesn’t need your body or for you to do his laundry or manage his home before he pops the big question" Will you marry me?"   

   On the contrary, a man wants to know how expensive, reserved, and self-respected you can be. Acting like a wife when you are not yet one will only ruin your chances of being one. Don't act like you are already his wife. Instead, let the man fight for your heart.  

   When I counsel people, I always tell them “don't do his laundry, don't cook for him, don’t go to his house." let him crave more of your attention while you satisfy him with little. This will ignite his desire so you win his heart for marriage as fast as possible.   


I came across a question, " what is the easiest way to win a man's heart for marriage?" The answer is simple. Let him trust you. 

I'm yet to find a man who wants an infidel for a wife. Even irresponsible men are looking for responsible young girls to marry. Beyond beauty, every man desires an honest woman he can trust. 

  Another way to get a man to marry you is to let him trust you.  Trust melts the hearts of men so easily.  

No matter how much a man cheats, he never wants to end up with a cheating wife. Let him know you are responsible enough to manage a home and raise kids with high moral values.   

Some signs to show how responsible a woman is are; 
  1. Avoid extravagant lifestyle with him
  2. Don’t support his wrong lifestyle even if other people do
  3. Always give him solid and responsible advise
  4. Discuss his values, goals, and purpose with him
  5. Let him perceive you as a purpose-driven person
  6. Be honest at all times.
To get a man to marry you, this truth must not elude you. Doing all these are what differentiates you from other girls and stand you in good stead to be his wife.          

  3. GET BUSY  

how to win a man's heart for marriage

Real men are naturally attracted to women who are doing stuff. This is because most men think in terms of business and they need a supporting wife. Being diligent is one simple way to cracking a guy's back.

On the flip side, when a woman is idle, she tends to always avail a man of all her time and attention. When that is the case, the man begins to perceive her as a liability.   

There are a ton of women out there asking, " how do you capture a man's heart?" Yet when they're asked to get engaged in meaningful things instead of availing a man all of their time,  they throw caution to the air. They rather would give their all to the man and expect to be taking seriously. How insensitive.

  As a woman,  reserve all your time and attention until after marriage because marriage is where it is primarily needed. Men don't take seriously women who take them too seriously. 

If this is the situation, how then do you avail a man less attention? Sometimes when he calls to make an appointment, let him know you have an appointment. If he demands to come over to see you, tell him you can't afford that time. Make him compete for your time and attention.

   While this is key, try not to overdo it so he doesn’t feel discouraged and threatened.        

Making yourself an asset as a woman is one of the easiest ways to make a man pop the big question—will you marry me?         


   Dating other men is one of women's key secrets to getting guys. 

Many young girls find it hard to make a man submit to a relationship because they are afraid they'll lose him if they date other men. That's not true. He is not yet your husband, so there is no need granting him the privilege to monopolize you.  

   When you date someone else, you are instead putting yourself in a position where he has to compete for your love.   

A man who knows you are responsible can trust you. More so, if you are an asset and not a liability, he will do anything possible to be the one you choose over these other guys. Therefore, Seeing you go on dates will not chase him. It will only make him expedite plans to make you his before he loses you to some sharp guy out there.

  In case there is competition and you are asking how to make a man choose you over another woman, dating other people will do the magic. Going out on a no-strings-attached type of date is a must if a woman must win a man's heart for marriage. 

   While this is key, there is however one thing you have to know. You must, first, win his trust through honest and good morals.


Most men are serious, jokey, and flirty. If they like these things, they want women who can do them as well. This is one of the easy paths to a man's heart. 

   First, If you are a woman who knows when to say, " It's enough. Let's get serious. We have a lot to do," you can win about any man's heart forever. This is what most women don't have the courage to do. While a man wants to be in charge, he also wants a wife he can trust to be in charge in his absence. 

   Second, being flirty is one other thing men love. There are flirty words to captivate a man's heart that men love to hear. For instance, While playing around him like a little girl, you can use words like," my heartbeat, my love, the man of my dreams,"  and so on. 

Don't worry.  He won't think you are desperate as you may be thinking. He already knows you are reserved and responsible. On top of that, he knows you are just flirting and joking around.   

You are in fact speaking to a man's heart subconsciously any time you joke and flirt around him. He can't sleep without think of these things   

How to Win a Stubborn Man's Heart For Marriage

 It is easier to win the heart of a man when he is cautious than it is to win a stubborn man's heart.  

A cautious man is one who is very detail-conscious. Such a person does not want to make any mistakes that may end him in jeopardy. He is very careful about giving his heart to any woman.  

On the contrary, a stubborn man is one who will not easily admit his love for a woman. Even when it is glaring he is in love, he finds it difficult to accept it.   But does it mean a woman can't win the heart of a difficult man? Absolutely no. 

When a man doesn't give you his heart, you can still compel him to. However, there are a few extra things you have to do.   

Some of the keys to a stubborn man's heart are

Given a man space is one way to make him happy. Actually, this is generic to all men. But for a stubborn man who's in love but pretends he's not, the best you can do is give him even more space.  

One way to men's hearts like I said earlier is dating other men. If a man is difficult, don't make the mistake of making him think you have nothing to do with other men. He will harden his heart even more If he knows he's all you have. 

A difficult man is sometimes driven by ego. This is why it pays to act like you don't care sometimes. Let him know whenever you go out on a date with a male friend, feel free to make and receive calls from your guys in his presence. However, before this, make sure you've already won his trust so he can't take your dating other men for prostitution. 


Some men are difficult to deal with, not because they were born that way. They probably have faced terrible hurt from a woman in the past. Some may be victims of domestic violence where their mother controlled and abused their father. These are some of the reasons a man may not want to give you his heart. 

   By finding out about his family background and past relationships, you can stumble upon useful information that can make you easily win his heart over and help him recuperate as well.  

How To Win A Man's Heart When There Is Competition

With the population of women increasing at a faster pace, it is not a surprise how more than one woman can actually compete for a man's love these days. 

There's nothing wrong with striving to win a man's heart over. What is wrong is if he's already married. Fighting hard to win a man's heart when he has a girlfriend or a wife is uncalled for. First, it's a fatal sin against God. Second, karma will surely come knocking on your door. So, before you go about winning a man's heart over another woman, first be sure he isn't already married. 

   If the man is not already married and he's on the verge of choosing who to make his wife, there are things you can do to win over his heart.  

Here are a few tips to win a man's heart when there is competition.
  1. Don't appear desperate. Men love respectable women that they can trust.
  2. Find out the other woman's weaknesses and take advantage of them:
To win his heart and trust and make him yours forever, find out what the other woman is not doing and begin to do them. 

If for instance, she's not busy with her life doing something useful, get yourself busy. You can do business or work. A man wants an independent woman. He won't hesitate to marry you the moment he knows you are a helpmeet and not a takemeat.

Also, find out what she's doing wrong and avoid them. If she's indulging in sex with him, it's an opportunity to maintain your sexual purity( how to avoid sexual temptations in a relationship). If she's a chatterbox, be the one to talk with maturity.  
  1. Let him know you can take responsibility: You will always make a man love and adore you if only you can make him see you are not interested in what he owns. This means, don't make any demands or ask him to do something he knows you can do for yourself.
With all these, a woman is sure to win over a guy's heart completely when it involves competition. 

How to Win a Man's Heart In a Long Distance Relationship

To win a guy's heart from a distance, you have to win with love.  

These days internet dating and online relationships are everywhere. Even though there is no guarantee of finding a reliable partner by this medium, quite a number of marriages today initiated through this means are successful. 

How then we're these men so convinced that these women were their wives? It couldn't have been through sex, food, or the housekeeping ability of the women seeing they are distant apart. 

If the key to let you win a man's heart for marriage is through his stomach as many people say, how then can you please a man in a long-distance relationship and get him to love and trust you? 

The best way to a man's heart especially when he is far is good morals and genuine intention.  

I believe that with good morals and positive intention, while another woman is busy cooking and having sex with him, the only thing that beclouds his thought is you, though you're not physically close by. 

   To capture a man's heart in a long-distance relationship, consider doing the following:   

1. Let him know your itinerary for each day

 This makes sense as he's not physically present with you.

 When it's time for church, studies, work, or even when you go on a date, let him know. 

If you can be bold enough to let a man know you are going on dates with male friends, he will begin to see how sincere you areAnd you will in no time win him over completely. You can even introduce your make friends to him over the phone. 

2. Engage in important conversations with him

Talk about things like sexual purity, religion, work, ambition, dreams, and goals.

3.  On special occasions like birthday celebrations, ensure to send a surprise gift

 You are sure to win a man's love who is certain about your high moral values, generosity, and unfeigned motives.

4. Be his distant companion

If you want to make a man go crazy about you from a distance, be his cheer and standby companion. 

Right over the phone, force him to go take his bath, find something to eat before you can talk to him. Be the one who sings him to sleep and wakes him up for work in the morning. This is one sweet way to keep the man you love.


 In summary, there is no guy under heaven a girl can't have. The only problem is the approach. Even if a man is playing hard to get, a smart, intelligent, and morally endowed woman can easily sweep him off his feet in no time.

 Appearing desperate through assuming a wifely role when you are not one as we've earlier seen is against the principle of capturing a man's heart and making him yours forever especially in the face of competition with another woman. 

 To win a man's heart for marriage, a woman has to watch out for things like this and avoid them.   


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